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What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Million Millionaires-2030 : A journey from Survival Plan to Fortune Plan

Mission: "One self-employment opportunity for everyone in this world-2030".

Fate or, Frailty-who is responsible for fortune or, misfortune in life?

.......... It is the nature of humans, their habit, their mentality that makes them fortunate or, inn-fortunate, poor or, rich. It is a myth that there is some bad luck or, good luck. Luck is something that can be manipulated with one's nature, human nature. The nature you possess is actually y responsible for the success or, failure of your life. Change nature you have for everything. To minimize failure start working on collecting the right information, start building the right set of networks. Do you do so? No. YOu haven't learned it, even if you knew it you didn't believe it or, practice it. You become emotional, sentimental for everything,. You attach everything to yourself mentally,. You stick with one thing that actually regulates your life. You don't know your priority, even if you understand, you compromise every now and then for the instant pleasure in the present. You do what you like to do in the present. You miss and forget the priority list. Better say you don't have anyone. You don't stick with the priority that can bring change in your life in your fate. You don't like people criticize you which can help you to improve yourself. You care about people for no reason or, just because you think what they will say or, react to it. You care about the careless people who have nothing and no day to do anything with you. You have a problem of faking yourself that works as a mask to save your image but it is not sustainable. You do not work hard because you do not believe it will be worthy but you definitely like to struggle every day. You do not want to learn or, have a habit to learn that can upgrade your mind. You are not consistent because you lack motivation or, you haven't found a single source of energy that can give you so much strength to move up in life or, to live this life with great strength.
You have a habit of seeing and comparing with others mainly with successful people and who are either some celebrity or, some cricketers. You are not motivated by your own goals and mission. you are not inspired by your own vision. You believe what you see, hear and observe in surroundings which is almost and in fact fake in real. you see others' business style as their lifestyle, you do not understand that they do so because it is the part of their business and not the reality.
"Bring and modify your exiting nature and you'll meet success or, fate will become your slave".
To earn money, you have to do some decent job but to make money you will have to put your legs into dirt, mud, or, sometimes in hell. Now, you decide you want to earn money or, want to make money to live this life. Remember, nobody wants to give or, share money. You will have to snatch it away from the world tactically, smartly. Therefore, if you think you have to live a life you want, you wish for. Go ahead. Initially, there may be some attrition but if you are focused on making money and towards nothing, nobody can stop you o from making money. (This method somehow is a cheat code for making quick money.)

Learn to Earn:
 Caring people, the world, the surrounding, family at the timer of making money is full of foolishness. The majority of the people never learn how to make money just because they live in a comfort, mostly have no courage to give at least a single try. Those who give mostly lag in skills & talents but if you think that you are the one. It is never too late to go for it. The market is always open and waiting for new comers who can do something. For earning money, there is only one rule, Do whatever you can to make money; Just focus on what you should do that can bring money. Zero percent terms & conditions come when you make money. It means when you make money, you care nothing means nothing then money comes to you. Basing, fearing, caring people are the words used for novices who still have to learn to make money.
For making money, you should consider one very important thing- Even if you are not able to see the success, you should try your best for sure to go for making money. Not giving a try is like making money your enemy. You can win a girl easily but it is too tough to make money but if you hit with your talents, skills for something success comes sooner or, later.


It is your priority that decides everything in your present, past, and furture. What you do first every day is actually your priority. 

Achievement Break Time:  

For achievers, there are no regular break times like weekends, chilling-out every now and then. They usually have a specific break time after every achievement. They celebrate, chill, party, dance, sing after an achievement only. This process helps them to stick with their goals and also to achieve something at best in life, quickly. Itis a balanced work and have a fun formula. A defined formula for enjoying life meaningfully and not without a purpose. 
You have to follow this formula to achieve more, to enjoy more in life but meaningfully. Having fun and enjoying, without a specific purpose taught nothing to mind and it is not defined at all. Having fun and enjoying just because there is work pressure or, mental stress or, something else is now obsolete or, a concept for immature and common people. Achievement should set a milestone for both Fun and enjoyment and for a better life too; merely for stress management, having fun and the party is good but not best. Best should always be connected with big goal achievement only. Upgrade yourself now if you think, achieving something matters to you. Staying focused till you achieve something matters to you. Achieving and then having a party is more important because you have learned how to cope with everyday stress management.
Audience- Platform-System:
No work is ever small, it is your thought which is small. Do what you are doing, do best. If not everyday, then every week, or, every month set a target to increase the size of the audience. Try reaching a bigger size of audience and keep increasing the size of the audience if you want to make your business become big. Either expand your existing business by adding some new value, or, add some new skills in your existing skills to upgrade yourself. It will definitely help you to expand your audience size. (Majority don't do it because they do not understand it.).
Size of Audience: It is the size of the audience that makes people from films, crickets, sports very successful. If you want to become very successful then you will have to receive the energy, help, support from everyone. A film actor becomes successful because to make his/her film successful the entire 300-350 best-talented people work behind it who ensure with their efforts and talents that the film goes for a super hit. In the same way, in cricket(not tennis, or other sports where people play individually) the entire team of 11 members works in a team that ensures thrill, entertainment, and success of the entire team.
    What they have done, nothing. They play the same game, they make the same drama. The only difference is that these people have reached a bigger size of the audience over time whether it is the film industry or, cricket. They have done what they have been doing over the years but the only thing is that over the years they have found various ways to reach the maximum size of the audience. Remember, money never comes from the tree but it is the people who pay money. They have learned the same skill over the years and have worked hard on the same thing. It is why said-" Network of people and information is everything in this world".
                    " No business is ever better than making the audience".
Platform: If you place a diamond in a grocery store, people will not come to see and buy but if you polish the same diamond and place it in a nicely decorated showroom, people will definitely come to see it, and also to buy it. The best thing is that they will also pay the price 

System:  If you can't make a sizeable audience if you can't achieve a bigger platform the try to become a part of a big system with a bigger role. The job of IAS, IPS can be taken into account. Also, if you want to bring a change into some system then you'll have to be part of it. You won't become a captain of the ship by standing on the shore or, from anywhere else. You'll have to board it and then find the ways to lead the ship from there itself.

Making Money vs Working Hard:
Making money is a different thing and doing work is a different thing. You can't make money if you believe in working hard for a cause.

How easily you connect:
How easily you connect with people with your product x 5x, that matters. It is the skill of stimulating the emotions of the people, attaching it with your product that will help you to go-getter and achieve more success and not the best product that can benefit them. Connect your products x 5x with the sentiment of the people and they will not only buy, but they will also remember it for a long time too.
Master Marketing How:
"Launch and market your product not with people's needs but with your personal mission" to reach everyone on this planet. Reach every single person in this world. Reach millions to be a millionaire and reach billions to be a billionaire.

Million millionaires

Dream,always dream,everyday in the morning, before going to bed at night; 
Dreaming is nothing but all about sending the message everyday to universe to get something,achieve something.
Vision is important to see the place where you want to be but dreaming is more important to remind yourself about achieving something ,reminding yourself and the universe too for something you want.
Do you have specimen for the dreams you own?
For car,home,woman,...if no then get it first. See it everyday, remind yourself for it.
The best education to become rich is to learn how to utilise the Human resource.
It is the Human who control everything on this planet and if you learn how to utilize and manipulate it,you are what you want to be.
Majority are emotional,learn to touch their emotions.
Majority have ego and attitude,learn to satisfy their ego and support their attitude.
Moreover learn to take advantage of it.
Learn to control them and they will control everything for you.
Rule of One:
Rule of One says that you should learn,practice and exercise only one business,skill and art. The more you limit yourself the better you'll have the life.
Millions of people are there in the world to do various things.if you can provide just one thing at best that one one does. Your journey of fortune starts here itself.

What I sold today?

Remember if you are not making money, you are costing money.

What I tried to sell today by which I should have money? How I tried to make money?

Money never comes on the tree but it definitely comes from the people then how many people I met today, I approached today, I tried to convince them to buy the product? All are the factors that must be asked on a daily basis from oneself. Money is not something that comes automatically, you have to follow it. you have to make sure it comes to you. The tactical way to snatch the money away from others is called achieving it, or, making it. 

To make money, you should do just two things in life now for sure-

  • Product development: Courses, Blog, E-book, Book.
  • Marketing to sell: You tubing(singing, Motivational Videos, fitness Videos), podcasting, Facebook webinars, building networks by meeting people individually and friendly.
Follow these two methods and try to see the money on a daily basis and then hourly basis. Remember making money is a different task, doing something for a cause is a different task. We, most of the people believe in doing only, providing services and look for rewards for it but it is not making money. money-making is a completely different task. Once, you have something to sell in hand, your focus should be on powerful and consistent doing marketing. It is the marketing, used words behind a product, creating and developing the trust of the people for it, that help us all to sell something at best. Do it. Make money.

So, Daily Questions you should ask from yourself is-
  • What I am going to sell today to make money-product, service, talent, words, Idea, what?
  • Which skill I learned this month that will give me extra advantage over others?
  • What books I read this month to improve my efficiency of thinking, acting or, to provide new horizon to my mind?
  • How many friends or, connections did I make today or, everyday to expand my network?(Remember, Network is net worth)
  • How efficient I am in executing the things on a minute basis?

Divide Your Daily Routine in two phase:
  • Earning Money: Sell products you have, Offer the Services to others.
  • Making Money: Work on your projects/Multiple Income Income Sources
There are 4 different things that can be sold in this world-
  1. Products (Manufactured by companies),
  2. Services (acquired skills through education),
  3. Talents (inherited by birth),
  4. Words (wisdom of knowledge, intelligence),
  5. Ideas (anything that can change the world, life of people, society).
Who quits first?
There is only one formula for Success-
"Who quits first, who loses first in day to day battle/fight of life?"
It can simply be applied in life to gain name, fame and money. People generally have no strong will power even to avoid you . No matter whether you are good or, bad. If you can just maintain the consistency, there are certain chances to win the world, to make the entire world yours. Let the people lose in front of you and not you lose in front of them. Face the initial Criticisms, negligence, rejections, controversies coming from them. Wait till the time they lose on you, they give up on you. Let them lose all their energy, power and force in you; absorb all of them but keep moving until they give up on you.
Also, it takes time to let the people recognize you, be habituated and start trusting you. Recognition comes when you keep putting yourself in front of them in multiple ways/forms. They become habituated to listen to you , see you once you keep doing something where they have interests.  Trust comes when you keep doing something for a long time; People start trusting you because you keep connecting with them, when you keep providing them something that benefits them

Sales/Public Speaking/Money making Formula: Meet-Engage-Drive(MED)

Meet-Engage-Drive: MED-the money-making formula.

"Your Network is your Net worth"-Porter Gale.

If you have skills, you can earn money with the products & services you have got but if you have got no skills, you find ways to make money and not to earn money. Trust yourself, every new start is a fresh beginning, give time to mature your skills for a good result in any business.

Money never comes from the tree but it definitely comes from people. If you learn the skill of meeting, engaging and driving people; you can get what you want. The first step in money-making formula is to 'MEET' people as many as possible. There are always people who need what you have got, you just need to present it the way they are looking for. You can easily do it by knowing their requirement than randomly pushing for something to buy.

The second step after meeting people is to Engage them with what you have got. Talking how it can help them to meet their need, improve their life, solve the problems of their life by connecting with them personally , is the best way to engage people. Talk about their bemne4fits and not about their products. More about them, know about them through various means.

The third and the final step is to drive them towards the desired goal you have. Convert them from prospect to your regular customer, service receiver.

Remember, talking to a group of people is a better choice upon talking to some individual. Talk in group, help to resolve their problems individually- this method can be used to take best out from the MED Formula.

The more you meet and engage people, the better the chance you have to drive them towards the goal you have. No matter you are at work place, in seminars, on stage; you have to follow the steps.

In traditional method, people come to you when they have a need for something and most of the time time even if they have some need, they convince themselves not to have one.

But in modern approach, if you have to make fortune, you have to go to people, reach to people to meet them through various means, you have to engage them through various means and programs where they are comfortable, where they receive something valuable to give their time. 

