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First V-Strom Tour in Bangalore

Dear V-Strom riders, I see a brother in you, I see a friend in you, Thanks to Avanish Suzuki, Thanks to Suzuki motorbike India. Dear all V-Strom Riders, Dear fellow Bangaloreans,  It was Sunday, 27 November, 2022 when we all got together for a Tour to Q Mango Forest resort, To enjoy the day, to live the best and then forget the rest. The Marshall, the Manager Manoj called us at 5am, The General manager, the registration officer asked to put our life on paper before even we start our day, and reach the destination to enjoy all the play. We all sacrificed our late morning wake up routine and and got together to surprise them, If you care and can arrange a tour, we are also ready, we are V-Strom riders, we talk with storm and not street riders like KTM who ply to streetriders, not to V-Stromers. We filled up the form to claim that our life belongs to us only. If we are riding to stay cool, we are also hiding from the problems full of pool, We signed the letter and moved from there, becaus