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What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Working or, Playing?

You want to live a life! you have to learn how to play, there is a game everywhere but if you want to survive you have to work.  This is what the difference is. (writing @12:25am-Monday,21, November,2022) When you want to work for othrrw, yoi have to be ethical, within boundaries, systematic and honest but when you work for yourself, you just have to get the things done. You only do manipulation, make your own systme, make your iwn rules, you make people follow ethics instead of following by yourself, you make people honest for yourself instead of becoming for them. The rule changes, the game begins. This is how you reign. Working is like executing things, a backnend job you choose to get paid wheras palying means getting things in your favor, you take yoiur kove and ensure that things are falling in your own court.   Working- executing-getting paid.  Playing-winning-making wealth.  The world is never what you see in schools and colleges. The world is atill a jungle. People are wild by

नामर्द कौन? हो क्या तुम!

तुम हो क्या? कहीं तुम तो नहीं! किसे पता। हा हा हा। सुनो! ध्यान से सुनो। नामर्द वह नहीं है जो बच्चे पैदा नहीं कर सकता। ना मर्दानगी कई तरीके के होते हैं। सही मायने में अगर देखा जाए तो नामर्द वह है जो ज्यादा पैसे नहीं कमा सकता उतनी, जितनी उसे चाहिए । नामर्द वह है जो दुनिया से लड़ नहीं सकता, दुनिया का सामना करने की क्षमता नहीं रखता। नामर्द वह है जो घर के बड़े बुजुर्ग, बच्चे और औरतों, पूरे परिवार का ख्याल सही से नहीं रख सकता और उसके होते हुए उन्हें भी काम करना पड़ता हो। नामर्द वह है जिसे खुद का रास्ता इख्तियार करना नहीं आता, खुद के लिए और अपनों के लिए। नामर्द वह है जिसका खुद पर कोई संयम नहीं है जो दुनिया के बहाव में बह जाता है। नामर्द वह है जिसे मन मस्तिष्क पर संयम नहीं। नामर्द कोई निशानी नहीं, लक्षण होते हैं जहां पर नमर्दानगी बहुत तरीके से किसी के अंदर हो सकती है। जवान होकर भी यह सोचना कि मैं पैसे कैसे कमाऊं, ना मर्दानगी है। जवान होकर भी यह सोचना कि दुनिया का मैं सामना कैसे करूं, ना मर्दानगी है। करने से ज्यादा सोचने पर विश्वास रखना और सोचते रहना ना मर्दानगी है। याद रहे, जीवन इतना भी बड़ा न

Doing job or, Practicing prostitution

 The only difference between them is one needs a fresher candidate and the other needs a highly experienced one. You sustain when you are skilled in pleasing your boss. if you fail, you lose the job. Both jobs need young, dynamic and sizzling employees. If you are young deliverable energetic smart extremely talented and better than the company CEO you are hired. You get a job. You have to deliver no matter what your life is, your condition is. No break, no personal life. You have to attend your boss, your meeting whenever you get a call from them. Why? Why? Why?  The brain has been trained so much by the system of jobs that even if you talk about it, about startup with your parents,partner, they too say, stick with a job. How will you pay all the bills, how will you make money?  But why don't they understand -how the business owners are making money? Is it from another planet or, people from another world.  Heartbreak begins when no one supports you and everyone leaves you in your

Either you do or, they do it

 Mind your surroundings. It is either boon or, bane for you. Either your surroundings are dominating over you or, you are dominating over them. If not, you have simply compromised yourself with your true image and have accepted others, the way they are. But, if you are not the one who compromises or, giving up, you are the one fighting for your own true image and own identity. It is very simple,as per the rule of nature, either you are inspiring the people or, they are doing it for you. Inspired or, get inspired. This is what life is meant for. Choosing nothing means moving with no personal identity. Either you motivate others, or they will do to you with their substandard level of undergrown mindset. Either you teach the world, or, they will teach you. It's very simple. The greatest person in the world is the one who teaches the world for a better life. Be the one. (If not you others will do in some medicine way) If you are here, the entire world is yours. The entire humanity belo

