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What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Digital Nomadyans- A Self fund Travel Community

Join as a Creator/Instructor/Joint Venture Partner 'New trend to Live, Work, Travel, exploring the world'

The IITs, IIMs alumni and other top intellectuals with Doctorate degrees after working and gaining decade of experience are joining the Self Fund Travel Community- DigitalNomadyans and other startups to live, work and make fortune in the greatest way while traveling also by making their fortune at the same time. Get education, employment, life, passion-hobby fulfilment only with Self Fund Travel in the entire world over any other IIT, IIM, MIT degree or, foreign degrees. Self Fund Travel and other startups are the future of the best people in the world. Join the community at the earliest.
Join Digital Nomadyans to travel the world

IIT, PMT, CAT, XAT- A rat race to extinction for 90s mindset backward kids and nothing else

Self Fund Travel, AmBritish, Melfitleague & VArtiste are the most disruptive startups ever done in the world history to change the human life on earth so far. Join the community now!

Get No.2 and No.5 Passive income source with Self Fund Travel & startups

Watch this from Sundar Pichai: Anybody can have a product on internet

Must own a product in the age of Internet either to self-fund your travel expenses, back up your startup or, additional income source to make passive income wealth apart from the job salary. Having a product is uncommon, unusual. It is the sign that, you have started the journey of becoming rich-millionaire to billionaire. Many people don't do, or, don't own.

You got a doubt? By selling the same type of digital products, thousands of edtech companies are making millions of dollars and you think, you can't even cover up all your travel and living expenses living working-working in the community of 10,000+ members !

Be Nomadic, not Materialistic in the age of life. Be ashamed of doing a 9-5 job with a 90's mindset in the age of internet revolution.

Own your products, back up your salary, startups, travel expenses: Watch Ashneer on it-Salary is drug/glucose.

You make all your products(eBooks, online courses, Notes, pdf, journals once,... rest is marketing and promotion to do for the rest of life. Live and work whenever you think you should while travelling, living, enjoying life place to place. No more 9 hours.

Fun fact: If you are good in engaging, connecting, talking, and influencing people then even if you succeed to sell once, which is very much possible, in this country to one single person, trust me you are already a millionaire. But the fact is that, I am here to transform the country under 3 of my startups by passing real value to ignorant young generation, innocent budding generation and to all upcoming generations with a community/team of 10,000+ smart, genius, talented people. Let's work for something that make people's life better and not just for money.

"To make a living, you have to sacrifice your time; to make a fortune you have to sacrifice everything coming on the way but to go for a great life you just have to be decisive".

Liberating life, saving Humans life. Let's make a better world for each-other together-Life with fortune.

There is nothing called work, everything is life if well-organised. We have been fooled by the world.

What do you think, you are living in city to make money or, living a great life? No....! you are living just to be a part of system that favors people who control it. Moreover, work to pay bills, be system regulated, pollution, don't do this, don't do that, limited options to express yourself...only to run the system. You can have a life in mountains, forests, beaches, anywhere but not in the cities at this age where you can work and can make tons of money operating from remote places. Escape the city, escape the system, get a life.

"You are living in city only to pay various bills being a part of system trap. You'll end up your most precious human life for nothing. System works for itself and not for you. Get a life, live before you even grow old. Witness the beauty of the world as much as you can before you even die."

City is left only with system controlled people who are either mentally retired or, expired for a good HUMAN life. Join the community and we drive the entire country, the entire world just in 5-10 years of span. You are the ruler ahead!

"Mahan punragamansya samayah asti". (Time has come where Life is reversing. let's go back to our real home-forest, mountains, river banks, oceans, beaches, deserts, hills, lakes).

The rest of life Goal is to transform the Indian society primarily on 7 verticals- education, employment, entertainment, spirituality, teaching, fitness & Art & Music by creating 1 million+ career opportunities targeting 100 million people on each vertical. In short, Bharat- A Vishwaguru by 2040.

AmBritish Melfitleague Vartiste Joint ventures

Sounds great, isn't that? Well let me explain how-

My job is to help you (passionate travelers/ Side hustlers) to make and launch various types of digital products you can have like online courses, eBooks, notes, pdf, documents, web-stories, daily journals, eMagazines etc. out of your existing skills, expertise, talents and knowledge you already have to fund your travel & living expenses, the new age lifestyle.
AmBritish, Melfitleague & VArtiste are the 8 years, 3 years and 2 years old established startups respectively (would be changed to Self Fund Travel or, Edplodia soon) with100s of products & services already on the platform to sell. Moreover, you can have various products from one or, more skills, expertise you have to have products in various forms that can help you either to cover up all your travel and living expenses or, add income/passive income source to your existing income of your job/startup.

