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Shout! I will Rise- Read, Rise, Relish!

What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

How to Think: Power of Ideas

 Take the control of your life and nurture it at best else the substandard minds here will keep regulating you throughout life by just providing you a basic pay. "Life offers no escape plan. Either you work hard or, struggle".  Either work hard to be better, to move with the world,, to grow in life,, to become rich, or, stay idle by doing nothing to struggle today and tomorrow. You can't escape, you have to work here to give your best. "A good approach towards life is important to make this life easy to live." "The world is never good or, bad except your perspective. How you react to the things, will actually make your life good or, bad." React good and make it a habit and your life will become better, react negatively and life will become worse for you." "Doing compromise ruins the life of the people in the world". "I do the best job to provide mental strength to people in the world"-Viraj. "Anything you do without passio

Public Speaking- the act of changing the world by selling words

Get you Free Copy on- "The Ultimate Sales Skills" from 20-23 very month. >> Free Copy Link:  "India has a huge scarcity of Leaders. Everyone, here in this country wants to be a worker (Engineer, Doctor etc.)but nobody wants to be a leader". Learn Public Speaking. Become a Leader. "I want to show this world that I am present in this world, I have authority here. I am not vanished like anyone else. Hence, I do Public Speaking". Learn Public Speaking to "Show your presence to this World. Learn Public Speaking". "Words are the best product to sell freely to millions without any barrier, tax or, custom duty". Learn Public Speaking . Sell nothing to earn everything. "Show that You believe in leading and not in being led". Learn Public Speaking to "Lead people in the world". "The easiest way to stimulate the emotions of millions is through the Words". Learn Public Speaking to drive

Power of Reading : Read, Read, Read!

 Work less, Read more! "Food for Physical Health- Grains, Vegetables, Fruits & Water.                                                       Food for Mental health & Growth-  Knowledge, information, facts".  Read on Words- How to become a millionaire/How to become a Billionaire every day without a miss. Let your mind perceive if you want to be one of them. Read, just keep reading. A great mind can not reach to millions in the world but they easily reach through their books, articles, blogs etc. Every one on this planet is a business mined person, few born to sav the humanity to save the world, to work for the well being of the people. Mostly they are the great writers, They write because they don't want the weak section  to be the prey for riches classes who exploits, utilize, and manipulate human beings just for their luxurious lifestyles. Now, it is the writer who take steps to show the power of pen to the world and try teaching, educating people around the worl

Careless, Fearless, Shameless!

 What do you care ? Why do you care? Who knows you , who cares you? You have nothing to lose. Just do whatever you want to do. Keep doing, keep holding it. Don't leave.

Power of Discipline : Ensure Discipline, Consistency & Hard work to ensure Great Success

 In fact, life is very easy, very much. We just struggle in our life just because we become a part of someone else's business in day to day life. We are influenced and simulated by someone else. It happens because they are doing their business or, want to do their business with us. It can be in the form of movies, music, new dresses, smartphones, cars, party, lifestyles. They tempt us and we get tempted and now there is a panic in our mind to get the things easily and fast. Discipline, Consistency & Hard work leads a life to beautiful destinations. Let your life move with your own speed and not with the sped that you sudden decide to opt. Let's understand the term discipline- It simply means sticking to limited things in life for most of the time, in day to day life to achieve something great, make life easy, finish something successfully, avoid distractions from many things etc. Discipline is not the things that e have been taught in schools, it is a very beautiful thing.

How I am helping Millions to grow-

 Deprived lower middle-class Skilled People: Through Skills & Expertise selling on the world's 10 biggest platforms, Students & Working employees: Improving their English Speaking Skills through my Udemy Course easily available with lowest price, Unemployed Youth: Get work from home Personal Callcenter to sell affiliate products to Americans 

Power of marketing : Marketing is everything

 The man who learned how to make a tie- ek baar ek paper me ishtehaar aaya ki jo bhi Tie banana seekhna chahta hai, use aane wale dino me karobar karne ka bahut bada mauka milega. bahut se log bol diye nhi mujhe nhi karna jo aata hai bas use hi karna hai, naya kuchh nhi karna. Bas ek 25 saal ka ladka bola nhi main karunga aur ache se karunga, seekhne me kya jata hai, koi bhi seekh kabhi bekar nhi jaati? use dekh bas kuchh hi log aur aaye aur seekhne lage  banda ne 7 alag alag tarah ki tie banan seekhi par baaki logon ne bas ek hi tie banana seekha. 1 mahine baad company wahan se chali gyi, par logon ko jab  laga ki bade bade log to tie hi pahante hai to wo bhi seekhna chahne lage tab tak bahut late ho chuka tha, jo ek tarah ka seekha tha uska busines bahut acha hal rha tha par jo 7 alag tarah ka seekha tha wo worker rakh kar business  kar rha tha. aane wale kuchh hi samay me uska demand badhne laga laga aur wo ek country se dusre country me uska business badhne laga. Baaki log jab tak

I am going to be a Millionaire in 2021 (By hook or, by Crook)

Dhamakedar Entry in 2021  "If you can Work then there is hell lot of things to do in life". "Believe in reaching more people than going for excellence to prove someone because money can be made from several  and can be earned from just one person." Join me to learn how to work, work to learn, how to execute When there can be multiple subjects in Schools and colleges and we have already done it successfully with good scores then why not multiple sources of income in real-world life. One Source: 1O Streams of Income(Earn from 10 multiple income sources simultaneously) Roadside Public Speaking: for the marketing of 10 different products/startups I have x 1o days. Youtubing : Motivational Speaking & Life Skills Coaching(mon-Fri) & Singing(Sat/Sun), Sell your existing Skills on World's 10 biggest platform.-Earn for publisjhing their courses, Blogging(Offer Freebies like Free Udemy Courses on Blog every day. but on which page, you'll have to search it by v

Hobby: 10 Multiple Income Streams

 I love singing, I love doing Public Speaking, I love doing push-ups, kicking, I love teaching. Now, what I am doing since I am mature enough now. I am converting all these my hobby as a unique  source of Income for me. I know that marketing is everything and I also know that to be a Millionaire, I have to reach millions. Now, I am ready to do it because I have almost everything to reach millions through Digital platforms. I just need consistent hard-work.

Learn to Reach Millions to become a millionaire

  Utlize your all existing skills, experience, expertise & Knowledge to reach millions. For this, Meet, engage & drive Millions. For this, stay tuned with me and 'Shout! I will Rise'.

Lessons from School for a Fortune

 When you can have multiple subjects in your school and college then why can't you have multiple sources of income in real life. Take advantage of school learning in real life-methods and not facts and figures. Make habit to adopt hobbies to create and maintain multiple source of Income. Monetize everything you do , you know-good or, bad. Vishwajayant Adhiraj: The Business Leadership Coach 2 things are important to live this life; without which you can certainly suffer or, die.- Food for Body() and food for Mind. A good for body will keep your body healthy wheras a good food for mind i.e. regular daily basis knowledge will keep you growing in life. In both cases, it will cease the growth if you stop intaking. NOTE>> 6 hrs of learning is a must whether I do it to become an IAS or, I do it to learn something to do great in life. ####DAILY ROADMAP#### Change the mindset, change the life/  Daily Roadmap series (later shoot from the different part of the country; from almost all s