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What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Imagine, Believe, Ideate, Plan, Prepare, Execute, Meet Reality

Human beings are so much blessed and powerful that they can turn their imagination into reality provided they believe what they imagine. This is why what we see around us, was sometime an imagination in someone's mind but whoever believed that he turned it into some reality. Aeroplane, fans, TV , laptop,  Smart tv, Car. Everything was an imagination sometime but it was turned into reality. So, the only process is that imagine and then believe and then plan and prepare to take actions accordingly to turn the imagination into reality. मनुष्य इतने धन्य और शक्तिशाली हैं कि वे अपनी कल्पना को वास्तविकता में बदल सकते हैं , बशर्ते वे जो कल्पना करते हैं उस पर विश्वास करें। यही कारण है कि जो हम अपने चारों ओर देखते हैं , वह कभी किसी के मन में एक कल्पना थी , लेकिन जिसने भी उस पर विश्वास किया , उसने उसे कुछ हद तक वास्तविकता में बदल दिया। हवाई जहाज , पंखे , टीवी , लैपटॉप , स्मार्टटीवी , कार। कुछ समय पहले हर चीज़ एक कल्पना थी लेकिन उसे वास्तविकता में बदल दिया गया था। तो , एकमात्र प्रक्रिया यह

Show yours, Stop seeing Others

  Show your own talents, stop seeing others mediocre show:   We all are here to show and not to see. Show all what you can do to add beauty, color and flowers to this world to keep your value as a human being, as a supreme creature. There is nothing called good or, bad. We all are the performers, enteratiners, artiste on this world stage. There is nothing called good or, bad. We all carry some dark or, fade colors, flowers of beauty, happiness, love. Give it to the world as it is. Add every day to this world and in people’s life before you retire. The only Karma, Dharma, job we all have to add colors and beauty to this world. One who chooses to perform becomes an artiste, one who doesn’t becomes a bystander. We all are talented somehow. Show yours, not just see others’. You are already a blessed and the most supreme creature on earth. अपना दिखाएं , दूसरों को देखना बंद करें। :   हम सब यहां kuchh na kuchh दिखाने के लिए हैं , sirf logo ka देखने के लिए नहीं। एक इंसान के रूप में , एक

Digital Nomadyans- A Self fund Travel Community

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Why Being a Disruptive Entrepreneur Is Crucial in the AI & Internet Age

In today's rapidly evolving landscape dominated by AI and the internet, traditional entrepreneurship may no longer suffice. The demand for disruptive entrepreneurs, those who challenge the status quo and relentlessly pursue innovation, has never been greater. A disruptive entrepreneur is someone who thrives on shaking up systems and pushing boundaries, tirelessly working day and night without pause. Their sole aim is to expedite success by optimizing efficiency, not just clocking in hours. Contrary to popular belief, hard work for a disruptive entrepreneur isn't about simply staying busy with mundane tasks. It's about strategically maximizing efforts to swiftly reach their objectives. These individuals embody the spirit of hustle, constantly exploring multiple ideas to uncover new opportunities for growth. They embark on their entrepreneurial journey armed with vision, meticulous planning, and a plethora of innovative concepts. For a disruptive entrepreneur, work isn't

The Unfair Life System made by riches for middle class people

  Some people are born to see others enjoying their life, Some people are born to work for those who are living a great life, some people are born to cheers and celebrate others life living best, doing great, Some people are born to make otgers life better by serving them for their own living and survival, There are only a few brave, confident and ready to live people who choose the type of life to live at greatest. Tbey choose wisely, wirk harder like everyone else, carry even lesser talents, skills, education. What make them superior in life is just their choices, priorities, confidence, courage and belief that they are born to rule, live like a king, make others work for them. Since, they are born only to ennoy their life. Life is not unfair neither the God. It is yoir own choices taken under some fear, doubts, hesitations and under less confidence. God, fate and luck is equally same for everyone. "What you choose, the type of life, becomes your fate." Choose wisely. Your

Encash, Gamble your being alive Certificate of Human life

 Those who know how to encash their being alive certificate, are the one born to rule because they know they have living certification from God itself. Only they are the people born to rise, rule, and cherish this life because they are always ready to take challenges, take risk and live the edge, the comfort zone unlike others to live life like a human being. Remember, if you are not living as a king on the earth, being a human being, the most supreme creature on the planet earth, you are simply wasting this most precious life of human being. The most supreme life, out of 84 lakhs others creatures, living species, you are born. you are not here to survive or make a living unlike other living beings. You are here to live, rule, see the beauty of life, see the beauty of world, see the beauty of nature and taste everything on the planet earth to celebrate of having a human life. And for that, you have to start believing what even the entire world can't believe. Start doing what even t

A Great Life- A Decision away, A step away

 T ake that decision to choose what you have always planned to do, to choose what you wanted, Take that bold step that can actually lead you to the glorious destination, for the glorious life, Start taking control of the things the people places income flows instead of giving controls to people The entire game is of belief, confidence, faith. Always have more confidence or, attitude than anybody else in the room.  take that bold step that you always wanted, to do all that can satisfy your soul. kill all types of hesitations and fear before it kills you and your life. Work for people and not for individuals, work for free and not just for morney. human being can survive in all the possible ways you don't have to choose to do that bothers you you don't have to do all that others do you just have to be engaged and busy, the life of human has been given to humans only to let them live. you can find all the possible ways to do what you want to do you can find all the possible ways t

My New Year Resolutions, Your New Year Resolutions: 2024

My New Year Resolutions, Your New Year Resolutions: 2024 Free your mind from all shackles-stress, tension, family tension, career tension, money tension; humans are capable of overcoming all situations with a strong conviction in mind. If you have a life and a functioning body and mind, you own the greatest asset to relish this life. Be Disciplined, Organised & Routined evwry single day to have a strong control over the flow of income, good health,good relationship, assured growth and promising results. Find ways. There are 100s of possible solutions in many ways to be a millionaiee before 2024 ends. Don't get stuck. Do 1 thing for 6-8 hours  witj discipline, organused and routined to make a good living rest do to work on dreams for living a life and for the fortune together. Confidence more than anyone, courahe more than anyone, Become the Ruling mindset and not working mindset. Think fir empowering people, benefitting people, making peoples life bettee and not to do j

The age of AI/Mechanoids- the beginning of Human destruction

  AI/Robots(Mechanoids) - a step towards the destruction of world humanity. "The age of AI/Mechanoids have begun, self-destruction of humanity have begun." Dear World, We are heading towards the self-destruction of human race. Need to unite to save our respective nations from the destructive and dangerous AI and robots(mechanoids). India does not need it. We Indian don't belong to this rat race or, league, leading to self-destruction. We are self sufficient. We are here to live and not to make life easier to easiest than self-destruction.  As an individual, I Vishwajayant Adhiraj, a self-considered meliorist, I'll keep opposing starting from my nation. I dont want my current, budding and upcoming generations to see the wrath of AI and mechanoids instead of presenting them the beauty of human life. Sam Altman thinks the same and see his statement here from this article-