Being a MICA alumnus with experience in various edtechs, I'll also be active with team for personalized or, group digital marketing, SEO campaigns, Facebook-Instagram campaigns, content marketing along with my both blogs and on other websites to promote digital products available on the platform. Meanwhile, you too can do the same through reels, YouTube, blogging, vlogging etc. to increase sales units in order to maximize revenue %.

"I know I do have to fight and I am fighting for 1000's of youth who want to have a life like me away from this crap system trap."- Vishwajayant Adhiraj

Get a passive income source or, do side hustle apart from your job or, back up your existing income source or, startup. Own digital platform products to make tons of money like influencers on social media sites or, Travel and cover up all your expenses by doing self-funding.

Launching and creating your products on :

Digital marketing for all products on :

Marketing through Blogging on:

and also through various digital marketing channels will be done.

मनुष्याः पृथिवीग्रहे अन्येषु ८४ लक्षजातीयेषु धन्यतमाः प्राणिनः सन्ति यत् ते इच्छन्ति प्रकारं जीवनं जीवन्ति, ते इच्छन्ति, सर्वेषां विषमतानां अभावेऽपि महत्तमः भवितुम् पर्याप्ताः समर्थाः सन्ति।

(Humans are the most blessed creature on the planet earth among the 84 lakh other species to live the type of life they want, they wish for, are capable enough to be the greatest despite all odds.)

How Marketing Mega Stunt works to sell 100s of products: I help you to work with a mission on your products that help you to reach millions of audience and drive 100s of sales everyday.

For example, AmBritish is educating 100 million youth to make them 100% career ready by 2025 for free with its 3 course package. This marketing mega stunt will help bringing 100s to millions of footfalls on the website for products sales.

Meanwhile YouTube, Instagram, Facebook video content marketing will go on to promote and sell your all types of digital products or, when you make the reels with YouTube videos on Instagram or YouTube.

Imagine for a while that you are traveling in the morning and then

you are selling your fitness or, Yoga or, meditation products or services on melfitleague and then in afternoon you are working on education and then selling product on amBritish and then in the evening you are playing guitar, violin, singing and then selling products on Vartiste, fortune under 3 major startups we have.

Watch this video:

 Soon the world will belong to those who will work for people to transform their lives and not to those who work for companies merely to earn money.

AmBritish Melfitleague Vartiste Hustlers Hipsters Hackers

Listen up carefully now ! Systems we have, trains our mind through formal education to produce system controlled people living a system trapped life! Yes sir, Yes ma'am, No sir, No ma'am life.

"Our choice decides our fate, our priority determines our fortune".

Go and look for people who are solo travelers, bike travelers, cycle travelers, pedestrian travelers on Instagram, you'll see what life is actually and what you, we all are losing but what we have got, they don't have-the community, startups, various income sources for everyone etc.

Your real fate is tested when you go for a life you always dreamt of living rather than having a job like everyone else have.

You have a secured job? Really! After 2 mass lay offs of 12,000 and 16,000 employees from Google, not even the job of Sundar Pichai is safe after the failure of Gemini AI.

Start early, join fast, grow faster, live the dreamt life fastest.

I am working day and night for you, for myself only for a great life, fortune, and for a tiny self owned world that serves everyone in community together. Join me, join the community.

Join 4 established startups as per your niche and start travelling, get self-funded to cover expenses for a great life and fortune both together while travelling across the world. Let's work to transform the world, inspire the world, educate and employ both the new generations for a better life ahead. The early we start, the sooner they become safe in future.

Life for future generations- Live while travelling, work while travelling as per their niche.

I am here to give you a break through from the trap you don't want, life you have dreamt of living rest of the life and fortune both. Work and live while travelling the world.

Get out of the mindset, habits that system has given you so far over the years since your birth.

Every single morning when you wake up, If you are not with new people, new place, if you are not living the day with new experience, not going to bed with tons of good-bad new memories, you are simply wasting, killing the most precious life of human being on earth. Why? Just because you are a coward, unorganized, indecisive by nature. Remember, you have one human life to live by witnessing the entire beauty of planet earth where a very limited young age life. How are you going to for that? Panic! Panic! Panic! Half of the young age is gone, millions of beauty of life that we could have seen, are already missed. The world belongs to the brave. Stop becoming a fearful, coward, shy guy sacrificing life for everything else.

You'll end up this precious life by simply doing 9-5 hours job. Why? Just because you are a coward or, system controlled mind and be mentally prepared to regret at the same time for over 30-40 years once you are old for not having a great life in young age like other travelers.