Life is experience, experience is life

 "What you can do successfully is not important rather what you can try to do is extremely important". Even a donkey can be a good laborer, a bird can be a good chirper, and a fish can be a good swimmer but it is only a human, who can be a labourer, chirper, swimmer, runner anything that he wants. The greatest life is in experiencing every single moment, every single day with something new. This is what a human life is made for. Perfection is a myth. Perfection has no and it is infinite but in a single life we can have hundreds and thousands of experience is what makes life beautiful, fills 1000's of colours into it. You should spend your days experiencing new things and the best possible way is keep trying new things. If the world has taught you something to live a moderate, Limited life then again 'Shout I will rise' teaches you the best possible way to live the greatest life surpassing all limits and it will keep teaching you throughout the lifetime.(Follow the

The Universal System of Achieving things: How energy helps you get things in life

"If you keep thinking about one thing only over a long period over others, you get it. The universe itself gives it to you". Everything is destined provide you are connected with it. It is not that the universe delays in giving it to you rather universe finds the best possible way to give it to you and that is totally dependent on your thinking and the frequency of the energy you release every day every single moment in the universe. So, mind thinking about everything at a time. Thinking and belief are the only factors that help you connect with the universe. If you think but don't have belief, the frequency you released while thinking about something becomes too feeble to reach the universe. This is why you never get anything merely by thinking once in a while. Thinking connects you with the universe, action takes you there, finds way to reach there. It is only the belief that pushes you to act and thus actions make thing happens. Again, you do not act because you have n

क्या नहीं मिलता यहां!

 यह दुनिया है दुनिया यहां सब कुछ मिलता है। किसी चीज को तुम खरीद लेते हो तो किसी चीज को तुम प्यार से हासिल कर लेते हो। मोलभाव अगर करना आता हो तो तुम कुछ भी खरीद सकते हो, कुछ भी पा सकते हो। पैसे से खरीदना एक चीज होता है, लेकिन पैसे के अलावा संबंध बनाकर हासिल करना या, प्यार करके हासिल करना या, लड़ाई करके हासिल करना या, चालाकी से हासिल करना अलग-अलग तरीके हैं। क्या नहीं मिलता यहां ? सब कुछ मिलता है। इस दुनिया में अगर तुम जीना चाहते हो तो तुम्हें भी जंगली बनना पड़ेगा हां मैंने बोला तुम्हें भी जंगली बनना पड़ेगा क्योंकि तुम्हारे चारों तरफ जितने भी लोग हैं तुम्हें क्या लगता है वह मनुष्य हैं ? बहुत ही कम । यह दुनिया जंगली लोगों से भरा पड़ा है लोग अपने मतलब के लिए कुछ भी करते हैं और यह स्वभाविक भी है । तुम्हें अपने अस्तित्व के लिए जो कुछ भी करना पड़े तो करो और यही जीने का तरीका होता है। बाकी हमारे किताबों में जितनी भी बातें लिखी हुई है वह किताबों तक ही अगर सीमित रहे तो ज्यादा उचित है । लेकिन उससे ज्यादा उचित है कि अगर हम इन सारी बातों को साज़-बाज़ करना सीखें, खेलना सीखें। याद रहे इस जीवन में लोगो

Self-destructive mode of life

 Self-destructive mode of life  Your every single step, every single mindset in present, is determining your future ahead. Life is too short to think of anything. You can just act only. Nobody belongs to you, nothing belongs to you. You are already taught what to do and what not to do. Listen, keep listening and keep doing. This is how life is. You are free to choose what you want. You choose and you own it- action or, overthinking, good or, bad things. Yes, you own it yourself. The life of every single entity is designed for a self-destructive system. Learn this, understand this. Depression, anxiety, selfishness, negativity, dissatisfaction, temptation, over ambition all may create panic and will put you in self-destructive mode. Have complete control over your mind. Don't let factors or, anybody to have power over your mind. Learn to live this life. The moment you give control of your mind, you lose a life and its beauty. Nobody can ever have control over your mind unless you all