In the world of business where people from around the world are on the way of making their fortune believe that-"There are only two things that matters in a business-Network of people and information on everything". If you are one of them who practice these two skills, you are on the way of making your fortune soon. Network of people helps you to grow your business easily whereas information on everything relevant to your business helps you to keep moving with an obstruct.

Meet people as frequently as you could to engage them and to sell them what you have got. The more frequently you meet people, the better chance you'll have to earn and generate money from them. Digital platforms can be a boon for those who are on the way of making fortune.

Eat-Drink-Sleep-(Learn-Plan- Prepare-Execute)

L:P:P:E formula-Daily life routine for a Fortune

Food is meant to keep you alive, Sleep is meant to keep your energy high by providing adequate rest to your mind and body, Home is meant to protect you and save you from the threats one can have from outside, Car is meant to save your time on travelling; everything that you use should be a helping hand for you on the way of reaching to your goal, on the way of making fortune. Stop taking things the way people do in the world. It will cost you.

Learning a new thing provides your mind a bigger horizon to understand something better, generate ideas and not just to collect some facts and figures. Learning on the topic will help you to understand about your success at best. It's importance, it's pros and cons that will finally decide the level of strength and confidence you need to crack what you are looing for. Learning will help you to generate ideas you need to solve the issue that you may come across on the way of making fortune. It is nothing but food for your mind. Stop having it, and your mental growth will cease soon. The darkness of life will start appearing. You can't avoid it the way you can't avoid food to stay alive. People who keep themselves away from the learning, they start struggling. Learning helps you to learn the work of someone's work. It is the outcome of the struggle of someone who has put his/her entire struggle's

Planning can be understood as-'net for catching fish'. Planning is done to trap the success and not to do something well. To do something well, you need to prepare well but to trap your success you will have to knit everything you are supposed to do in such a way that there shouldn't be a single way from where the success could not escape by any means.

Preparing is nothing but a mock practice to try doing the thing  same thing umpteen times before you go for a final attempt for your success.

Execution is the moment where you are ready to embrace your success with both of your arms.

The ratio should be like this for Learning, Planning, Preparing and Executing.

L:P:P:E :: 40:30:20:10

Food for body, Food for Mind

Since childhood, you have been taught to take the meaning of education at shallow level. The mindset that you have developed over the time is to get an education to be employable; then who is the one who will create something?

You eat food because we have to. There is no escape for it. You can not escape it as you know that you will die if you stop eating food. Do you know that you can still die if you stop feeding your mind?

Eat what is good for your body and not everything. Let the body understand that what you are feeding it and it will take a shape you want. Now that if you have understood it, start feeding your mind. I am talking the food that your mind needs like your body. Feed what is needed, the food that can take you wherever you want to be in near future. You will soon see that these food(relevant knowledge and information) have helped you to take you there. Your mind will start functioning the way it is needed to reach to the goal instead of struggling to find  away to travel to there.

If you think various sort if delicious food can help you to maintain your taste, to keep you happy and work well; You need to think again about the food for mental growth too.

Money: Earning or, Making? 

Earning money and making money are two different things that people barely understand. What you are doing in your life? Earning or, making?

If you believe in executing more, learning less, planning less; you are actually earning money. It is just because you want to live a decent life where you need some certain things to live this life. This may be the choice you have opted for your life. It may be that your expectation may go higher further.  Now the moment you start stretching your desires and you find that I need more, you shift your focus from earning money to making money.

Dreams are fulfilled when you believe on making money and not in earning money. To earn money , you nee skills and some training to execute some jobs but to make money you need a vision, a plan done for years to trap the success. When you earn, you work for money and live a common life; when you are one the way of making money, you work to live your dream. When you earn money you think about result but when you want to make money you think more about the journey and not about the result. 

Million Millionaires-2030

Think for a while- are you living this life with a Fortune Plan or, Living just with a Survival Plan.

Let me tell you one thing-"Work harder to make your fortune or, struggle hard to survive with what you have got". There is no escape, now choice is yours. People who work hard, control the systems of the world. You have to follow the guidelines that they do else you'll have to struggle hard to meet the basic need for your life. There is no escape plan. Now, start thinking, same time, same life, same world then why only a few why not you too. Join the club of millionaires if not of billionaires.

Dealing with Individuals: Pros and Cons

No way. This is not a good practice at all. Majority of the people see their confidence in others and not in themselves. Once they see a crowd, they see their confidence too and if anyone out of them takes action, they do too.

Platform matters, the size of audience matters

Have you ever thought about Film stars, cricketers? Are they the only people who work hard or, are fortunate enough? No , not at all. The only thing is that they have got a platform from where they try to reach millions of people to make money. They meet and engage people through the entertainment method and then they drive people to a desired goal. They have no extraordinary skills or, talents. What they have got is the platform and the size of the audience. There are many such actors and cricketers who were more talented too but since they don't have the access of such platforms, they miss to influence and reach the size of audience and they lose the grounds of making money.

Digital platforms and social media are boon for it. If you have got something-talents, skills, knowledge by which you can connect with millions then start sharpening your skills and talents, start reaching people through these platforms and track the path of making fortune.

 See the film stars, cricketers, even if they lose or, win. They have nothing to worry about as they have already engaged people. Their failure might cause them a bit of loss but they have no risk further. They have again one more opportunity to do better. This process goes on and they keep making money just because they meet, engage, and drive millions in a single moment. 

Passion or, Obsession for your startup

Passion:  When you are too interested to do something, you do it and move with your business to make money.

Obsession:  You do it not because you like to do it but because you have to do it. You can't live doing it. You fail but still, do it. You go broke but still do it. You struggle to survive but still, you do it. Your life is not handed to mouth but becomes beg to survive but still, you keep doing it. You get frustrated and shout! I will rise. You raise your finger to the sky and say-"You'll see me rising soon". You forget everything but never move on, you know you can't run or, walk but your inner voice keeps saying just keep crawling, you'll cross the border someday of adversity and misfortune. There is always an end to everything provided you keep going. You know neither people on this planet nor even God is there to help you but still, you keep moving with a wave of anger in your heart. The anger doesn't burst out but it converts into a strength that gives you more power. You talk to yourself-now, where should I go for help? I am not in a position to survive but still working on my goals and mission like anything. 

Finally, you realize, real men always live in adversity and they always work while surviving. The only thing that makes them weak is the family they have, but again they listen to their inner voice and it is- keeps going. They may suffer somehow but not too much and too long if you just keep going; just speed up yourself.

Presumption & Procrastination

Ship-Ocean-Hulk-Shore People

There are 4 types of people in the world who act differently to live life, grow in life, and make fortune in life.
People boarded on Ship: These short of people move in life smoothly but have less scope for growth and avail equal opportunities are available to them with much competition totally bassed on skills and talents.
People holding the core of Ship: These people have great will to grow in life and are very wise and intelligent. They keep holding the core of the ship(a job in hand) and then from time to time they keep diving into the ocean for the treasures of life, better opportunities to grow in life.
People who stay on hulk(a broken livable space in mid of the sea) in the sea: These people are the craziest ones, have very much passion, say, excessive but are not very smart and they leave the ship/job and dive into the ocean to grow in life through their startups and ventures; if they fail, they learn how to live and survive in the mid of the sea; generally have a hand to mouth life till the time they meet some treasures, which is by luck.
People who live and stay on the shore: These sort of people have already given up in life and they scare either to dive into the ocean or, lack skills and education hence are unable to board the ship. They stay on the shore and live on what they come across on the shore. Since most of the people are there, hence they too have a very difficult life but if they have acquired a good space or, have a good business then they meet their requirements easily and live a very good life but all are not equally blessed; people having no space or, have less space barely manage to live even in the shore.

A job needs a specialist whereas a business needs a generalist.

Do anything-everything for-meet-engage-drive people.

Do nothing, spend/waste not a single moment if not getting paid/money(make a mindset like this)

Make life in two-part- execution and preparation(when not executing, prepare anytime, while walking, eating, sleeping, driving)0

Start monetizing everything you do, you know-all talents, skills, the knowledge you have.

what you do is more important than what you get, or, become in life.

Shout I will rise(the world has a basic intention to keep utilizing you, demotivating you for their sake).

Stop living the life of Idiots,-cricketers,, film stars,. They utilizes your life for their own sake.

Be your own version of yourself.

Making friendships with few, keep rest for business. never make enemies because it costs mentally and financially.

Loot sako to loot lo-The entire world is yours. 7 billion people are already alive and waiting for your products, work, and service.

Reach millions to make Millionsbe a millionaire.

Learn and get the expertise to utilize two things- Human resources, * Knowledge resources, and available natural resources to rock. All is yours. Just learn it asap to make money.

(Make available your same resources in 7-10 different platforms- book/ learn to create multiple income sources from a single source.



    mARKETING IS EVERYTHING. the product IS A VEHICLE, MARKETING IS THE ENGINE.IT IS THE power of the engine that decides whether the car will be a nano or, a BMW.

Utilize everything, everyone you have got in your life to make money. learn it.

Money never comes from the tree but it certainly comes from the people(see the companies that have worst products but just because they reach to millions they sell it and earn millions, Filmstars: The actors, singers, dancers, Musicians try to reach millions of people by some means and earn money in millions even if the movie is not considered to be watched. Cricketers do the same, They also try to reach millions, they sell ads and earn money in billions.), etc,

If you can thin, if you can create, drive the people, control the resources, control what can be or,m what cant be; the job is never meant for you.

A money maker is like a War Fighter. You live the same life and do the same as a warfighter does in the war field.(follow his lifestyle and routine)

The difference between a job doer and a business doer is -both have the same skills, expertise, and knowledge just one difference is there, one believing in driving and another by driven buy someone else.(the matter of courage, leadership, risk,strinvi9ng, maters here)

Powe of endurance is the factor that decides whether you would become a job doer or, a business person/.

The bigger the audience you'll have, the better the fortune you'll make.

You may not be recognized by your face, but by your work. Work best and get recognition with love. But you'll definitely be recognized by your deeds.

Try to be a millionaire in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, but never give up. rather die becoming the millionaire.

Promise yourself every year that this year I am going to be a millionaire.

Start collecting the specimen of everything you want in life-home, car, bungalow, vacations before you fulfill it. see and remind yourself every day. take actions accordingly to reach there asap.

by hook or, by crook.

Money is something that you never get from the world. A small amount is an earner and the big amount is made.

learn to get it tactically. plan, draft, revise, practice, workout.

Money is earned from a single person/entity but, it is made with millions.

Turn your all hobbies into a full-fledged income source. do what is needed but do it. have 7-110/several income sources.

When we can have multiple books in our schools/colleges then why cant we have multiple income sources in life. Do it, you can.

Live a life. work to live and not live to work. after 84 lacs yoni, we get al life of a human to live ti just live it.

Stop living the life of someone else. cricketers, filmstars. they sell you, take your life and time, energy, money for their own fortune building. they live their dream, by utilizing you.

Courage because 905 have already given up in this world./

The world is your-all resources -natural/humans/knowledge everything .jaust learns to make your fortune out of the,m

Forget about those who are already successful . They may have sun have started to set now. Be the rising sun to the world.

Perfection How:

Start > Do so many trials > pick best > think and revise >Practice > Make best.

The world will keep utilizing you, demotivate you for their own sake, do something for yourself.

Dhamakedar entry in 2021-

I am ready. What about you?...

Platform and size of audience declare all big success of the world.

You can earn from one person or, company but you can make fortune from a business.

Because nobody wants sot share /give his fortune with you. earn from millions.

Work for survival(job) and for fortune(business) and divine the time of your life accordingly.

All great knowledge becomes garbage if you don't apply it in life even if you know everything at best. Utilize what you are reading here.(the same way as by merely having the delicious food, you cant met your appetite, you have to eat it)/

Exploring is more important than just doing one single thing. explore various things to do and check what works for your bets. life is all about doing than setting with a single work because you want to stay in your comfort zone. life bever works lin this directing. explore, do something new. keep exploring new things, opportunities, areas, .search-know, enquire, learn, never stop never.

whatever you do just try to make ti available to millions, connect it wtiht the nees of requirement, solutions of problem of millions and you way to become a millionaire becomes easy. luxuries, comfort, and they pay iyou.

gaining momey throhg basic barter system is called rearning, while gaining through the skills is cvallled making money.

