Shout! I will Rise- Read, Rise, Relish!

What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Seize the Happiness: Leverage happiness to liberate Sadness

 Leverage happiness to liberate Sadness: Seize the Happiness,Shackle the Sadness If you haven't made your own world to live in this world then you are surely living in someone else's world and trust me you are not living a good life. People fight here not because of things they lack in life but because of frustrations and anger they have inside them of not having them. Nothing is 100%. Neither happiness ,nor sadness. Neither success, nor failures. it means if you reach and stay beside seashore, someday you'll get a fish for sure from somewhere, by some means. So, be what you want to be, wherever you want to be. The entire world belongs to you.It is you who doesn't want to fight to acquire,achive or, get something you want and let others enjoy it.People who can fight with education, power of network, and with their talents, win the world or, whatever they want. The biggest thing to enjoy in the whole world is your own life. You abuse and blame the creator, the world,the

Learn Money skills

 FINANCIAL Quotes: You have no control over money because you have never tried to make a control over money; you never even tried to do that or, you don't even learn too. When you do job Money comes as a prostitute, When you do business money comes as a girlfriend, and when you become an investor money comes as a wife. The day you learn to impress money not people you start becoming rich. The biggest game that somebody can play is in making wealth. You either do weird or, extraordinary to make money; no third option. Use money as a tool, not as a commodity. There is so much wealth in this world. Even if you become a billionaire, you still can feel like a broke. Have fear of losing Money when you are spending and not when you are investing. Investment is the game of patience. Fear exist in the absence of right information. Collect it to amend your approach towards investment. Stretch your wings at best if you still think you are not settled or, your dreams are not fulfilled. Money i

Beauty of Life: Live it, maintain it.

  Life is beautiful: Life is beautiful when you do what you like to do. When you live the life, you want to live. Life is beautiful when you remain the way you are then it is colourful. life is beauty . life is colour. life is natural. so be the way you are. the moment you copy, the moment you make yourself like someone else, you destroy the beauty of life. everyone in this world, they do their own job to earn a livelihood. it doesn't mean you should live or, start living the life, the way they want or, the way they expect from you. you are the beauty to this world when you keep yourself the way you are, the way you want, your mind says, your heart says. The world is full of idiots. If someone comes to you and comment something about your simply means, they are useless in their own life where they have a lot of time to interfere in someone else' life. Beautiful people, beautiful mind always appreciates all what they see it, come across. People doing their own job for a

Just go and get it

  It's not too late. Just go and get them The only problem is that you are not able to understand the business in the life. You want comfort you have it you want laziness you have it you want nothing you have it you don't want to do anything you have it you don't want to take initiative you have it you don't want to think anything new you have it you know that it is staying in a single place aur job aur education for thought is like rotting there but still you don't want to change it and you have it. So what you want you actually have it in your life don't blame anyone just because you wish to have something once in a wine but don't take action don't move in that direction and don't try to get that. You want it job and you have it you want to stay with your family you have it you don't understand that life is all about keep moving and not settling settling is like rotting like water rusting like iron vanishing like vapourr. Decide today whatever

Lesson on Life Skills- Wise words

 Do anything,anyhow, anyway. Do worst but do something consistently. do at least. Doing anything/something is much better than doing nothing. Taking any action is a good action. Action brings results, any result but not zero result. Perfection only decides percentage and perfection comes by doing. DO worst,do something but do. The only thing you should think of doing, good, bad, worse whatever. The world has already done best and worst than even you can imagine to do. So, just do. Failure brings more success. the day you will understand this,you will be on the way of success. You compromise,tolerate, the moment you doubt yourself. The only thing you have to learn in life is to solve problems. It is tbought that makes you richest and not the money.if you understood this, you are one of them. To live well, keep fake face for the world and real face for yourself. Beauty comes with the work you do in life. If you want to change your fate, work on youraelf atleast 5-10 minutes everyday. Wri

Faith-The only reason behind the Existence of Human

Faith- The source of Universal Power: You walk because you have faith that you can walk and you will not fall down, You learn when you have faith that knowledge can change your life by changing your perspective, your mindset, your habit, You do something and you become successful when you have faith that you can become successful, You try something new with some faith that it will or, it may change my life and then you do it and then it happens, You cross the road with the faith that I will safely cross the road and then you do it successfully, You ride a bike, you drive a car because you know that you can do it and you do it successfully, You sit in exam because you know that you can write the answers, you can write fast and you can clear the exam then do it and pass the exam because you had faith on it, You make your faith mature with the plan you have, preparation you have done, practice you have done for something. Now you can and you have to pass the exam. It is the faith that you


 Explore! Life is more about exploring and less about doing. Explore new opportunities to get new experiences to move up in life. Explore new places to meet new people to know more new culture 20 stand and learn new language and experience new climates. Explore yourself to find the hidden talents to know your true power to understand this life and to find a purpose in life. If you are at work if you do some job then explore new opportunities new jobs for a better payout, If you are in business then explore new opportunities to grow your business explore new ways to get more clients and customers. If you want it a good happy and better relationship explore something new in your partner's and tell him tailor explore something which your partner doesn't know about himself or herself, If you are a parent then help your children to explore new opportunities new platforms to move up in life, Explore new food on new places, it changes the mood, If you are sad then explore new ways to

