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What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Burning desire or, Extinguished fire

 Burning desire or, Extinguished fire

There are two types of people live in this world one who has a burning desire inside them, a burning desire to get anything no matter what it cost, no matter how it will come to them but again there are people who have an extinguished fire and want everything but without doing or, taking any initiative.

People who are with burning desire, they know that they have to take risk, they have to take initiative, they have to face challenges, they have to to overcome all the situations that comes to their way because the life, situations, problems all remains same for everyone in this world. What differs is man to man effort, effort to take action, power to power to overcome those situations, problems for a better life.

People who are with extinguished fire keep thinking throughout their life instead of taking action. Now they are habituated to think. They have each year to assume all success and failure in their mind itself instead of trying in the real life. They think success comes with first attempt instead of thinking of success which comes after multiple failures.

Plan, ideate and leave behind is now everything for them, the biggest deciding factor that help them to decide to do or not to do. A loser mindset think of failure, think of inverse consequences where winner mindset knows that failure, defeats are the part of journey. you can meet multiple failures, you can have multiple defeats befor a single win.

Burning desire see the opportunity beyond all problems and obstacles but extinguished fire see the problem and stay focused on it instead of focusing on the opportunity which is available after all the obstacles and problems.


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