Do sth. provide something taht others acant and you get value ith  a good pay too. take interest in your work, what you do for it. a[contribute in your work fromyour side.

Making money is a game plan everythinme. Skillfully you try to snatch it from the people, 

THe word earning is made for the common mas to balance the worl, best minds they make monet and not earn. Rules are for comon and not for the ruklesrs.

the more yo influnce, interact, impress, the people the mass, the better you get ioppportunity to earn from them.

Get a skill to lesrn these arts. Following are the skills-

Dead/Cowards people never make money because they have no courage to pursue their dreams by becoming tough for everything.

Wealth is made by collcting it from various sources, from various people and very frequently. Earning is a daily rounie job.

Time is money. So, start with- what is my yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, /hourly income plans and then keep wotrking out to improve the scores.

How to improve Communication Skills


If you are not earning money, you are costing money.

No Fight, No Life.

'No business, No talk' policy for maximum productivity.

"Work to live, Fight to achieve".

"No fight, no achievement."

Everybody is not fortunate enough to have a fortune.

Becoming Rich or, staying poor is in the nature of people itself, it has nothing to do with Luck. (Poor Luck!)

No fight, no achievement, no life.

Skills are the best way to fight and win. Get a skill or, improve the existing one.

Stay idle to strive or, Fight hard to gain everything.

In the primitive era, Warriors fought with Sword and skill; In modern life, Achievers fight with skill & Knowledge.

Action brings fortune and not the pile of skills, ideas, thought or, knowledge.

(My next book- Fighters are Winners- all content on Fight vs Fortune)

Ethics and Honesty are meant to serve the People and not to make money. 

Prepare, Plan and Learn at Night; Take just Actions in day.

The bigger you fight, the better you achieve.

Work to survive, Fight to achieve.

Competition is the polished term for the fight to snatch something away from the mass.

How frequently you are trying to meet people to crack deals is very important. Meeting people very quickly for a sale is the only way to crack more sales. Meet as many as possible on a daily basis(Meet 100 person to get 1 sale).

Work out daily to improve yourself. What is the new but 'relevant' thing I learn today? what is the new step I too today? How much I took effort to crack a sale?

The greatest success comes to a happiest person and not to a person who is menatally stressed. If you can't keep yourself happy then you should not look for a better future. Be happy, stay happy(say ;loudly to yourself what you want in life, what you want to be and where you want to be; Sing songs).A disturbed mind can't think well, take actions well.

Take 'No Business, No talk' policy for a maximum productivity in life. Convert every talk into a business-a smart way to convert sales.

Must take a Target for daily , weekly ,Monthly , yearly and for a decade. It ensures you are actively participating to fulfil your dreams and no matter what, you have to do to achieve it sooner or, later. Target gives a clear picture of goal with a purpose. Plan when you are going to buy a Car, a Land, A house, a minimum Bank Balance, Vacations and other hobbies.

Start from the road for maximum attention. Take it to the social media platforms. Do shows, try to engage as many people as you could.(Remember, A Rolls Royce and an Alto car both runs on the same road, stand on the same road; but People know who is who).

Ruling the world has become easier in the Digital Era. You just need to learn how to engage maximum number of people here.

Things that become hindrance  on the way of making money-

Delay in decision making. make a habit of thinking too fast to crack and seize the opportunity with the deal. Learn to take decisions quickly.

Stop compromising, stop adjusting and start stretching. The available situations, financial conditions, education level, mindset are the main factors that make everyone to live the life that comes in a comfort level.

What is working and what is not working should be concluded after a duration of 1month's effort and not very quickly.

Make friendship with a few, keep rest for the business but never make enemies.

Job is a survival plan, Business is a Fortune Plan.

How to reach from Survival plan to Fortune Plan- Extend for six months but keep getting boosts from the survival plan till the time baby business starts walking on its own.

What to do-

anything that you can do effortlessly, love to do any day, anytime is the best to pursue. Learn to relate it with people's needs, pleasure, solutions to their problems, entertainment t, luxuries,  and it will start making money for you.

Live for Survival or, Work for Fortune.

In both contexts, you put the same time, energy, effort into everything only the direction changes. In a job, you are directed by someone else, in business, you have to direct yourself hence self-motivation with a strong purpose is needed.

, monetize everything you do, you have as a talent, skill. Connect it with more and more audiences on a regular basis. Reach more through various platforms and mediums.

A sure shot success comes with a consistent effort.

100:1 Plan for a Sale

It means you'll have to meet 100 people every day to get a sale. 99 people are not going to buy from you but 1 will definitely say yes. Nothing is 100% in this world-neither failure nor success.

99 failures for 1 success but convert 99 failures into a good chain of the network who will work for you in the future to build your brand by improving your credibility. In sales, People buy trust through good words, not just the best product. start picking one by one, focus on potential ones and for this do filtration. It means meet 100 to get 1 sale but keep 99 as a good network, for reference purpose only. Thus give support to your Fortune on a daily basis.

Meet 100 people formula is important because there will be a person who will say that yes, I need it.

Meeting 99 failures for success. for this, sweat, perspire not just for cracking sale but also for a good network of people.

Action should be result-oriented and not expectation-based.

Work for someone and earn a survival, work for people, and make a fortune.

The best thing to utilize to build a fortune is-Human resource itself. If you know, how to take advantage of it, you'll never fail and will always grow in life.  

Start making an audience.

It is never too late. you are recognized by the work you do, and not with the face you have. It is the people who pay you if they start trusting you. Let everyone recognized you, trust you as fast as possible. Just go ahead.

No business is like making a base of the audience that can buy your product or, service you have. The bigger the size of the audience, the better the profit you can expect.

Food for mind, Food for Health

why most of the people who are successful are either drop-outs or, has limited formal education?

People on the top of success are either drop-outs or, have less formal education because once they find a purpose with a proper vision in life, they don't care anything except doing and working out on it.

Education is meant to provide a purpose to live. Syteghten a person to be eligible to get some option to work in life. If you have got the same education that others have got then you can expect the same that they too can have. This is why the self-teaching formula is very much important to succeed in life and if you have got something on your own, trust me it is going to work for you at best as it is a unique thing to the world.

Stop getting afraid, there are no rich or, poor people. There are only rich minds and poor minds by which people succeed or, fail in life. Access to a rich or, poor mind can be done by anyone. The more you explore yourself(by talking to yourself), the better height of mindset you achieve. then Learn the relevant books for it. If not, then at least read the relevant biographies of the people. If you want to be rich, read the biographies and quotes of these rich people, if you want to be a social worker, a scientist, an invention, read accordingly. Feed your mind the required food as a piece of knowledge to nourish it. Hence, stay relaxed if you have trust and belief in whatever you have got.

People by trust and this credibility can easily be developed with the help of selected words, some evidence, and with a good presentation skill.

Do something to live a life and not just to make money. Add your work with the need, luxuries, life of the people and money will automatically come. Beautify the life of the people in various ways, solve their day to day problems, fulfill their needs, and earn money with a good life.

At night and in the morning, be calm as water t learn, prepare, and plan best but in maybe one of the biggest hustler with a good speed that useless people can't endure/sustain to execute at best, get the result at best. The result will come for sure.

Learn to manipulate, utilize, exploit human resources and knowledge to make fortune. remember, when you love one thing, you forget the rest.

If you have the courage then create jobs rather than having one created by others.

"I'll create a million Millionaires and nobody can stop me. This is how I am"-Vishwajayant Adhiraj

Did you know that the entire resources-natural resources, Human Resources, and different sources of resources and being utilized, exploited, and manipulated only by a chunk of people on the earth? Yes, It is true. They give you the temptation of a job, good entertainment and they are taking your life away from you. Now, since you have already made a mind to live life restfully, you don't want to do anything in life and want to have a smooth life. It is wrong. Once a smart brain comes to know that you can generate something for them they start making up your mind that they are providing you a job with the best security merely by providing a piece of cake in your mouth. This is how this world works. You don't want to rise like them but yes you want to have a small car, a home on loan and some bank balance in the account and do you know one very important thing? despite these, you still look at them their lifestyle, how rich they are, where they enjoy their vacations? because you know what you are and want to be but since you don't want to leave your comfort zone, or, take a risk or, pay the prices of grand success, you stay inside.

Note: Put ellipsis(leave incomplete sentences of a few of the paragraph to direct readers to buy the book from Amazon) then link of Book from Amazon.

Courageous attempts and consistent actions, efforts are the only way to Grand success

Remember, the cricketer and filmstars or, the rich people have no power; it is we who provide our positive energy to them to be more powerful. Stop doing this and rise in yourself.

Priority is the best friend ever that can help someone to keep poor or, make rich.

Always keep an eye on the Priority List. Start every day with the most important thing, most productive thing then as per the time change the order as per the productivity and return. Keep exploring new things that generate a good amount of money. Again sort out the priority list.

In day-to-day life, always keep an eye on the priority list.

Learn to Kill multiple birds with a single stone for maximum productivity because the time is limited and if you learn this art, you can have X time profits from your work. Like, generating multiple income sources with one piece of work itself.  monetizing every moment you have etc.

Rich minds so-called rich people are the only people who are harnessing the entire natural resources, available knowledge, and available human resources to make wealth more than ever needed. Stop listening to them and they'll collapse. Unfortunately, they have taken the entire system in the control. Now, they are ruling the world. In fact, they have become Modern King without boundary barriers. The best thing is that anybody can rule the World in this Digital era. Yes, you heard it right. You too can become a queen or, a king. No need to take any permission from anyone and the best thing is that nobody can even stop you. If you can influence people in millions or, in billions, you actually become one of them. Now, you'll speak and the world will follow you. (Maybe that they may not follow their respective governments, but they'll certainly listen to you, follow you). 

The power of 'Karma(action)'-

Action is such a thing that that can bring fortune to someone. It is the action that decides your fate and fortune. You should believe in just one thing 'Taking Action' only. Action is the king, Planning is the prime minister, preparation is the finance minister is minister. There is no use of planning, preparation, skills, talents & knowledge if there is no proper action taken. The sooner you take action, the faster the fortune will start reaching you. The bigger the action, the bigger the chances of meeting fortune.

"A planned action can bring any change in the World".

Talk to yourself every day-"what new action I have taken today that will help to build my fortune".

 Making Money is a different thing, working hard for a cause is a different thing. Rest, there are billions of people who just work to survive.

A well planned and consistent patterned life brings success with a sure shot.

How the world works: You will have to give something to people first then they will return to you.

Find a single thing that is a source of energy or, the powerhouse of energy for self-motivation in long term. Great things are achieved more with the will and less with skills.

Take actions to grow and just to work or, provide some service.

Making money is a fight, earning money is work.

Job vs Business

Why do job? Must do a job-

  • to sharpen your skills for your fortune projects & business, 
  • to make money utilizing your skills & talents,
  • to make money for survival and to support your projects, mission, dreams(dreams are fulfilled with business),
  • to learn new things,
  • to do experiments to enhance skills n potential,

.....and never just to work for someone,

Learn to be More Productive:

Power of 3 hours: Have multiple income sources and start giving the best on an hourly basis. Run, handle and make money in the period of 3 hrs.

Monetize everything you do in life then connect its value to people's need and reach more and more audience.

Utilize the time to reach more and more people in mass.

Meet-Engage-Drive through various activities inside and outside, through roadshows, entertainment shows, motivational shows, etc.

Do the most productive and connecting thing at first for the survival plan and rest for Fortune Plan.

Start earning through passive mode more than active mode(70%:30%). Use 70% time for passive income and then 30% time for active income but both are equally necessary.

Do Videos on roadshows, entertainment shows, motivational shows, Public speaking shows, informative videos to sell your books, courses, traffic for Blogs, and all other products and services you have got.