Exist for an Existence

 Do we Exist for an Existence? Do we really have our existence? Do we really grind and struggle to create and make this life, the way the supreme creature created a life in us? The supreme creature has created such a beautiful and beautiful life but to make this life, it is the sole responsibility of every single individual on the planet. Do we live or do we survive? Human life has been given to live it at best. But unfortunately will live in a cage created by us itself which is full of problems and obstacles and we survive in it instead of living by going out of it. If we are watching the stories of others if we are watching the shows of others we don't exist who exist for others business, not for ourselves. If we are the one who is consuming what the world is feeding we don't have our existence unless we create something for the world to let the world consume it. The real meaning of human existence is to create something for the world and not consume like animals insects and

What's your brand-your status symbol in the society. Ia m building my own brand now

 Q. Whats my brand?, that only matters. Today or, tomorow like Quality walls, marvels, Hrx,...whats my brand, that will be sought for by people tomorrow for some reasons and not just for some good products or, just as an available service. Some facts, some reasons, some motivations, some inspiration must be behind it. So, lets do it. The my brand. (Businessman means , what's your brand, if you dont have, you are just a top class salesperson or, trader of top class working only fir money and not for any legacy and nothing else. If you are a business person, what brand do you have, on which brand you are working on? If you are still doing a job, you are a kid not ready to work on your own, take risks, not ready to be disciplined, be organised, take efforts to overcome situations; and if you are making money but still no brand, you are just a trader, a salesperson for the products if others and nothing else. Start working on your brand, take a dig now. This young

The best mind for a great life

  The best mind for a great life Train mind to keep it empty, Train mind to discard things immediately that do not need for lifetime, Train mind to stay focused and move with a greater speed to execute things faster in life, Train mind to learn things faster, Train mind to be non-reactive, Train Your mind execute things while walking while taking bath and in impossible situations, this is how the Great thinks are done. Learn to execute things in seconds or, minutes. All the greatest things are achieved in minutes or, seconds only, Train your mind to be consistent beacuse it is consistency that works and not short time hard work, great talent, great skills if not consistency maintained, Learn to train your mind to think, think like a visionary leader

Read Daily : It changes your mind...

  Read Daily : It changes your mind... 👉You're young not old, you are old not dead. (If you understand this you see immense opportunities and possibilities in life). 👉A man should never be emotional. (Emotions or mint only for women who have kids to have family to look after. A man should always be ruthless to be the greatest conquer emotions make you weak and a loser.) 👉The most ruthless person is the most successful person. (Ruthlessness shows that you are focused on your goal to hit it. deviations always come when you become emotional and get deviated because your emotions were influenced. You have to be Ruthless for yourself and then for others to the world to reach your goal.) 👉Work for achievement and not for money. (If you earn money you can buy anything but you even don't know how much you are going to earn and where you are going to spend because expenditures can be seen in many ways. Achievement will give you direction, a guide and you will be focused to achieve s

Vision or, Dream

 "Have a Vision not just dreams". Having a vision means something which is existing in the world it can be anything where as having a dream means something you want to achieve your purchase as per your current believe status, potential and power. This is why a dream can be puny but a vision is always as vast as a mountain. All the greatest people in the world had visions only common people have dreams. If you want to have a vision you should be creative to be creative will have to learn to think and to think you'll have to live alone. Living alone can be painful because you are going to restrict many things. "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge"- Albert Einstein To Imagine you'll have to be creative and to be creative will have to talk to yourself. Imagination can let you see everything you want to do before you actually take action and move on for your goals. A disturbed mind a chaosed mind can never be creative if so it will meet the dead end. Only

Life against Time

  Life against Time  You heard it right, we live,work and execute everything fighting against the time to move with life for a better lufe. The moment we born, the countdown of time starts and we start living against the time.  The only way to live a good life is to move against the time. Time lapses like sand. Noone has ever lived a good life going against the time. You have to move with the time. The world is made of time and with time the universe, the world, humans all end. Speed is the only tool that save us. Regular learning, updates, all required Information are the only gear to put us with right speed. "Those who don't take action they die worrying but those who take promt action, chage the situations to change and make life always better."

