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Vision in 30's-Life begins now

Vision in 30's- Life begins now my friend

We youth learn to stand now in 30's only but most of are so much full of false pride and false attitude (due to inferiority complex) that we think like settlers not like hustlers here, we think like owners not like workers, we think like King not like slave.

We don't try new things, Why? I haven't done before so not possible now. Why? But why?

Have we achieved everything at this stage?

Are we satisfied with the life? If nit, then put all false ego, attitude and so called pride aside and start to work like a worker, a slave and a broke having nothing.

This attitude is definitely going to destroy this life for sure if not handled on right time which is now, in 30's yes, now.

This is India, a full of diverse resources, culture, languages, religions based country. Youth enjoy the life here, their first life.

India is not a beggar country like European and western countries where they have only machines and technology to chose as a career.

You come from a poor family and think like poor too. Thinking you are already rich, idiot. Work like a Slave, call everybody boss if they are paying, be humble to everyone. Make money ,be rich then have ego, attitude and pride. Poor mind!

In India, youth do whatever they like to do whenever they want to do. This is the biggest reason that youth come to realize their goal, their vision, their purpose in their 30's, and there is nothing wrong.

We people in India don't think of career since the time of birth fearing that in an ice country where there are almost no diversity, people don't talk to each other, 

If you have will power, will to rise not lega then you will not just run, you'll fly in life. Start walking first, them run, then fly soon.

We are Indians and we are blessed that we live in a country which is full of each and every resources. The only country which is in the centre of the Globe. We thank our ancestors who explored this places thousands of years, rest all other countries except Africa are the new born countries, nomad settled wherever they found place to live.

In India, youth can sell vegetables on the road if needed to make money, can jump for IT jobs, can go into govt job, can do whatever they want to do; the only problem is that they have been confused from childhood either by their own people or, politicians that opportunities are limited, resources are limited, and this mindset, unfortunately  kill them when they enter their  30's.

Shackles of responsibility:

 They have to take the responsibility of the entire family if they become capable enough to take it. Family don't think that he should be supported further and alone can't pull the whole family for long. 

My fellow Indian brothers, you are Hindu,muslim, sikh and Christian and you'll always remain. You don't have to shout and let people know just because some idiot politician want it from you for their own business.

Stop supporting the politicians and they will become weak. Your support makes them strong.

"Neta kuchh na deta. Neta kisi ka na hota".(A politician never gives you something. A politician belongs to nobody).

The misguided, youth who are still in illusion that their favorite politicians will do something fir them some day.

You live in a democratic country where you have all the power coming from constitution to do anything and still you think you are weak.Why? Because, you have been kept away from the right education and has been given wrong education that keep you away from the knowledge that can empower you. The syllabus and education system has been distorted only to keep youth weak


I see youth are inspired by some substandard people with mediocre mind and they become some circus guy. My fellow Indians, we are the most talented people in the world as we born innthe most blessed country ofnthe world-India.

You can inspire the world instead of getting inspired by some who are in limelight and make a good amount of money.

P.s: To clear my own path, I'll manipulate the whole world abd its system and I can do that, I'll do that, I'm doing that.

Vision in 30s -2

We live in India, a developing country and it is not possible to pick something as a career ,or, passion in early age of 20s. Not 2ven in developed countries, America witnessed The great resignation where 3.8 million employees resigned in a single month only.

It takes time to 3xplore things in life. The faster and sooner we explore things, the sooner we come to realize what suits us best as a passion or, career with passion. We don't have good education system. Parents are fooled by the same education system and youth are left on their own choices. All are not lucky to get into film, cricket etc. but yes, those who took their ride later in 30s crossed all the boundaries sometimes.

We Indians are barely able to manage 3 times food, shelter and basic survival options, how can we stand in so early age of life.

Now, 30s is the age where most of the youth, mainly in the age of technology and Internet are able to realize what they want in life after seeing many, doing many things and understanding the life somehow.

Hustlers vs Settlers:

Whether you are in 20s or, 30s, you have to grind, you have to take all the big risks of your life to move up. Settlers are the mediocres, happy with hand to mouth income. Settlers are the one who make things happen by letting themselves grinding hard and taking risks back to back.

Settlers want an easy life in comfort zone, Hustlers always stay in hell because they know the path to heaven goes through the hell only.

The greatest challnege among youth is that they don't have belief that whether they will be able to succeed or, not if they choose their own path of career in life.

Your 30s every day should be like you are resting, sleeping, talking only while grinding yourself, on the bed of struggle only. When you put yourself , you grind. When you dive into ocean for treasures, you struggle. You can't expect of growth or, success without these two.

How you lived this life that will be remembered, not how much you earned here.

You have ruined your life mainly because you follow others, listen to others; do what you see in others. Why?

Even if you come from same family, you are different, totally different.


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