Keep an eye on the Priority of the To-do list 24/7,

Monetize everything you do, every skill, talent, the knowledge you have got from one-time active income to lifetime passive income.

Monetize every moment by valuing every moment.

Convert your all active income sources into passive income sources.

Plan every moment, day, month, the year before you execute. Live the life with the PPE formula of Vishwajayant.

Learn to control, manipulate, Utilize the available natural resources, Knowledge, and Human resources to get the best out of it result.

Connect what you do with a Mission :

When you connect what you do with a mission then it does not remain a work, it becomes a spirit for you. It fills the eternal energy of the universe into you. You start taking it as a job and more as a goal of life, purpose of life, voice of God. For example, making exercise & fitness a global goal for everyone to enjoy doing push-ups and pull ups (Fitness Fan, a youtube channel).

Power of Ideas:

Learn to spend some time in the bathroom to get ideas. The best way to get the ideas is to talk to oneself like anything, on a consistent basis, every now and then, every day. 

It is the ideas that can bring revolution in your life and nothing. Start collecting ideas. Have a firm faith on it. Work out on it. Start taking actions to give it a proper shape. Start living a Plan, Prepare and  Execute life.

Edplodia is the initiative on the social platforms Youtube and Facebook to give a boost to reach millions of people worldwide.

Explore yourself:

Rich Mindset, Poor Mindset:

Who told you there is rich or, poor people in this world? Rich people have created buzz over the years to scare the poor to stay what they are-poor. It is your mindset that says that I am rich or, poor. The poor thought, the poor ideas, the poor action, the poor plan, the poor discipline, the poor lifestyle and thus you become a poor in real life or, remains the way you are. A mentality to give up easily, lose and then become a loser, get frightened easily by the situations.

Can I tell you one thing? The day you'll become eligible enough to maintain and drive a Ferrari, you'll have one for sure. This is how the world's energy works.

See growth in your work, bring changes to improve what you do, reach more and more people, connect what you do with 

There is no class of the Lower middle class, Middle class, Upper middle class, and Rich Class & Super Rich Class in the context of wealth. There are only classes of people with mindsets in these categories.

It is the mindset that helps you to decide whether you want to join the Super rich club or, just want to stay as a lower middle class, or, as what you are now . You set your goal and take actions accordingly to reach the level of success you want in life.

Work to get a living or, Plan to make a fortune:

 Exploring is more important than learning, Leaning is more important than merely working,

Working is more important than Preparing, Planning is more important than thinking, Thinking is more important than worrying. Take Actions and change your life.

Action brings fate & fortune 

It is an action that can bring any change in the life of people. No action can bring adversity whereas action can bring prosperity. It is the action that can wipe any sin of life, can kick the ass of any adversity of life.

Shift your Focus from Livelihood to Fortune :

You are doing well and this is the reason that you are going well at your workplace. Why don't you put the same strength, knowledge, energy, and experience to make your own fortune? Everything has a beginning in this world, the sooner you start the better you' will be able to catch the fish.

Shift your focus from doing a job to doing business, doing business to creating multiple sources of income, creating multiple sources of income to converting every income source into passive income sources.

Vishwajayant Adhiraj's 'Theory of Livelihood'/Career growth':

Job: This is the initial phase of earning where a person tries to get a platform to earn a livelihood. Remember, you are in the job because you are one of the best in the job. I never say that you should never do a job, you must do but it is the phase where everyone starts their career. Later, you should shift your focus for the rest of the career levels(business, Multiple income sources, and Passive income sources). You have just one life. So, instead of staying safe on the seashore, you must try to rise in life sooner or, later. Everyone wants to stay in a safe zone and it is not a strength but a weakness. Keep holding the sides of sheep and from time to time keep diving into the ocean to get the treasures of life. No doubt, you are safe if you are boarded on the ship or, laying safely on the seashore but life never acts best in these modes.If you are on the seashore safe with your family then come to die in the depth of the ocean to find and get the treasures for you and for them and if you have holden the sides of the ship then still once in a while with full preparation and planning jump into the ocean to find and get the treasures.

Business: In this stage, the person realizes that he has more needs to be fulfilled. He wants to utilize his skills, experiences, and knowledge to earn something on his/her own. Give a birth of a business, found it and later keep nourishing like your own baby for years; It will definitely bring fruits and thats how a business works.

Multiple Income Sources: In this stage, when the person has flourished business, he shifts his focus on creating multiple business sources because he is capable enough to manage his/her time to opt for new businesses. Once you have learnt how to take of a a baby and nourish it, give birth to other children(businesses) and start nourishig them too. We have aleady learnt how to score well in our schools and colleges.then why not in real life, we should opt multiple business sources for multiple income sources.

Passive Income Sources: In this stage, the person wants to see his/her income in the form of passive sources where he just has to manage things to keep the things organized. Now, he does not have to work anymore to create something new. He just has to keep the things updated by providing a regular maintenance. 

Once your children grow and if you have rightly taken care of them, they will now take care opf you like Jeff Bezos, Bil Gates, Warren Buffet.

Remember Mission Millionaire-2030 (I have to make people pursue their dream of becoming a millionaire and for this, anything I'll do will be fair and I'll do anything to fulfill my dream and complete my mission; providing ideas to people, opening their mind, diverting them from what they are doing now to what they should do now,)

life stages in Survival to fortune-

  • hand to mouth life-
  • beg to live-
  • pray to survive-

The importance of Vision:


People with money may have a luxurious life but not a happy and peaceful life. Mental peace, strength in life, happiness all comes when we live the life we want for ourselves and not what we try to show others. Be an inspiration to others for a beautiful life. Teach them how to be happy with what we have and not after something. 

The Billionaires in the world have ever taught how to make more and more money and never a balanced life, a beautiful life. They do not teach how to stay fit, how to sing songs the best way to relieve oneself from stress through words.

Someone said somewhere- I have never seen birds, animals ding competition, but still, they grow, beautify the surrounding, bring fruits and flowers to others. It is the human who brings fruits and flowers only to them.

The Billionaire nerds never taught the world, how to increase the lifespan; It is still 100 years(sorry Founder of Apple0Steve Jobs died too early, let see now Bill Gates, Warre Buffet, and other billionaires further). They have never shifted their mind on how to bring beauty to life even when they become the most influential person in the world.

"You have one life. Live it like birds, animals; never allow the world to interfere with your mind with bad mindsets and habits that ruin it for no reason and finally you lose it for no reason. Live a life, a beautiful and peaceful life".

Who is the businessman?

Anybody who can be the mediatir- anyone who does so is the biggest businessman, ancan be too.the definition has been made incorect so far to misguide the world.

A businessman is the one who works between producer and customer,and anyone can be so.

Jeff, Elon, Mukesh...all are doing same.have some same.

If you talk about it then hasiyat is baat se pata chalta hai Kya aap jindagi mein bhej rahe ho 

Product, ya education ya talent aur words. Yah kabhi nahin ki aap product per bhej kya aap karodpati arabpati Ban Gaye Ho duniya ko Koi chij nahin milta hai lekin agar aap current bhej ke sar service bhej kar education service aur aur words bhej kar agar aap kuch bante Ho aur aap karodpati yaar pati nahin bhi ho to bahut badi baat hai


What you see is not the reality; don't believe in seeing ,it is always deception to cheat you. They show it because they have to do business. Check their real life, you'll regret for sure.


Happiness in life is directly proportional to control over things in life.

You control something or,you get controlled Everytime by someone or,something decides the level of hapines in life.

In education, colleges decide your future with marks,in career boss decides your level of happiness, in world à


To make fortune,you work on plan and not to execute tasks.

Fortune makers work on plan,

Money makers work on tasks,

It is not your educationbut level of strength and highness in thought that makes you a fortune builder.

Two types of laborers-

Educated Skilled - engineer,mangers,CA

Manual laborers- unskilled laboresr.

Hire them they want money and not fortune.

The 3 stages that you may come across on the way of making firtine-

Hand to mouth,

Begt to live,

Pray to survive 

Million millinaires
Need money? then just focus on making money,care only about it, have relation with it by forgetting everything.priority is only money, sing in bars, teach at home, do whatever but money should come.
Be utmost Ruthless not fir others but to yourself too at the time of making money.

Thing is not to chose the right business.All business are equally have potential to take you to billions. The tthing is ,how many people, and how easily you reach in any business improves the productivity .
If volume is less,increase the number of customers; if volume is high,decrease the number of customers.

Adjust inward or, expand outward.
With the existing income if you learn to adjust,your income never increase.
But if you learn to expand, you grow your income increase. It is just the matter of shifting the focus and enduring the initial attrition of new income source. Everything settles for sure with time. Face the attrition to realise the next level of utpotential every time you try to expand uou self.
Explore yourself:
Why bill gates, Mark zuckerburgh and other biliaonires drop out ? Just because they found what they wanted to do rest of life with a passion. To do great,you don't need a great degree from Harvard or cambridge but a right set of mindset,a motive and a passion. Because if you have explored something where you have passion to do something effortlessly for rest of life then it is very natural that whatever you'll do ,do for the people itself and you LL make there is no need to put your focus on comes as a reward and not as a product in exchange.
Rest education is needed to learn the existing system of the world made over the time by the people in accountancy,engineering,medical or,in other areas. Take the education ,to know and learn the system and not to get the job.shiftbyour focus .
The word success is a myth. People after it lands nowhere.
I want each and everyone in India to do great things and it is possible. Simply,try to take everything's at world class,influence each and everyone on this planet. I want 100000s of people to take the lead and rule the world.
Attrition brings success-

People who need wealth they never work to exuecyte , they work to plan, startigize, and on ideas.

Your Talent is the only Key to Fortune-
What you can do effortlessly is your talent. Do like you care nobody. Do like you fear to nothing. Remember, the world is yours, it belong to you and you belong to it.own it asap.
You can see growth in fortune only when you do what you can do effortlessly. Anything that you do effortlessly will take you to your fortune. Start working on it, find out all those and start moving on it.

Right Education,Wrong Approach:
Keep love, ethics, honesty, for family and friends and not for the world. Fir world you just need business skills.

Loser mindset;
When I will have this,then I will be going for that. The biggest loser mindset.bkz if you don't know to get or, achieve something, cont

Million millionaires
now then you LL never be.
Presumption : if you assume everything before you try to do,yo are aloser witha loser mindset.
Life is to do and experiment first. By fearing of consequences,not doing something is inhumane. Winning or, losing is thrill and a part of it. Do ,learn,experience and move..this is how life works actually. Merely aspiring for success will let you survive this life til you die. Embrace this habit and mindset quickly and now itself.(People on this planet have put restrictions for not letting others to get something easily,live happily.challenge them if you can but live this life the way it works.
Do it if you achieve ,it's good if you don't it's beeter at least you tried for it. But again try till you get it; don't be a second level loser who try once,couple of times and then give up. Do to achieve foe sure,at any cost,any how.this is how the life is lived.

Practice of energy conservation:
Energy is wasted and distributed in various ways - talking, walking, thinking. The worst is  thinking where moatlybwe have no control and we lose present life with energy unnecessarily.
Practice to conserve mainly on thinking because thinking kills present life and also wanted majority of energy in life.
How: convert you thought into action whenever you are tjinkg alot. It will not make you productive and will yield result but will save you from overthinking too.
Artbof stying neutral is actually the best practice of conserving energy to put it later for something bigger and prolific action/work ,no matter what the situation you come across.
Speed,Raftaar - in talking ,in dealing, in taking decision, in expecting task is od utmost importance to be unbeatable. Start from somewhere and then make it a habit...speed that most of acnt even tolerate.
Rich mind vs Poor mind
Rich mind plan more, prepare more, execute very less.
Poor mind execute more, plan less, prepare less.
Rule of One:
Stick to one job only. Do everything only around it. Even if you don't do, yiull be thinking about it itself. The more you think, the better youll be doing. But if you do more than one job, w ergy distributes and a stream of powerful energy can't be out in a single place.our energy is like beam of lighe. The less you are distracted the powerful beamnod liht you have that can burn anything. Focus works like Lens that put the same light beam extremely powerful.
When we stick to one thing, ideas come only about it only and we is the idea that works inthisbworld.
Job or, business :
You have to do job to learn various things while earning money that will fuel your business.
To do so many trial and error,
Experiments. Later if you are evicted from there then no issue, be ready for that.
Business is your dream ,your vehicle that will take you to your dream destinations but job will be fuel for it . Do jobb
till the ttme. Your baby start walking on your own.
It's not your business,it's your baby-
Say, to everyone that you are the mo

Million millioares-3

that you are the mother of your newly born baby/business. Treat your business the way you do to your own baby.its upon you how you want to nourushbandbcarebyour baby business. Care,feed and nourish till it starts walinhbandbthen running onnown.

