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One day of Life

  Your OneDay of life is going to over now today itself from the Limited years of life you have in your life. Did you notice? No, you don't as you don't care about it.

But do you care that you how much you have paid prices for nothing so far and still you are paying those prices? If you do you should care how your living your life.

You are not wasting your day, you are dying by one day. You are getting over by OneDay as you have limited life span. Do not confused with the unlimited world around you it will exist but you will die soon. Your one day of life is getting over every day by day by day. you are now OneDay old. You are lapsed by OneDay. Your age is reduced by OneDay. One day of your life is never gonna come again, you have to live and enjoy only the remaining days of life.

The most important thing is you don't know how many days are still remaining in your life.

But the sad fact is you know how much struggle you have done how much you have tolerated how much sacrifice you have done how much criticism you have faced how much failures you have made and for why?

Do not take the life as granted someday when you die people should come for themselves to recognise you and to bid you good by.

How can you make your life great by working for people to make their life better to make your own life better and beautiful.

The world will remain the same in fact everything but you don't know how many OneDay of life you have wasted for no reasons.

You could have turned your one day into a great memory, into the start of something great in life.

Remember life is all is about two things 'achieving and living'.

Either, you and your day we'll achieving something just you have to achieve something big small minute but on a daily basis or you have to live the life that you actually enjoyed at best and that will remain with you forever as memory this is how you use your one day of life.

Your one single step, one single move can turn your Life j hu jaise around the table. Tale that one 

If you are not inspiring others, you are already getting inspired by them. Your mind is already grasping those environment,idea, people , status to adjust itself. Yes, it is true. It is without your conscience and it is happening every day.

Your one day can be the start of a new life, a new journey of life, the beginning of a new goal, a new mindset towards life and goals.

 Think about having a goal and why?

 You were walking on the road, suddenly you died. It was not having a goal. Now, on the contrary, you were moving ,in fact already chading a goal, reached there at top, enjoyed, experienced the life and now if you die, it makes sense.

Life is limited with Limited years in it.

You have to work not to save today but to ensure that how you are going to leave tomorrow and the next one week and the next one month and the next one year and that and the next rest of life.

Your today's action will determine how you tomorrow is going to be and how your upcoming days would be.

Never let your OneDay of life get over for nothing.



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