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Small Success in life, a Premature ejaculation in Sex

Working without passion is like doing sex without love -

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premature ejaculation career
You have to do sex with anyone because you are getting perverted. The same thing happens in terms of work. You have to do any job because you need money to live a life but long does it last?

You have to find a partner who understands you in all aspects of life. You have to find doing something in life that you really love to do.

Success is like doing Sex because when you love doing something, you enjoy doing it more than just getting success/ejaculating. You focus on doing(copulation)what you are doing already, not on getting success(ejaculation). Success comes as a by-product, the way ejaculation comes without any extra effort. You keep doing with patience to avoid minor success(premature ejaculations) by just not focusing on success(ejaculation) which can be unsatisfactory if it is too early. Why, because any premature success/ejaculation brings small satisfaction, and then the thing that remains is only to do some rest where you avoid acting again for it which is natural. Keep doing Sex and don't let yourself ejaculate pre-mature.

Updated: Sept15,2021

Why don't you enjoy copulating, ejaculation will come for sure. You didn't understand? Why don't you enjoy the journey instead of focusing on success.

 My friend, your story(journey) will be narrated to the whole world, it is the thing that will inspire the world everytime, every now and then. But success, only you will enjoy. If you want the whole world to copy your success, focus on journey, not on success. When you copulate for a long time, your partner enjoys, but when you ejaculate only you enjoy. Success recieved too soon are always unsatisfactory.

Enjoy doing whatever you do-singing, dancing, job, Entrepreneurship, studying, anything you do. Just know, you become invincible when you do something which is needed to be done but you don't like to do at all.

The importance of planning and preparation is as same as foreplay does before doing sex to reach a great height in life (for utmost satisfaction in sex).

Updated on 23.06.2021Working without planning and preparation in day to day life is like doing sex without doing foreplay before copulation in sex. It neither helps you nor your partner to attain the great height of satisfaction. no chance to reach the height of ultimate satisfaction. In the same way, if you do something, execute something or, work on something in your day to day life without planning and preparation, you will neither succeed there nor will reach the greatest height of success.

The importance of the right knowledge to get success is as same as knowing which part of a woman is more sensitive than can bring the sensation to her. It is only an idiot who jumps over.

The role of a network of people is as same as having a list of girlfriends that helps you not to lose a single opportunity coming your way for getting success(not to be perverted in the absence of a single one you have in your life).

I love what happens you feel attracted to someone your heartbeat increases when your crush comes to you or near to you, you feel ecstatic when she is near to you you feel relaxed when you talk to her and it makes your day when you spend your time with her. The same thing happens with your work you don't have to do extra effort in doing something if it is your talent you have to take effort to learn something only to improve it if you stick loyal to a single work the way your girlfriend loves you your work will give you result having multiple girlfriends is as same as having multiple business startups you just have to learn how to manage both which is at an extraordinary level.

You will never find great people with great brain talking about success, it is the people on the ground who talk so like a hunger person, begging success from God like a beggar(You will be grateful to God, the day you realize that life is itself the greatest gift to you and if you are healthy where you can walk, can learn something, can do something, can work hard, can move from one place to another place, can think to plan; you are a blessing from the God). Great minds believe in playing here in this world than merely working for survival. They play hard because they think-

 "The entire world belongs to me, the way it belongs to others."-Vishwajayant Adhiraj.

when you start playing you start enjoying it more than the success you will ever get. The journey is more thrilling, adventurous, and exciting than the success. When you really love doing something, you start seeing success and you don't accept the minor success to receive as a reward like others who do so.

You stop looking for a girl or, woman for having sex when you are already fucking everything coming your way to getting the success you have in your mind for yourself in life.

(Updated on 24.06.2021 >>)Women need nothing but two things sexual pleasure with full satisfaction and their needs to be fulfilled for a comfortable life. They look for a Billionaire like Jeff Bezos who possess lots of money for fulfilling their all desires for them, a slave who can work at home by listening to everything like the Jinn of Aladdin, an intelligent guy who can be as smart as Albert Einstien so that they can show it to the world, a funny guy like Charlie Chaplin who can make them laugh all the time, a handsome guy more than Tom Cruise and a guy who can satisfy them at bed every day, or multiple times in a single night like Johny sins which is my friend not possible for a common man. A Smart and intelligent guy will say- Why the hell, you are putting your time there, they are the most confusing creature on the planet. They will confuse you throughout your life and thus you will end up your life fucking yourself for them. You'll think you fuck them but indirectly you are fucking yourself in fact. (and you think are having sex with them. Lol!)

Napoleon Bonaparte once said- "A woman is just meant for bringing forth children".

Updated on 30.6.2021 A woman must be perceived only as a wife, sister, mother, and daughter and never like a sex object. Now, if you still ask why, then trust me a 2-inch space will open a door to hell for you in multiple ways. The assigned role of a woman is as a begetter, creator, fosterer, and nourisher. She can never be taken the way an animal does. The existence of a man remains safe until he takes a woman the way the role is assigned to her on the planet earth, if not he loses his existence sooner or, later.