Rule of One: 

Have just one goal in life and it should be bbig teniughto be achieve through out the life. Then it will lead a better, prosperius, and supreme life in the world.

Else, with Mal goals where success comes shortly ,later people cry like anything - singer, actor, Cricketer, . Don't be like that havebl the gial which is bigger than your life to be achieved. This is the Rule of One. One goal, one mission, one job ,one thought, one discipline,  fir one life.

The upcoming book from the Author is- Mentality & Habit(Success recipe), Empty Pocket startup,...11+

Million Millionaires: Volume-I

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Now, India me ab koi bhi beroj gar nhi rahega. har din 100 students ko free me Job and training15k kamane ke liye. you just need a standee and a flex to do marketing.Hamari team aapka help karegi aapko easily recognise karne me so that you could sell easily. sell course with any doscount and all payment is yours. Let's bring an employment revoltion together through Edplodia and Shout I will rise ."

Pitching how:

"Sorry to say but free me kuchh nhi dunga, 95% discount par le lo par free me kuchh nhi. na hi ye aaplogo ko sikhanuga bhi. work for fortune by living on survival plan".

Note:(in video every time, something new; mostly repeated words for hammer marketing- just more and more gimmick, it's better to sell the world then sellig something)

Rule of One

Aspire not to be a Doctor or ,engineer or IAS, aspire to do something in that career. Let's say serving 10,000 people for free in medicle world. Innovating something that will change the life of people in engineering. 

Live to the fullest,live the one life:

Forget present, forget Pat's, forget future. Live the prese t life with what you want, you have, you want to do .

Effortless performance,Burning desire for everything now, fearless,careless, shameless mind and Junooni aawaz mujhe sabse upar singing, writing, Acting ,Motivational speaking me kar degi. 

Million millionaires:
Lack of effort to place oneself on bigger better platform,

Job or,Business:
The moment you join for a job, after some time give birth to your start up.Warn from their and fu
Nothing is 100% neither success not failure.
You always have opportunity to grow.the world is big enough and in this world the wealth is also well enough.

Say to yourself e erysay-
When you live with your dream,you avoid everyone. Hans love and go awayad perneeedbut not dreams. Italk with my dreams, love ,sleep with dreams. I express myself through exercise, singing,dancing, public speaking and then I convert it into in omesources too. After all I am an entrepreneur, a world class entrepreneur.
Common people are weak.they need other people to talk n chat for amoment.
Life is more about exploring and less about doing. No matter what you do.
Gestation Growth Period:
Every success needs a journey to be completed succesaful. Nature itself says that before the tree brings fruits ,it has a agestation period of itself. Buds turning into flowers and flowers into fruits.
It is very much important to take care if gestation period for all big or, small success. No matter what the knowledge,talent, skills or method you possess. You can not make the water to boil at 100 degree celcius at a sudden. Neither the sun rises and reaches at top at a sudden ebv n ifbit exits for billions of years in the universe. Travel the path with the required period of time.
Dreams in Specimen:
A true passinate dreamer first of collects all the specimen of everything that he wants in his life- car,Home,Yatch, private jet, foreieg your, education,. For everything ,he has a specimen and he sees it before he starts his day everyday to take the actions accordingly in the same direction and thusbhe achieves what he wants. This method gives him extreme level of e ergy and enthusiasm to move up without distraction. The best thing is that there are very few who follow this method.
Learn to control the flow of income and not to earn money.

To make money you never have to do 8-10 hrs of is meant to earn money not to make. You have never found Usain Bolt,PV Sindhu, working day and night to make money; they work hard to plan and prepare because execution is a matter of seconds only. You have been donkey even after your Harvard and Stanford and Cambridge degrees. The world is to big and natural and human resources are more than needed. You just have to learn to utilize them only.
Understand stand the Power of Education:

Be the one you are:
Lalu Yadav, Shahrukh Khan, Dhoni, they showed what they were. They didn't accept the protocol of the world and shaped themselves. They made the world to accept their own protocols with what they were. Find anyone- singer,YouTuber, player; they became successful worth their true colors.
Stop faking yourself. Don't show off what you are not. There are very rare people who have guts to keep themselves with what they have and they are. Conti....

Million Milionares:


They have the value of their self esteem. They are not born with substandard mind who dies everything to fake themselves to show what they are not to this world.

Faking is important when it is business and not personal life. Everyone who is there involved in business faking is very crucial but at the same time you understand this too. You know you have to do it for merely business only and have no effect on personal life.

You are liked by your work and not by your face.

There are only 2 types of Category for work-

1. Executer

2. Jobber.

Now,it is upon you what you want to be.

Definitely starts from Executor but try to become Contractor as asonnas possible . Because then you will be able to multiply manpower for your multiple times business income.

 Nully Man:

A person can be called Nully Man if he has a got a job and do not take endeavors to move in life and considers that he is settled now.

Million Millionares: Live with Deams

Job or Business?
Everyday give the fresh and best energy for your dream startup, goal in the morning by waking up early then to fuel up your dream,give the second level energy to someone else at job.never foirget this.

What you want- your dreams to be fulfilled or, momentous happiness with humans(friends, family n all).
It is your priority that will lead you where you want to be.
Start living with your to yourself, find and get ideas, start writing evetting,make notes on all your ideas to execute me you'll get all the solutions of all your problems. Just start talking to yourself. Your inner soul is the supreme God and will give you all the possible directions, instructions, education in the form of ideas to lead don't need a teacher it mentor. You are enough provided you talk to yourself. Follow the self-education path of Lord Buddha. Taking to your inner soul and knowing everutng about everything .
Start Eat,drink, sleep, talk ,live with your dream.Speand most of the time within it.
Note: It doesn't mean you should avoid family,friends. No ,not at all but your dream is above all.
You are never alone.Start taking the company of yourself. You will be in double benefit by enjoying Dream and people both together.
Power of Ideas;
How many ideas have you collected so far in life? Do you believe in your ideas? How you ever realised that it is the ideas that have brought all the best things in this world? Did you know- Aeroplane, machines, phone, car, currency aare all the output of great ideas?
Now, whthere you wish to bring a change in yourblifenor, innthe lives of millions of people ,you need some powerful ideas that connect with your dream with people.
Get some ideas, start filtering them time to time. Start taking action on them . Your ideas are the only weapon that has power to bring any change in your life,in the lives of others.
Power of Poverty for fortune:
Bad times are always mean to prepare well, and good times to execute well.

3 years or, 30 years:
Die in installments for Lifetime or, just fir 3 years only.choicenis yours.
A rigorous 3 years of consistent effort is much better than a struggle in installments for Lifetime.Have faith ,you can. Anyone one can.

What's best to Pursue:
Product: easy to sell, quick, to competition, limited growth.
Services: Acquired through education, comparatively less competition than Products, average people income sources, growth extended but limited.
Talents: Needs audience building time, lengthy process, soldbto millions through media, growth unlimited as per platforms chosen, 2nd best income sources.
Words/Ideas: Greatest product in the world, no barrier , reach out people to infliunecacross the world, need a very long base of time for it, Credibility maintenec  through some means, unlimited growth.

People lose out in life despite talents,skills duebto-
Less strenghtb to sustain attrition,
Lack of enough courage,

Million Millionares:
Entrepreneur mind vs employee mind: Entrepreneur wakes up early give the best energy to his dream startups, employees go to job.
Entrepreneurs plan,prepare bkz they know execution isbammyter of moment. Employees become stressful and annoyed what to do.
Job is childhood, business/startup is maturity.

What's b at to do?
Anything that you love, effortlessly can do, .may be initially,attrition will be there. But if you have recieve acknowledgement from people on something ,just do that only and trybtakingbitv yobthe world level. Dontbruin the life and beautybitbhas. Choose what you love, and not what your situation offers.
Focus on just one thing- steps to save more time,energy and money for more productivity and on nothing.
Eat on others :(Conti)
It never means that you just learn how to take advantage on others out of their hard work in schools,colleges,university, and in workplace. It also means to increase your productivity ,you also work hard at best and take advanateh from others but eating on them.
Investment on Skill
Investment on Time:
Always keep help hand to save your time to invest it onnabtigjt thing.
Investment on Planning and preparation
Investment on business

Investment can make or break an entrepreneur.

Never think that poverty around you will not harmnyou or, not a threat to you.
Work hard is a myth:
Never ever work hard.always peapre hard plan hard, learn hard.
A movie becomes hit because people in it plan and prepare best to give a shot of 3 second best. Usain Bolt has just run less than 2 his entire career for 140million USD.
Never work hard.Prepare hard,plan hard for a  smooth amazing less work to do.
Role of Job in Fortune making:
Job is always meant to support you in learning, doing experiments, getting support to fuel up your fortune plans and not to earn money or, fulfil your dreams here.
Stretch at job till the time your baby business starts walking on its own.
Always remember, people in companies work to save their own job and not to grow together. No matter which company you are working in. Have a side hustle. If not, join Edplodia independtly.

Big fish in a small pond:
No matter how fast you can swim, how much you can swim, how beeter you can swim, how many skills you have; if you chose and remain with a small pond,you're actually not letting yourself to grow. It may be that you fear from larga lake,sea,ocean to enter and compete with others. But this is life, you have to do it. So any how you'll be killed even if you stay in small pond n you think you are best there. Life is incessant always like a river, flow or, you'll be spoiled.

Start with job in 20's but definitely start any startup in 30's for sure. Move up in life and don't just get settled.

lion Millionaires:
If you don't know how to put people at work, you can't expect to live a good life. Learning to put people at work is a continuous process that leads you towards your fortune.

Educational qualification Proclaimation:.
If you have been a good student, it means you can work well and execute well and if you haven't studied well, it means you have the quality to out People at work provided you possess leadership quality.
Both types of people are needed in this world. None of them have to worry.
First Level Energy Concept:
Always put uour first energy to build your empire. Wake up at 4 AM and starting from 1 hr. to 8 hrs, first shift give it to your startups to fuel it, boost it for 6months - years.
Now, put the leftover second level energy for Job for survival, basic needs, and for dueling up startups.
Become a 4AM club memeber

The difference between Employer and employee -
Employer has the information n knowledge about everything,
Employee has skills to execute work
Employee works for money
Employees wirk for empire, fir a fortune.

Career Growth Process:
CGP says that one should get foundation  education first through schools, colleges, university then job then startup for their complete growth of career .
Education is to learn, get foundation education, Job is to practically learn, do experiment on others platform to learn everything practically, then startup is meant to implement everything learn so far. Thi is how the growth process of career go on. Unfortunately, it is only limited to true Entrepreneurs only and not to everyone. Everyone should do the same in their respective matter in which field they are.
India is a developing country.Hence, there are still alot to do, to bring change, to bring growth and development in almost each and every field. Moreover, the population of this country is again a great opportunity for every entrepreneurs ,better say for everyone who is looking for a growth in career.
4 am Club Concept:
Starting from one hour a day to reaching out 4 hrs to 6 hrs then 8 hrs before going for a job is not a big thing and for not to those who looks for Empire by making fortune and not just Survival throughout the job.

Watch out on Style and Habits:
It is very much imprtant about what you eat, wear, listen,speak, watch, discuss etc
What you eat, you'll have the body accordingly. Don't just eat ,drink, talk, watch, wear, learn anything. Do everthing as per the business requirements. Film stars, circketrs they do what is required as pwrbtjeir job. Living a random and meaningless lifestyle is nowhere to take you rather it will invite struggles and failures in long term.
Business and Prifits:
The world work like this- you give them something first, gainbtheir trust, now the world in return start working for you in return.
If you can give business and profit to the world initially, it is definitely going to fulfill your dreams in return. Give business and profit first then the world is yours.