Bloody backward Society making Youth fool

  Bloody backward Society making Youth fool!  You are still living with 3.0 mentality and say you are advanced.yes, if you live inside and work you are backward. If you are still selling services instead of talents, words, ideas ,you are far backward.  You are not doing even thrid class job of selling talents, after ideas, words. You are selling services and products ,4th and 5th class option for living. You still think of money, run after money instead of attracting it, bloody youth! Doing filtered job. You work for 12 hrs and live for 1 day in a week and you think you are doing superior job in human life, If you are just working and not living. Life is about experiencing everything, doing everything and the society teach make money, get rich and enjoy life. Enjoy what then when you can easily aquire everything. This backward society speaks English and shows they are from elegant class but idiots forget that English is just a language and anybody can speak, in fact everyone nowadays s

Take Pain yourself else the ruthless world give you

 Blog: Take Pain yourself else the ruthless world give you. No pain,no gain. We have heard this line many times. In fa t, we read it mostly in gym and we thi k that by lifting heavy weights, you have to give yourself pain to gain muscles. It is not true at all. The truth is life is meant only for some achievements and the only weapon is action. We take action to achive something, earn something every moment, every day- name, fame, money, respect, love, audience. If you are earning Noe of these  you are doing bullshit. Spoiling this precious life for nothing by doing some shits. But the thing is even after acting we don't achieve anything or, very basic. Why? We do the things others do. We do, the way others do. We take the efforts, others too take. We take the much action, others take. And then, we expect something great, bigger,  surprising results. Pain, pain is the only path to glory. The moment you start moving with pain. The life start moving on the path of achievement, glory,

Live 100 Lives in 100 years

  Live 100 Lives in 100 years What life are you chasing now, I mean what life? No life! Yes, you are just surviving by working to get 3 times of food and fulfilling the basic needs, right? Chase a life you want, even you know and we all know that we have already put some strap of shackles in our leg that do not allow to move anywhere else. But, it is the first challnege that you have to fix before you think of living the life you want and it can be done, if you work on it. Work definitely to make earn money but you must get some time to express yourself because it is only the Human life we are supposed to live. Humans means live to 3xpr3ss, in whichever way you think you can. Nothing is bullshit. What is bullshit is doing nothing to express yourself. Live the life you want. Start working on the lifestyle you want, you always wished for. You jus have to come out of your own made cage. Do something to do something, not to show something. "Think and you die, act and you live." T

खेलो न ।

 Blog: खेलो न । रामलीला- कृष्ण लीला सभी लीला ही थी। लीला कहने का तात्पर्य है खेल। अगर अभी तक खेलना नहीं सीखा तो अब सीख लो जिंदगी अभी भी पूरी पड़ी हुई है। सच और झूठ का मिश्रण ही सही जिंदगी है। सच सिर्फ सच शहद है और झूठ सिर्फ झूठ विष है। हारते क्यों हो डरते क्यों हो भगवान ने तुम्हारा साथ नहीं छोड़ा है जिंदगी दी है स्वास्थ दिया है हाथ दिए हैं पैर दिए हैं बुद्धि दी है चल सकते हो दौड़ सकते हो लड़ सकते हो सह सकते हो खेलो ना, बस जमकर खेलो। बस खेलते रहो यही जिंदगी है। जिंदगी तो राम की और ना ही कृष्ण की आसान रही थी। फिर तुम डरते क्यों हो लड़ो न, खेलो ना, बस खेलते रहो यही जिंदगी है।

Shine, Decay, Die- choice is yours

 Shine, Decay, Die- choice is yours The best life is die grinding and shining till last breath. Types of people who live life. Very few grind everyday to add a little extra shine in themselves, struggle to move out of the place to avoid wrath of time ,situations and people. Majority of the people live only to decay a little everyday.  Rest, live only to complete a lifespan and die some day for no reason. Now ,it is your choice what you are doing with your life- grinding to shine, struggling to come out of the situations. Yes, struggle is needed to move out from the existing life for a fresh life. Either you do it yourself or, situations will make you to do that.  Working enough to eat, drink, sleep and decay with the age is never a life. Yes you are decaying if you are not achieving what you want in life. Life is full of process where you should die achieving this irrespective of expected achievements.  You won't get, if you don't try, you won't try, if you don't eagerl

Try things out!

