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Happiness costly or, lost?

 Do we really need money to buy happiness?

( You can buy anything with money. Really!

I never saw a shop, company selling happiness in some packet or, pouch. I only observed people sharing it for free. 

I saw a street boy becoming very happy when he sold his entire bouquet of roses at once. He didn't buy, he sold.

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A saw an old man becoming very happy when someone took him for a lumch in a restaurant.  I saw a customer buying a car became happier when he was with someone and not when he was alone.

Happiness is all about to share with somebody. You become more happy when someone is with you and not when you are alone buying everything and remaining sad and dull.

The only thing is, Happiness is lost, it can neither be bought nor can be enjoyed alone. It is free and costly. 

A man when he comes out of his home, should keep in mind that he is going out only to bring happiness to his home for himself, for his family.

The moment he enters the home he should retain in mind that he has happiness in his pocket,not money, has happiness in his mind, not in his bank account, has happiness on his face and not in his briefcase. He should enter home only with happiness to share it with others.

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We only go outside to bring happiness.

The only thing we want in our life is happiness. It never costs money. The interesting fact is, bring a smile, bring happiness on the face of someone and your job is almost done.

Where is happiness? Is it lost ? Have we forgotten to live with happiness?

If yes, then why?

Why do we work, why do we work harder? What do we do at the cost of happiness?

Do we work for happiness or ,for something else?

The thing is only for happiness. The ultimate goal or, objective is , everything we do is for happiness only.

It just needs attention that life is made only to be happy.

Human life is too precious. We are losing it for no reason. Everyday we go to work. Spend the whole day and return home. The routine is repeated everyday.

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How much do we need?

Can we live more than 100 years? Is there any guarantee? If yes, then why?

Can we eat 4 times instead of regular 3 times? Can we sleep in the area of 10 feet instead of the needed area of 6 feet?

No, right.

The only thing is race, temptations, competition, and dissatisfaction. But why at the cost of happiness and how long?

When everything comes with happiness then why should we lose happiness? When we work, struggle,suffer only for happiness then why should we ignore happiness in our day to day life.

Happiness is not costly. It is never sold anywhere. We only, we are responsible for our happiness.

Share the happiness and it returns to you- the universal principle.

No matter how much money you have, you can by only thing sto be happy with someone and if that someone is not there, there is no meaning of all those money. Go and see how much happy Billgates is or, his wife melinda gates is. How too much wealth couldnt save their happiness.

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Happiness is something that comes to you when you share it with others. It can be anybody. We all are from the same race, same community provided we put politics, religion, caste and thought of blood relation.

Be happy. Share happiness. Life is too short to know even about the death time.

Be happy. stay Happy. Keep Happy.

Nothing at the cost of happiness....never.


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