Million millionaire:8

Money is something that nobody wants to share with nobody.

In job, your employer knows how much he is giving n why?

But in business, your customers yes not customer ,theybsee your product, service and they pay it to you. Now if you start collecting, from each then you become rich.

Money is something which is kept sectret unless you wantbto show  it yourself.

It's very simple calculation, 

If you want to live like others then deal only with them.

If you want to become millionaires your teach and connection are with them.

If you want to become billionaires then againnyour reach and connections are with them. Simple, the prociples of the secret, thenrule of universe.

Universal Power:

When universe wants you to recieve all the energy and power from itself then why do you cry for power and help from others. Embrace the universe and start recieving energy from it. Talk to yourself, live with yourself, feel energetic, live with your dream and universe start giving you it's energy and power to you. Now the journey of becoming invincible starts from here...

Anything that you do repeatedly, with some Improvement, plans and learning can bring success to you. See what can you do effortlessly because what can you do effortlessly is your passion, is your talent.

Phases of earning:

Earn to live,

Live to earn,

Work to earn,

Fight to earn, 

Strive to earn.

Stagnation of mind, Pseudo Fear of losing nothing: 

People at job have one fear which is of losing job and what if they lose they won't again be in job because they won't be hired duento gap.

Money is never earned.Money is made.

Youth isbthe gestation period for learning how to create wealth.Skills, knowledge improvement days. The moment you enter 30 you start focusing on building wealth. Before 30 you do job, pass universtiy to learn skills, experiment things at job place and finally in 30's you jumpstart with full strategy with your plans and startups. This is how the life is actually meant to be lived.

Types of Earning:

Work hard to earn a good health,

Read a lot of books to earn alot of good knowldege,wisdom and information that gives you power,

Work hard to generate alot of income,

Meet alot of people to earn a good network of people,.

Live to work vs Work to live:

Live to work till 30's of your life .

Work now just to live after 30's.

You have done something, now you just need to move ahead.

How everyone can become millionaires in 10 years dash whatever you are doing whatever you are are you can do effortlessly without so much effort with love with passion which you can do any point of time and don't think twice before doing it anything anything means anything that will make you millionaire for this just do one thing practice everyday even if you are doing job for earning money for survival 1 hour practice everyday improve it improvise it if your product then develop it or improve it on a constant basis not daily I'm saying constant click now try to reach tamilians and let them know.

Million Millionaires: 7

Journey from Employee to Employer

till 20' for education

25s for Job

30's for Startups

40s for multiple income sources

50s for Angel Investors(self-others)

If marriage can make us civilized then Selfbstarup should also be taken in the same way. Even if you can't survive a single  marriage(looking for more), you have to adhere to the system. In the same, way even if you can't survive a business startup, you have to adhere to it. Learn to execute,progress. Even if you have a single employee. You ahve to.

"Iss desh me itne emplyment create Kar dunga ki job karnewalon ki kami pad jayegi'.

Move active to pasivenincome

Move Employee to employer.


'Anything', the greatest enemy of discipline and pripiroty.

Stop eating anything, stop doing anything, stop kearning anything, stop watching anything...have aprticilar set of lifestyles.

Individual deals-

Stop dealing individually no matter what you get. Again dontbgo for anything, thisbhabit and mindset isnkillinhbyour opportunities. If not then gonfor sometime but atbthe same time gonfor something where you can target people in millions together. No individual dealing. It kills opportunity ,gain ,achievements with a mediocre mind and habit. Just don't think of earning anything...

Bigger hours vs Smaller hours:

Initially keep bigger hours for survival and earning livelihood . At the same time use the smaller hours for doing something to reach millions. Don't just donhotch potch.Investmemt of time is much more profitable than merely working for some money. You can earn but how much you want, focus on that while working for survival plans. Time is everything , utilise it for best. You don't know, what you are losmng with time. You'll cry like anything when you'll see others enjoying best innthe world with the utilization of the same time.

Don't just work to earn anything, plan and gobfor a bigger late better but not for the same that never yields big.

Time is everything. Invest time for fortune.

Never stop living dreams:

Give power to your dream. Never stop sending messages to universe that you want something for sure and very soon.

Dream car, dream home, dream vacations, dream life; you should live this every day for 5 minutes for sure. Time before sleeping, time after waking up is best for it.

Do the great job, but fulfil dreams as well. Justify with your life by having & fulfilling your dreams fast.  

Choice is yours- you want to work or, want to put people at work?

EBSI formula says Work alone earn alone, work with team reap benefits in multiple folds. The job is just to facilitate,equip,train & mentor the team. Ask them to execute in return of a payment. 

Doctors, Engineers, managers even if they have  degrees and experience still they keep practicing their job. Because they know that challenges are a matter of daily life.

Here, the only problem is that new employers once failncouple ofbtimes, they leave the field and move back to job or,settle with...

Million Millinaires:8 growth by saying that business is not a matter of theri life and luck. Remember regular learning, practicing are the key while overcoming obstacles. Failure is as same for you as for billionaires like Elon Musk, Mark zuckerburgh and Jeff Bezos. They too experienced it. The growth key is start from bottom and move towards the top with growth in employees, revenue and area of operation . Travelling in a sheep and becoming the captain of sheep has a huge difference. It is just a matter of your choice,courage and power of endurance.

Most of the people think that merely buying a sheep will help them to overcome the obstacles innthe midnof the ocean or, sea. Most of even have not courage that whether they will be able to navigate that much big sheep or, not. Formula is here, start with a boat with a helper then move for abigger size of sheep with the passage of time and opportunities.

Don't listen to people and their experience, people who have got success ,they unnecessarily don't share their success Mantra ; only failures, losers have time to discuss and talk alot.

If you can shift your focus from becoming rich yourself to making people' s life better and make them rich.Nobidy can stop you from becoming the richest person in the world. Prosperity always acts in a reverse way.

The purpose of job is always to support the startups, through small investments with little savings and living on survival mode. Job is never meant to live flourish and live the life happily.

'Anything' accepts and allow everything and mostly garbage. The worst thing is it corrupts mentality and later habit which then makes life retard forever. Avoid 'Anything' in doing, eating, daily routine, lifestyle

Three things to do for a golden Fortune:

Invest money to grow business.

Invest time on yourself,

Invest energy to make income sources,b

The best job is -

Where you don't have to interact with someone personally,

Where you do something once and reap profit for lifetime,

Where you sell your skills, talents,ideas and words.

Million millionaires: 10

Money vs Problems:

Money is a tool which solves any problem quickly in life problem buying home buying car buying anything in life but you can generate this money e with the help of time where if you just learn how to resolve the problems of people companies governments or any buddy inlife you can make money and this is the interrelation between money and problem so before you think of making money, you should think of resolving problems of people of company of organisation and ine mas the urgency of problem as per the situations will decide the amount of money me and it is totally upon you how many people you reach everyday ought to sell that product how much influence them remember a product is also sold when you have trust when people have trust on it so the quickest way to create trust is the words your communication skills but brand matters more because brand is nothing but mind set a positive mind set already made in the mind of people.

7 th top status symbol is-

Empowering people education employment.

The entire world belongs to you:

You heard it right the entire world its resources land water air natural resources everything belongs to you the same way it belongs to other others here I am talking about the people who are millionaires and billionaires who has the same life and who are enjoying the best life on the same planet.

Have you ever thought that you are becoming part of their happiness dear success their prosperity but simply putting your precious time your attention to them to their products their services and by becoming the order of their business they are smart enough display best sing well entertain well and does the multiply degrowth success prosperity happiness adding your time with theirs remember time is money e time is life and if your putting your time to somebody in the world you are living their life and not your life.

Start putting attention on your work that brings more prosperity happiness to you become a fan of yourself become a follower of yourself . 

6.5 billion population of the world:

The only problem is that what you see around you becomes reality for you becomes your world it becomes only extend where you can reach this is not your problem this is the problem of of family burden on education and the biggest one is mind set that money can bring everything there is no money then there is nothing.

The world has 6.5 billion population and they definitely need something all the 5 products that you can sell to them your ideas your words talent service tangible products and anywhere in the world you just have to to do a great marketing for it you have to sharpen this skill you have to think that you equally deserve everything in this world you have to believe that the entire world belongs to you equally it belongs to others Sophie exist chair so if you exist here you should live with freedom you have right for everything don't see your limits the world is not too bad

It means the world isIs yours the 6.5 billion people need your product your service your talent your words and your ideas which can solve their problem and which can make their life better.

So if you think you can work for millions to make the life better anyway or any how selling products to them by entertaining them by educating them by motivating and inspiring them for changing their life with your ideas you can make money and you can have a great life you just have to reach out to all those remember in this world we have five types of products find your niche then start planning repairing on your niche and make the entire world yours.

Million millionaires 9:00

Continue enter now let the people know how it can change your life how it can improve their life how it can make their life beautiful but keep one thing in mind you have to reach millions no matter how and for this your planning your preparation should start while doing the product development of product improvement.

You don't have to be great to be great you have to do great to be great- Vishva Janta Dhiraj.

Importance of a well designed Life pattern: 

Follow a well design pattern of life to live. This isbthe key to success and prosperity. Nature is the proof. You can avoid self-destruction only when you stick to the road you follow everyday to walk, move or, run. Jumping evey now and then to a different track will put you in problem, and it will kill your time ,energy and effort. Stick to a well set pattern of life to live. Some roads may lead to jungle unless you are not adventurous and want.

Put yourself in front of the world;

Put for your self marketing, for facing the challn ges of the world, learning new things, put yourself to acquire the biggest stage of the world.

If you are not earning money, you are costing money.

The world has hell lot of money you can never imagine to earn the only thing is you are not in system you are not in pipeline you don't know no how to take the advantage of this system you don't try to understand the system that works to make money the moment you start working on this system that works to make money the method that brings money you will start earning money because in this world there are millions of people and if you can't take the advantage all we can earn money from them all you can easily become rich the only thing is that you'll have to look for ways to reach millions to billions to make money walk on the method that helps you to reach out to them and then to do business with all of them and this is how you make money and become rich.

 Fortune making:

Earning money-.

Making money-

Trapping money-

You eaither live the dream, or enjoy the dream; people not taking action justbseenthe dreams

Career Growth Structure-



Serial entrepreneur

Product developer

Passive income flow 


To survive do some job but to live human eye do something great take a take a mis job that you you can even understand that you can't achieve in this life take some mission don't just live a life which has no impact on the world so to leave take a job and and to satisfy your inner soul do some great job you don't have to do the regular basis but you do it till the time you die on this planet if you can achieve it's great or, you will leave The Legacy for the next generation to accomplish it this is how crave the life a great life anybody can achieve aur live

2 types of people to become rich in this world one who believe in receiving everything from the world and then they become rich and one who believe in giving everything to the world and then they become rich choice makes dif

Million amillionaires-10

Universal Right:

Always remember the world belongs to you the same way it belongs to rest of the people who are living a great life the resources which are available on this planet are equally accessible for everyone no one can tonight the only thing that you have to do is to learn the system that works here that can help you to gain it get it achieve it no one has ever said that you cannot get what the best people they are getting in their life you just have to do courage to move and you have to do you are planning and the preparation for decades to reach there you equally deserve what the 1% of the world deserve it is totally your right it is your universal right to get everything what you want so instead of faring instead of resuming go ahead and get the entire world belongs to you.

Original copy of brain versus copied copy of brain

Original original copy of brain become successful they are not genius or talented for extraordinary they are just original brain copied copy of brain live the life what the sea in the world and what others show themBecome successful.

Pick one thing to do just one thing in life keep doing keep improving make it best and then finally try to reach out more and more people and life have patience to improve it over a long period of time pic break but do not drop it. This is how success is route into the world with excellence with perfection.

Making money is the different thing and doing a great job is a different thing.

Living a personal life is a different think living a professional life is a different thing.