If you stick with women merely for sexual pleasure you lose everything best in the world that comes from her here itself- Love from mother, affection, and care from sister, and heavenly love from daughter. 

Convert the same energy(of course I am talking about your semen) into some prolific results which can bring success to your Life, wife, daughter, mother, and sister rather than putting the energy for a single woman who drives you heaven merely for 2 minutes and then you rest in hell. Lol!.

(Updated on 24.06.2021 >>)Shift your focus, your mind on the right thing, something you love to do and you will not feel for having sex. but wait...never take a reverse gear because then you need it most and still if you can not control, you know what a man does(lol!) but do it with love and patience lest you should hurt your veins. Now, focus again on what you love doing and promise yourself again never to come back here in this position again(lol!). Trust me there will be a day when you will win for sure....and this is how your cover the journey to your dreams with a few distractions. You are still a man but you don't need to prove it to a single person, prove it to the world and they will start calling you a real man or, a woman in the world.

(Updated on 24.06.2021 >>)Remember, a third person is never allowed between you and your dreams while you are on the way.No means straightway no. You eat, drink, sleep, take bath, talk and do love only with your dreams and nobody. You are never alone if you have started to live with your dreams. Soon, you will realize people be it your family and friends, all become distractions to you in the long run and you will feel it, you don't have to say yourself to know every time. Feel your dreams with you and you don't need anyone there.

Looking for sexual pleasure at ground level is like trying to snatch away a piece of bone from the mouth of several dogs who are in a herd. Rise above the ground and life begins.

Doing any job is like choosing anyone for having sex-ugly, elderly, anyone.

Your Semen, either you Invest it or, waste it; Choice is yours-

You never knew that your 'Semen' is the greatest source of energy. It has the power to run the world, (Updated on 30.06.2021 >>)to change the world. All the great personalities like Swami Vivekananda and others who realized their true potential and power started to avoid sex not because they didn't like it but because they didn't want to waste their true source of energy mainly for a momentary pleasure that most of the time leave both in dissatisfied. The purpose of Sex is just to bring a man and a woman closer to each other for begetting a child but unfortunately, the smart human brain has manipulated it for sexual pleasures. Even the money-making identities inject the word to provoke the people for sexual arousal and do their business to make money. Time is now to understand this.

To have great pleasure in sex, your mind should be free from stress. It is not the energy that you lack, it is the mental stress that does not let you focus on doing sex and you lose the match too early even before you cover up the distance of the runway. The same thing applies in giving the best in day to day life- an empty or, stress-free mind and focus turns your hard work into success because then you are able to give it the right direction to reach success. Focus on the facial expression of your partner and not on the copulation to reach the height of a greater level of mutual satisfaction in sex. it applies the same here in success too. You focus on the Goal of your life for the greatest success rather than enjoying the small success or, day to day life where you receive lollypops on day to day basis. Focus but on the right thing. Arjun was supposed to see the fish to shoot it with his bow but he kept seeing Draupadi and aimed at the eye of the fish to win her and he did it too. The faith of winning. He was skilled enough in archery but he needed Draupadi, hence he focused on her, and his faith in winning made him a winner. 

Every woman looks for sex, every man looks for success and it is quite natural. God gifted, the most pleasing thing in the world.

A woman can never be satisfied and will look for a different man; a man can never make a woman satisfy and he will look for a second attempt every time. Thus, the process goes on. My friend, this process goes on because the world has to keep going on. If you are not attracted to a woman, you won't have sex. If you won't have sex, the next generation won't come.

You can invest your semen by simply giving it the right direction. Your thought is the Michael Schumaker. You provide him a car and he will drive it at best. Now, the thing is where your thought is attached. what sort of intake you have to enrich your thought. You can't avoid it, it is spread everywhere. The brain stops working the moment you redirect your thought on the topic of sex.

Moral, Motivation, Inspiration: Rise like a Sun, Not like a Star

There is no meaning in enjoying life when you are already moving through hell, nothing to enjoy. Don't be satisfied with what you have. Keep going through hell, give the best shot to everything coming your way. Stop fucking with someone's best(cricketer, singer, filmstars); these fucking morons will never make your life. Definitely entertain their work but live your own life. Set the goal that even you think you won't be able to achieve in this life but despite this, you have to because you have to rise like a sun in the sky that covers all the million stars in the sky when it rises. Try to be the sun and not some idiot stars. 

Start from wherever you are and this is the beginning of your life. Don't see your life in the number of age you have rather start seeing with your achievements, learnings, works from now onward.

No one will ever be able to compete with you, the moment you start realizing your power, your true potential, your true strength; You will become invincible. Be your own inspiration, your own motivation. Start strengthening your willpower, start taking energy from the Universe and not from some foods or, some successful idiots on the earth.

The face of my success is much more beautiful than the beautiful face you have because I can see it.

Don't ee the success and lifestyle of cricketers or, filmstars; Keep your goal and thought higher than that someone can ever imagine and in near future, they will stand puny beside you.

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