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Shout! I will Rise- Read, Rise, Relish!

What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

If not today, then no tomorrow

  If not today, then no tomorrow  If you don't try to move out from here, you'll be here only. If you don't try to reach out somewhere, you'll be here only. If you don't start now,you won't reach tomorrow then, You start rotting when you do what is not working fir you, You start rotting when you become Stagnant, inactive, full in life. The water of river never rott as it continuously flows but the water of a pond definitely rott and vanishes soon too. If you don't take initiative today you can't improve tomorrow, If you don't step out now, you can't reach tomorrow. Move ,start the journey and you'll reach somewhere for sure. Somewhere which will be new, thrilling, adventurous, beautiful atleast new and refreshing and not dying like now, Be alone to walk fast but add more and more people to walk far, If something is not working fir you then stop doing it and start moving with other things than can work. When there is already struggle with what

Fill the colors yourself

  Fill the colors yourself  If life doesn't give you anything, you start giving back everything to life. If you can't give something to people, atleast  connect with them,  engage them, lead them, give them a way to live. Only very few wish to be a leader rest have the mentality to follow you only. They will see what you will show, they will do what ask to do, they will listen what you'll speak. Colors can't come and fill itself unless you do it yourself. Start picking up the colors and fill it to revive your life. Nobody will ever come and fill the colors in your life. You,yourself have to do it for yourself and if you can do for others, it would be a win win for you. Start taking initiative start organizing people, start engaging people, start leading people. Life will be yours, just yours. Fear never from nothing, nobody. It is Fear that kills you. Keep going fearlessly. When start letting thoughts stay with you, when you start letting loneliness stay with you, when