The Career Ladder of Growth:

Start selling tangible products then move to services then move to talents then move to spelling words and then finally move to sell your ideas.

This is how the career ladder of growth in life can be seen in terms of status status as well. One should not stick with one product one should sell all the five products to move up in life and to acquire everything in life people selling just a single product they remain poor but people selling all the five different categories of product they only become rich.

Million millionaires:

Four types of wealth making

Earn make trap snatch

People at ground level they are money for doing some work

People who make the people work for them they make money

People live visarjan Adhiraj the trap money and wealth both

Politicians and kings in past they used to snatch wealth knowingly unknowingly from the other power holders.

Let's take an example income tax taxes trap method of making wealth.

Career growth graph throughout lifespan:

Till 20 years you have to be e you have to finish all your studies. The moment you go in your college you must know what you type of job you are supposed to and going to do in your life.

In 20 years you have to all the jobs you want to do to learn and gain expertise

In 30 age you must have your own startup no matter how you do it what you want to do here the moment you enter in job you must have one thing in mind that is your start up your own business.

In your 40's, you must have multiple income sources

In your fifties you must be a good investor with passive income flows from all businesses.

Now rest of the life you only help the new budding entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and it becomes your social duty to mentor them to guide them.

Million millionaires:
Four types of wealth making
Earn make trap snatch
People at ground level they are money for doing some work
People who make the people work for them they make money
People live visarjan Adhiraj the trap money and wealth both
Politicians and kings in past they used to snatch wealth knowingly unknowingly from the other power holders.
Let's take an example income tax taxes trap method of making wealth.

Career growth graph throughout lifespan:
Till 20 years you have to be e you have to finish all your studies. The moment you go in your college you must know what you type of job you are supposed to and going to do in your life.
In 20 years you have to all the jobs you want to do to learn and gain expertise
In 30 age you must have your own startup no matter how you do it what you want to do here the moment you enter in job you must have one thing in mind that is your start up your own business.
In your 40's, you must have multiple income sources
In your fifties you must be a good investor with passive income flows from all businesses.
Now rest of the life you only help the new budding entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and it becomes your social duty to mentor them to guide them.

Millionaio millionaire:
Think Volume for Volume profit

Dial in 100's to get more sales instead of few,
Hire many to multiply profit instead of working alone,
Sale 100 instaef of few
Education talent skills or not the factor of great success the only factor of great success is burning desire burning willpower getting something in life and if you have something that you love to do and if you keep doing with commitment whether you get success of hello you become invincible.
An illiterate person knows by saying that if I said this I learn money and an educated person nose by seeing that if I learn this degree e I'll be able to sell it to make money where is the human brain that things of generating money with the new income source method out of 5 products to sell products services talents words and ideas.

Why job?
- to support entrepreneurship

The role of Jobs for Entrepreneurs-
Do experiments at others work place,
Learn new things,
Learn imprlementing new ideas,
Make moeny to fuel startups,
Free training with payment,
Learn to work faster than anyone,
You get a platform to learn to perform,
If they remove, you join other but you keep doing the same,
Top suggestion: work on speed whatever you do, time matters. Speek kills anything.
Do everything at others workplace, you want to do successfully for your startup.
(Make video and upload on Reels,insta.)

Differences between a Entrepreneur and Jobber-
E- Vision, courage, risk absorption skill, goals for him and company, 
J- Skill,knowledge, hard work, cannot work independently, 

Evolution of success:
You start from somehwere for sure then people don't like it, then again do some changes they somehow like it, then you bring some changes then they like it more.
When you do struggle they talk about your struggle and when you become successful they talk about your journey, struggle, story of success.

Million Millionares:
Just know one thing, the whole world will go against you whe. You'll be rising. So, be prepared.(one or, two person will always be there who will revolve around).
During job, take new Initives to learn fir your startup say, saying everyday that Ill put my first application, I'll end up the day with application, I'll break the record this month. Do even if you don't and on a daily basis to set anew trend on own risk, face failure, insult, and make yourself stronger during job time. Make new habits ,develop new habits here.

1:9 hours Fortune plan
You spend 9 hours ebcause you have to work for others; for yourself, for your fortune ,you just need 1 hour daily with commitment.
Find your passion and move.
You have to spend 9 hours to earn money for survival but y0u just need 1 hour (min 20min.) Everyday with consistency for some time to create fortune.
Steps: Plan(60%), Prepare(30%), Learn(9%), Execute (1%).
Only Commitment is needed withh all the four above. 
Job has fooled your mind for years that you need more than 9 hours to make more money than your job.
Reachout is the only factor for success.
Reduce time, Improve efficiency.

Revers World: this is real world you give here something first then your are given back. Undestand this and act accordingly.

How you move up on money ladder-
Putting yourself to work then putting people to work then putting resources to work and finally putting money to work.

Need-fulfilm3nt or, Temptation:
Whoever you are, wherever you are, whateever you do, do it to add value and deliver it to people, success is at your place. 
Temptation to achive more, gain more is the only root cause of a bad life.

Million Millinaires:
Job or, vusiness-
You idiot can't endure the attrition of a job and you want to do business, no you just want freedom, you want a relaxed job, you don't want to learn, you don't want to grind.
The business is a mountain and a job is a rock. You can't stir a rock and you want to move a mountain.
Grind in job first, learn to sustain, survive, perform then think of a business.
 You don't know but you are best that is why you have been chosen and working in the company. You just lack confidence, courage, not able to take risk and then absorb, want to stay in comfort zone and not an adventurous guy. 
Lost in life, land in job.
Unstoppable speed:
There are 7 billion people. Go and get the deal done if no, move, keep moving faster but never rely on a single or, anyone. Life is all about keep moving. Man doesn't work, move to another. If neded, chnage the city, state or, country but never stop keep moving. You just need .1 million people not all 7 billion to hear. Habit and mentality of seeing the narrow will make your life hell. Life is too short but the world is too big.

Ask these questions before you you wish to become rich-
Do you have 10 goals that you want to achieve in the next 1 year?
Do you have intense interest in learning that can keep you motivated and informed to become rich?
Career transition How:
Boat-Ship Story- you jump into the ocean to catch fish with whatever wood log(skill) you come across, now you take time to build boats small that you can manage to make, th n you have mp onnthat then you make yacht, th n from yacht you make Ship. This is how tranisition are done. Merely jumping from wood log after spenig sometime on it because you didn't learn to survive and grow with it is not going to help, but to kill you if you jump from it and while remaining in Ocean you try to build a boat, yacht or, ship. Truth of life.(include this story for Story telling lesson in Public speaking Course).

The type of job that you do is actually shows your status and strength-
-1st class: Making money while Reforming world,
-2nd Class: Serving world while making money,
-3rd Class: Merely making money by exploiting society, spoiling society.

Take job as always to learn and experiments, support your startup, funding yorself and not taking it for granted and living ng life by settling through it.

When to quit your job-
The moment when your plan is tooo strong, where there are many saviours if you fail in one,
If you haven't worked hard enough to manage income flows for survival,
If you haven't trialed couple of times what you are already going to do to know the reality,
If you haven't made some networks that can help you(not lend you something),
While doing job, you have to prove that you are unstoppable, invincible through your achievements in startups,
If you haven't learn to utilize your minutes, your seconds; you are not made yourself capable enough to move with a company,

Million Millionares:3
(Sadi ka sabse bada Entrepreneur to main hi banunga).
Job vs Business
The one having no passion, goes in job. Losers carry on with the job.
Now, if you wag your tail there you survive.
Job is meant for lazy, passionless coward people.
After survey, the country still thinks of job. Now whne they will cover the other levels of fortune.
Job doers never think of jumping into the ocean. Decide when you are supposed to jump till then prepare remaining in job.
You should .Not do entrepreneurship to become rich or, make money but to get everything you want in this world as everything equally belongs to you as it belongs to others.
Entrepreneurship is all about working for right.
You have bought my hours and not me by hiring.

Everyday Focus should be on 1 hour you that you need to make your fortune and not on job. Job will make you slave, kill your passion. Job is just to support you for your journey till you are able to make your own platform strong.
Your priority will decide your future here.
Why do you want to work under someone who is a lifetime lazy, passionless, fearful, coward manager or, someone whose motive is to just make money; they will kill you on a daily basis, will spoil you, will kill your identity.
Problem ye hai ki jab tum logo ke bagal me khade hote ho to wo jo jeete hain janwaro wali zindagi wo khud ko tumhare jaisa ya tumse behtar samjhne lagte hai jo ki tumhare hard work ,years of struggle and sacrifices ki insult h. Isliye main dosti, relation barabari se karta hun aur logon ke beech khada bade log isliye nhi hote.
Now, you understand how you lose your identity by doing job or, making a mind to do job for lifetime.
Job vs Business-
Job doers carry talent, skill, knowledge.
Startup holders carry Vission, courage, will power.
Business creators know why, job doers know how.
Job doers lack in vision, courage and power of resistance of failure.
Business creators are the next level of job doers when they add vision, courage and will with their existing skill, knowledge and talents.
If you think like a .Entrepreneur, you can not work like a job doer.
Duniya bhar ka Paisa kamane ke liye Puri duniya Ko khana padega tab jakar Ek aadami Ko jod jod ke Paisa nikalna hoga.
Time sabse kimti chij hai yah nikalta Chala ja Raha hai umra khatam hota ja raha hai aur jindagi mein Kuchh hai nahin Kuchh bhi achievement nahin hua hai na bike hai Na kar hai na bank balance Na Ghar na kahin ghumna oh my God. Now, make this this life or, break this life. Take the risk to change the life or, life is passing away for no reason.

Million millionaires: type of work that one can do
Since there are only five categories off selling so what can do any job in this categories
Product: anybody can cancel product selling a product needs sales skills and if it is the need of the people than even you don't have to learn so sales skills you just have to deliver the product very competition time consuming, one time productive.
Service: if your educated enough you have expertise in any field so whether you have our advocated we have gained some expertise in both condition you can work here and you can provide services to others play come please and do work for others.
Talent: if you are good in singing dancing acting or any talent which is good in you you can do it this is the best job which can bring success money name fame everything to you.
Words: if you are good in speaking and if you think you can change the world the people with your ideas thoughts this is a good job that you can do in your life.
Ideas: If you see future and if you want to bring a change revolution in the society in the country in the world this is the best job This is the best work that you can pursue.

Start from somewhere:
Where you want to reach in life start from somewhere start and you will find ways don't see I don't try to see everything by city somewhere trusting your asse on the chair.
Start find ways and if you can see your destination then you will definitely reach there somehow and remember travel is always full of thrill adventurous and mysterious then the journey becomes interesting enjoy it don't just think about everything putting your asse on the chair.

Take your work level u have to consider three things method platform an audience of size.
People big data platform figure increase the size of audience but they barely changed the method of reaching out them.

World's best selling book. No
World's Fate changing book. Yes

Work is something that you do for the first time then the work is appreciated and you are rewarded.
You should work in such a way so that the income of one week (maximum) should take care of the expenses of your entire month. Dulhan to make sure that you work in the same way no matter how.

Starting your own business means taking the control of your own life and to do something different for the world where you have control on everything. Give your initial face to job only to learn new things skills and system through an already functioning system with what you have learn in school college and university you give it a practical touch at through job but they altamont goal is to to move with freedom when you apply your own thought ideas to your work.

You must have control over to friends-
Control over Secured future: you work everyday for couple of hours to ensure that you have secured future no matter what the day you have now.
Control over flow of Income: to have a peaceful and smooth life for paying all bills you must have a consistent flow of income.