Humans are blessed to have any life that they want, are capable of living, overcoming any situations come to them. Be brave! Go for what you want. There is nothing great except human being on planet earth and you are the one.

Tell me one thing, How much have you made and how much will you make and how long and for what? Sacrificing your most precious human life blessed to have after 84 lacs species on earth, the most supreme creature on planet earth. Did you ever knew that??? You have no second life, second young age.

Work alone, you make a living, join and work in world's first community mother startup with 4 major startups so far, you make a fortune soon, very soon.

System around you is squeezing you, your young life, young energy by offering peanuts as a salary to survive. System works for itself not for you. Companies, govt. law everything.

They have advanced methodologies to make people slave and keep them.

Together we have a community, various income sources, various platforms, various products, multiple startups, freedom to live, work execute, express in a world we make together.

its a community supported startup. We can't add everyone or, anytime from anywhere. 25x (28+8) members across the nation only.

Note: only 25 people from each state/UT's.

If you are living in a single place for more than a day or, repeating life doing same thing, you are killing your life. Move out asap. Panic!

Get the digital products, move fast from the cities, vacate the cities, go live and work from mountains, river banks, beaches, hills, deserts, oceans.

let 1.4 billion live and work in cities, you go there. vacate cities.

Everything you wish to do, ate forbidden. Law and order, permission ,not allowed here, work only to pay bills, no good salary, sacrificing young age, life, energy merely for survival plan. why and how long???

Escape cities, not meant for livers but fir survivors. vacate cities. Live and operate from mountains, deserts, river banks, hills, remote isolated locations, sea, oceans beaches. 

Humans are capable of living any great life. We have all what we need to live and operate from there.

We have 3+1 startups now. We are making make platforms that educate and employ new generations fir a good life but not in cities. Time to vacate the cities.

you work everyday for a living and I fight everyday for me and people in community seeking a great life together with like-minded people, you tell who will be the winner- you or, us?

Your grandpa used to WORK in 60s, father used to WORK in 90s and you too WORKING in 21st century. Wow!

Go for the life. Human brain is capable enough to have a life you wish for provided you have good choices, priorities.

Indecisiveness ruins millions of life. Take decision and move on.

What's your hobbies , what's your passion? if not, you have nothing to monetize here for yourself as products/services? But still, you can become a hustler for other creators, instructors, joint ventures. Options for everyone. Cheers!

Being a MICA Alumnus, I help you to do strategic digital marketing to do effective campaigns to sell your products and services from the platform.

what else you want? In return you pay just a one time community lifetime membership fees to support for further growth and investments that favors everyone in community(since not a funded startup).

If all these bullshit points, doesn't make sense to you, Alright! You are awesome! Living a life is a matter of courage and not meant for everyone.

If make sense, Join here-

Hi Travel Enthusiasts! What if you travel around the world and monetize your skills, talents, expertise, education in the form of online courses, eBooks, digital products-photos, videos, articles 100s of products to fund your travel. Join as a Joint Venture choice or, Hustler choice Welcome to SELF FUND TRAVEL. Choose your niche, start travel, make money, fund expenses. 10,000+ members to help each-other to grow unlike solo influencers or, entrepreneurs. Explore Products, services you can own and have ownership as per your existing talents, skills, knowledge and expertise that you can monetize in the form of online courses, eBooks, noted, pdf, documents, photos, videos...up to 100s of products with 1 skill you have:

How do you want to join us? Self Fund Travel- World's first & only Community Startup with 3 startups (AmBritish, Melfitleague, Vartiste) under it.

Nota Bene: Only early birds- now open everyone then Only quality selected people. Only people with skills, expertise, passion & hobbies. Only 20's, 30s & 40s youth. Join at the earliest. Limited membership on Creator-Instructor/ Hustler per city(25 x 28 states+8 UTs). I am building a new world together with likeminded people. You never know, what I can actually offer you later since you are the 25 early birds came forward to support me while joining the community. 25,000/- can be extremely negligible later with my offerings. Support me. Help me building this community. Lets work for a human life we all deserve together.

Join our Social Media Accounts to stay updated:

Dear new community members, I with other community members, cordially welcome you all!

You are just One decision away for a greatest life ahead , change our life together. Come forward extend Support, join. lets work together for a life we all want, a tiny world we all have. That year is 2024. Live before you die, I die, the life of a human being witnessing the beauty of the world, exploring the mysteries of the world. Possible only when we support each-other, work for each-other. Let's be united for life, no more for just money or, personal gains.


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