Lion's Mentality, Eagles Attitude

 Lion's Mentality, Eagle's Attitude: First of all you cannot become a lion by carrying the attitude of hyena or, jackal, or, fox. Either you have to give up or, forget to adapt the mentality and attitude of lions and eagles. Before you become a lion, leave all the characteristics of other animals behind. Lion's Mentality: Have you ever found a lion looking for a friend in jungle? (Living alone is a lifestyle they have because they don't like it). Lion doesn't have the mentality of snatching, duping ever snatches. Lion never snatches food from jackals, hyena or, other animals. It kills it's wn to feed it's family. You can always see his fearlessness in his eyes only. A lion always walks with grace that shows his pride in it. You will never see a lion showing its power on Jackals. It reflects only through it's action when he acts or, attack for food. Lion never collects food for months to eat and live. All humans are the civilized animals of jungle but you

Power of Money versus Power of mindset- Financial Quotes-1

Power of Money versus Power of mindset (Financial Quotes:1) Nota bene:  (Get your Free course  copies on Personal  Skills  Development for employable skills  from Edplodia University with a timeline at the bottom of this Blog; Platform-Udemy) Never lose a control over the flow of incoming money else everything will be out of control. Always Maintain flow of income for a strong grip over the money. Work extra, to invest extra.if your income is less. To multiply your income, learn to multiply the manpower. (P.S; The only thing, I want, is to inspire people for doing great, miracle things and not just for becoming  millionaire, billionaire or, something else or, getting something. Soon the world will be at the stage of equality in mindset that will change their life). Let money go out of you only when you are sure about at least a way for an coming income. Leave below your means or, work beyond your limit, all your choice. Don' t look for fun unless you have financial security through

Live Life through Hobbies

Live Hobbies, Live Life: What if you enjoy your life and at the same time you make a living through it too? What if you do what you love to do and make money too? What if  you live the life you want and through making a  career through it? Even you know that there is only one life then why to waste it or, spoil it? Love is life. Wait! it doesn't mean you love a woman, your girlfriend and then you call it life. Love means everything. Here, love means love what you love to do. Now, if you want to make money through it then try to connect it with people where you do any of these things- Educate, Employ or, Entertain. If you know how to connect for any of these, you can make money. Now try taking your audience at a bigger level through the help of internet (of course! it is the age of internet to connect with millions for free) to reach out. Now what you need are some patience, consistency, hard work....but any of these things make no sense if you love doing what you do. Life begins wh

Books - The Soul of Dead Great Minds

  Great Personalities died but they remained with us even today in the form of  Books? Nota bene: (Get your Free course copies on Personal Skills Development for Basic Employable Skills from Edplodia University on Mission Edplodia: Basic Employable Skills-2025 with a timeline at the bottom of this Blog; Platform-Udemy Inc.-USA) I am dead! my son, my friend, my countrymen, I am dead! Do you still love me? It's been a long year you haven't contacted me. When I was alive everybody wanted to meet me, talk to me, spend time with me but now since I am dead nobody cares about me, nobody. My ideas, thoughts, experiences that I put in some books when I was alive, or, somebody put on my behalf, are rotting in the corner of some bookstall, book store. Did you know that what I did was just for the sake of the world but the blindness that you had of money, didn't allow you to focus on it. I never wanted to make money through my books. Even no great personality wants to make money by wri

Lesson from the School/College: Impotent education or, Important education

 Impotent education vs Important education: School, college, and University education- an impotent education!- Think for a moment that you are one of the siblings of your parents. Your parents- your mother and father both are very rich, very very rich. Now, whenever they bring something, they bring it for everyone at home but they keep it inside a door that needs a challenge, some tasks, and some patience to get into the room where everything is kept at home. There is a total of 10 children at home where only 2 know the tricks and techniques to reach to the room to get the things brought for all the children. Unfortunately, they never reveal, how they do everything as they have learned it by some difficult means when parents went into the room and came out of the room. Both actually, learned it over time by making it the top priority. The rest of the children didn't do that. They just enjoyed what they had and always remained satisfied with what they were given. Now that, both the

Small Success in life, a Premature ejaculation in Sex

Working without passion is like d oing sex without love - Nota bene:  (Get your Free course  copies on Personal  Skills  Development for employable skills  from with no cost) You have to do sex with anyone because you are getting perverted. The same thing happens in terms of work. You have to do any job because you need money to live a life but long does it last? You have to find a partner who understands you in all aspects of life. You have to find doing something in life that you really love to do. Success is like doing Sex because when you love doing something, you enjoy doing it more than just getting success/ejaculating. You focus on doing(copulation)what you are doing already, not on getting success(ejaculation). Success comes as a by-product, the way ejaculation comes without any extra effort. You keep doing with patience to avoid minor success(premature ejaculations) by just not focusing on success(ejaculation) which can be unsatisfactory if it is too