Try things out! "The world is too big to offer you anything you want in life but the human has too less developed mentality to grab all they want". Try things out. Explore. Go for something new. Live 100 life in 100 years with full experience. If there are 7 billion people in the world, there are 7 billion opportunities too. Since they all need something to live a good life. The world is too big for any one of us. Resources, opportunities and everything that we want is available in the world. You just need to pass some value to the world. That's it. If you can reach to millions, you can become a millionaire and if you can reach to billions, you can become a billionaire.

Embrace the Change-II

 If you don't believe in change or, changing yourself instantly with the available time, situation, person and opportunity, you miss out like a loser.  A Change offered by life to live a good life won't bring a change in your life. You have to be quick and fast to grab the opportunity available to you in seconds to embrace happiness and life over sadness and disparity. If not, you will kill the beauty of life because your bad time will make you to adapt loneliness, struggle, pain, adjustment, sacrifices, dullness towards the beauty of life but when you will get the chance by the life to live and if you don't embrace it and stick with the bad habit and mentality you have developed in your bad time, you will miss out the life. Grabbing an opportunity is something like saying hi and I love you to a girl standing at the bus stop. If you miss out the bus will take away the girl. Time and tide wait for none. All the great opportunities are seized in second, all the great acts hav

That one single thing-person, place, opinion, thought

 If you are sticking in a single place and you are looking for growth; you are killing your life, You will die and will rot like anything for sure. If you are sticking with the single opinion that someone has given and you are following the same to lead your life you are killing yourself. If you are sticking with the single person who is dominating you even if you love him or her you are killing your life. Life is always constant flow must be maintained. You can see observe experience beauty when you are constantly flowing. It is the human who has made the life stagnant. It is just one idea that will make your life great and again it is just one single opinion, person, place, or thought that will ruin your whole life. Get out of this single thing life is designed mainly human life is designed only to enjoy and experience new things rest you are already blessed with some talent skill which you can use to make a living. Remember one thing if you speak with one single person thought, opin

Right or, Wrong- The Universe

 Nothing is good or bad unless you think so. If you think something is wrong after doing it yes it is wrong and the Karma will return to you but if you think what you have done was right even if according to you Karma will not return to you. Because what we think we release the wave into the universe and the universe looks for the source of energy of that particular think wave and then you get power if you stick with the sing same thought over a long period time. So the inter universe moves with the wave and energy only. This is my a criminal become successful in doing crime. The universe is made of two things wave and energy rest are just destructive. Thinking is the greatest source of connecting with universe. You think keep thinking and you start releasing wave into the universe and the universe helps you to find the source of same energy source and the same returns to you with extra power. So if you are sad you releasing this wave into the universe and the universe returns you with

Pain is the power

  Pain is the power My school friend he took a government job because he struggled a lot he watched dishes in some small restaurants and then to secure his career and life he took up a government job and now he is settled. I went through rigorously from various situations washing disease for my own friends when I was in Kolkata I sold tea with the startup of rupees 2000 I begged for rupees 3000 from my my maternal uncle. But every time I fell down I raised the bar of success in my life instead of lowering it. I try to jump I failed I took time and raise the bar instead of lowering it every time I failed arrange the power every time I failed, I raised the bar. Now I have the power that only I can cross or jump and nobody else will ever even think of doing that. Now I am with the vision with goals not moving longer in life with knowledge skill and talent. I always try to get a job but I failed either I had not a good resume or myself I didn't know how to make a good resume. Now I mak

The Interceptor

The Interceptor "Enjoy yourself or, let others enjoy you". This is what a goal an interceptor has. Do something where people enjoy you and your work too. This is where you have the value of your life. If you enjoy others, you lose to them. What! Yes, your precious life and time both and if others do so for you, then you have a life to count on, a life with glory. Let the world enjoy you and instead you enjoy them. If so, the inferiority counts on you. Succeed only to enjoy yourself and not for some materialistic gains and add others too to enjoy. The focus should be only on enjoyment. If anything else is there then you are a born idiot not knowing the value of life. Put frustrations, depression, negativity, the impact of failures and struggle away from life and its beauty and it is your own sole responsibility. Even if it is knocking on your door, never let it enter. Keep it away from you and your family. Show no reaction at all to success, failure, pleasure, or depression. H