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Embrace the Change to bring the Change

 Embrace the change to bring the change-2022

Embrace the change, Face the change. 

It will be painful, new to adjust, new to do, new to experience but yes it would be great experience.

New connection, new approaches, new people, everything new.

I think that would have much potential to change my life.

I am ready to do if it takes me to the next level of my life. Afterall, what I am getting while doing some donkey job that has not supported muc.

This time, place, opportunity, age will never come.back again.

I am going to take initiative now. I know I wil fail multiple times, time and again but still I will keep trying to reach out.

One life to live, one life to do miracles.

Staying in Comfort is killing all my dreams, new opportunities, this great golden time, this young age. 

I have to jump now...

I have to move out of the comfort zone now...

New year, new hopes, new opportunities, new possibilities are waiting for me in the coming new year.

I am not lost in life. I am not given up in life. I have worked really very hard to make my future beautiful. I still can work hard or, harder. 

I have a purpose and it is suffice to take me to the next destination. 

I think, I am just fearing for no reason for not ready to embrace the change where I see a beautiful life ahead in new year. 

I have to accumulate courage, I have to be brave enough, I have to stay confident. I single turn can make a big change in my life. 

I see problems because I am just thinking and bit taking actions or, ready to take action in consistent basis.

Life is passing as time is passing. Thus life is ending.

Now, make the things happen or, die while making it happen.

If I can put myself in discipline, if I can stay committed, If I can stay hungry and ready to face all situations, I can make things happen, no doubt.

I am not born to survive, I am not born to live.

I am born to accomplish some purpose and I have to for the sake of millions who need, for the sake of few who too can do the same.

I will survive. If I have done earlier then now I am in a better place, better situations with better options.

I know only hustlers survive, the world is only for those who are brave to face the situation, face the change.

Nobody and nothing can stop hustlers. They don't go through, they break through the walls of all barriers.

Focus, Stay committed, consistent, breathless, fearless and unstoppable despite all failures and rejections.

Fear is weakness, Thoughts process it whereas Actions diminish it.

*Fear has no end, Risk has no alternative*


Unknown said…
Really heart touching ❤️ Thanks for show my route 🙏
Thanks for love 💕. Stay tuned!
sailerdainty said…
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