Milion Millionares: How to think1
Life is small so take the goal accordingly the greatest goal that nobody has ever taken personally in anything.
Now when you have sach gol you start thinking like that you start planning accordingly you start preparing according and thus just and better than anyone in this world and even if you fail you will be top of of the majority of the already successful people and this is how you think
To bring mental peace to most of the people to everyone in this world I will set a new trend for everyone to work like working with all my hundreds of startup companies on sharing basis with full of freedom and so that tomorrow they don't fear of losing their job at least they will have one thing in their hand.
Now to prepare the people I will provide free education to all of them and this trend will start now onward and I appeal to the entire world to make the same system to make this place to make this planet a livable place with peace and happiness.
I'll put the entire wold at work now to let my family rest enjoy and leave the life happily without working anymore. Now they will do you only few things travelling eating shopping and getting together.
I don't want to to leave well behind me I want to leave a Legacy behind me that will provide purpose 2 millions of people to live happily and peacefully.
Ye Main decide karunga ki is area ka agla MP ya MLA Kaun Banega.
I know Americans are best in marketing in marketing but trust me I'm not going to become a part of it since they are making the world tech savvy I'm going to make the entire world leader.
Millions of people die let one more be but not to accept the mediocre life.
In this present scenario you can walk alone better than any government. I am doing
Dancing singing acting are the ways to release stress aand self entertainmen and not a part of Bollywood aur film.
I'm not putting the name of my channel some singing and all I am putting the name Yollywood to start this Legacy now which will go on and someday somebody will make it and industry if not I am in my age. Same like t-series started and everything started in this world.
Give a birth of a Great thing for a great cause and this is how you leave a Legacy behind you.
I'm taking the guardianship of the entire world in making each and everyone employable for free in the next 10 years and the next 10 years I'll be making my country employed through several startups.
I'm going to make $500 plus billion dollar.
What people think they become- majority of survival they get it, few for luxury they get it and I am for world I am getting it. What you think you become or, get.
I am going to prove that Billionaires are some how nerd, mentally retard people.Tneybcan just improve their life and richesoufe, and I can do of everyone.
What you do is more important than what you become and what you become is more important than what you get and the ultimate thing in life is to explore yourself.

Million Millionaires:
Is country mein logon Ko Paisa chahie aur unko kisi bhi chij se matlab nahin hai Jaise Ritesh Agrawal ne oyo se logon Ko business dekar 1 billion dollar ka property Apne Naam kar Liya so think with purpose and not with money in mind.
Jeff bezos ne logon ka business ko logon se Hi bhijwa kar bichua kar 1 trillion dollar ka business khada kar liya kiya kya sab Ko Ek jagah lakar khada kar diya Apne brand ke naam ke andar think like a mediator, a facilitator.
If you can deliver values and engage people, you are the biggest celebrity.

Vision execution vs Project execution
A single Vision can include 100's of projects into it. If you are will powered, you have vision, if skill powered, yoi have skill.

Anything that can deliver value or, entertainment to people can generate money for you. You just have to reach out people ,keep doing consistently, keep improving by adding more value to your work.

Own a Product:
Get a product, any product that you can own. Sell it to millions in very short period of time and then you can make money and can become Millionares for sure.

Everything you do should bring money to you should sell product you have or should do marketing for you and for your products always been LimeLight always been the attention grab of people in many ways in my case I have already planned on it.

How to connect Millions:
To connect with millions you need some product which can benefit millions and you can give it for free in my case I have employable skills courses for youth and for everyone from the world's biggest platform udemy.
Secondly you should have some services or, talent which you can provide to serve and entertain millions of people to make their live better, to change their lifestyle. in my context, I have the talent of singing doing comedy acting also public speaking for motivational speaking.Afterall, I'm reformer.
So actually you are going to take the control of your own life with the life of millions trinket and you will do it.

Million Millionares:2
Job vs Business-
Job needs expeperince, skill, knowledge
Business needs Vision, Ideation, Execution skills, experimental nature.

Plan A vs Plan B:
Work for Plan A ,once moving with it; start working on Plan B. Life is balanced and some how easy when you are ready with Plan B.

Before you take or, expect to take something from this world, what you have to offer or, give to this world. This is how the world works.

You can make money by 3nsuring 3 things -
How active you are in making money,
How many ways you have to make money,
How many people, total number(k,lac,million) of people you introduce your products on daily basis to make money,

What works:
What you are doing for the people, how you are delivering value in the form of service, talents, ideas, words to benefit them, or to entertain them, that brings succes to your feet. Also, your reach out size, engaging percentage have a bigger role as a contribution in your success.

Boat to Ship Startup Story of Success:
If the time of rowing boat is from 10-7 pm, then anybody can definitely work before 10am and after 7pm to build the ship to navigate it someday in future.

Lifecycle of Career-
You join some company learn the work, now start your business and before you get old, you transfer in the hands of people in society to handle it for you, this is how the process of betterment of life and world both work together. Sticking with the job throughout life is not the job of a responsible human being or, citizen.

Office is setup later for backend work, the initial phase of business starts from outside. Business is always out of office, starts from there and then get a office later.

Working for accumulating wealth
Working to provide service is totally a different thing then working to accumulate wealth. When you have to provide service you can I stay connected with a person accompanying an organisation and you do it but when you have to accumulate wealth you have to take all the possible risks to execute everything what is needed on a day-to-day basis and then you do it.

Best minds are not born to do hard work. They do great things, work less or, just do few things that generates income for the lifetime.

Money is earned, wealth is accumulated, fortune is made and empire is built:

Million millionares-11
People don't want to do side hustle because the think they can sell only a level one product which is tangible products don't focus on selling level 2 level 3 level 4 level level 5 services talents words and ideas the only problem is that they are not aware of it.

The real status is to how many people you can educate and employ for free in this world.

20:80::80:20 Career Choice
When you do job you pay 80%-90% everymonth to your company but, when you do your own business you pay maximum 20% to investors. Choice is yours.

Work for World society, Country Society instead of working for some individuals. It opens opportunity at country level, world level. The moment you choose to work for small individuals, you become short in mindset, in growth. This is why, you should also choose world platform instead of any particular paltform and this is possible in the age of internet and technology where you can easily do this.

 Work for World society, Work on world platform:
Start from country society, on country platform.

Business is all about doing experiments to know what works for you and what not like Jeff Bezos.
Never be disappointed if something doesn't work rather fund a way out and move on. The world is full of 7 billion people and thus opportunity waits for your in each and every corner of your country, in this world.
Find what works best for you and easiest to perform and execute with higher profits in bulk too.
Remember work is something you should work more in less hours to live a great life. The solution is- reduce hours and focus on improving efficiency and speed both productivity. 

Transformation of Life:
The only job you have-
If you want to live a great life, you have to transfer value to people. We live on a rented life, rented planet. Nothing is permanent. So, live best pass and keep passing value to people then they will let you live. When you die someday, even starngers should cry for you. Be like that. We come here only to make others life better, the only job we have to do on palnet earth.

Anything Grows:
Anything grows whether it is Bush or tree provided you are consistent on a single track with single purpose with single goal with single motive with asingle mind. So start doing whatever you want and keep doing. you are not a bush, or, tree you are a human being you will grow like anything piercing even the Sky. You just have to be consistent and you have to put consistent effort in all possible ways. Anything grows and nothing stops it.

Failure, Rejections:
The higher the failure and reejctions you ll have the less competitions you'll see. This you remain safer side.

You do only one thing with a goal: you just find different ways to do the same thing. Life is easy, it is you who made things complex by not doing and only wondering.

Conception versus perception:
If you do something on a consistent basis your mind accept it for parmanent.
Most of the thing we do is based on conception but when you do something repeatedly like doing exercise running sleeping or working on something for yours that becomes perception so the only thing you have to do is to let your mind your brain but see something as a juice before it turns into reality.

Start anything that you have interest in doing and then later join the dots to get something out of it. Pateintly, take a revision on it.

Do just one thing repeatedly in life and you become the most successful.

Million millionaires :

Every child should start selling products then services, then talents then words then ideas and thoughts in their entire career as per career 3voltuion.

Career Devlopment stages:
Nursery to 5: Introduced, interest 
Till high school: explore talents,
College: nurture talents
University: move with explored and nurtured talents
Post University: live the life 

You can do anything for a living but the thing is what would belive, will work for you, is important.
If you can pass value, engage people, entertain, transfer any value by engaging l, you have something good to make a living in this 4.0 era. It is possible.

When you think of making money .Simply think of one think- What have you done for the people to make their life better? What sort of boldest and courageous steps you have taken to challnege the existing system to solve some problem at a large scale.

Explore to Express effortlessly:
Find ways to express yourself and your life begins, the journey of becoming success begins.

Why people don't become rich:
Too much early burden, responsibility shackles at early age, no awareness of the real world and education that can make them strong and powerful to stand.

Real wealth How: 
Real wealth is not in earning by doing some jobs. It is in organising human resources and natural resources in such a order so that it starts working fir you to generate wealth and prosperity.
Earning is like looking for a scoop of curd but organising means letting the flow of milk that you can use for many purposes.
Building network, connecting with people, engaging, entertaining, introducing your products, services, and expanding all are the wealth accumulation strategy.
Life is flawless when you are in flow and don't let anybody to have a control over you fir anything.
The age of digitalisation gives you all golden opportunity to live the life while accumulating wealth. Stop nowhere. Keep moving from place to place. Travel is life, connecting with people in the world is life, meeting new places ,new people is life.
All the great people in history did the same thing in past.
Making a lot if wealth is a great courageous and adventurous task that never ends no time. Attract, retain, go to acquire, seize all what you have to do as per the available moments. Total focus on piling up and on nothing else.

To make wealth recognition and network is only important recognition can help people to buy, 

To become rich you must have some product and products can be in 3 ways something that you can own something that you can create or something that you can become.
Now to work on all these three types of product you have to learn something new everyday to improve the product either it is something that you own or something that you are creating or something that you want to become in yourself to present yourself as a product.
Secondly, demonstration means marketing of your product must be done on a daily basis, consistently. People are too busy in their life. They never have time to check your product neither they will never come to you. You have to go to people, to the world if you need something. This is the universal rule.
Now everyday work on the product improvement by learning new things and then do Marketing to sell the product the best way to do Marketing is to engage entertain the people the world is already too sad to be happy. Rest you have the life to enjoy your life for travelling, spending time with family, playing, doing rimance with your partner etc . This is how you lead a great life.

The journey of building empure like Emperors:
If you can take (steal, snatch)the time of people, It means you are taking the time of their life. This is where you win, your journey of building your Empire starts.
Work for the mass for the national society world society make it a mind set your mind set is everything what you think you become.
Work for some individual only to make a living but it the same time work for the world society who will give you everything even if they give you A pinch of wealth you will have more than you need. But imagine no matter what you do and how you do for a person he will give you only what he has and that is in little amount. This is how you learn to accumulate wealth. And this is how people around the world are accumulating wealth. Be it celebrity likes singer actor cricketer film star dancer etc.
The fortunate thing is, in the age of Internet and technology, you can easily reach to millions with your work and it is easily possible and is free.
Motivate people, inspire people, entertain people, work for people, educate people, employee people etc. Do all that you can to engage people to take their time. These are the ways by which you can win the human resources.
To be the biggest emperor you have to be the biggest servant first. You have to do everything but you can do for the people once they will recognise you they will find you they will make you the king the emperor.
"If you do something for yourself for one person you will will make a living but if you do something for the people you will build an Empire". Work for the people work for the society work for the nation work for the world and reciprocally you get everything in return. This is the rule of the nature rule of the universe.
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If you can take (steal, snatch)the time of people, It means you are taking the time of their life. This is where you win, your journey of building your Empire starts.
Work for the mass for the national society world society make it a mind set your mind set is everything what you think you become.
Work for some individual only to make a living but it the same time work for the world society who will give you everything even if they give you A pinch of wealth you will have more than you need. But imagine no matter what you do and how you do for a person he will give you only what he has and that is in little amount. This is how you learn to accumulate wealth. And this is how people around the world are accumulating wealth. Be it celebrity likes singer actor cricketer film star dancer etc.
The fortunate thing is, in the age of Internet and technology, you can easily reach to millions with your work and it is easily possible and is free.
Motivate people, inspire people, entertain people, work for people, educate people, employee people etc. Do all that you can to engage people to take their time. These are the ways by which you can win the human resources.
To be the biggest emperor you have to be the biggest servant first. You have to do everything but you can do for the people once they will recognise you they will find you they will make you the king the emperor.
"If you do something for yourself for one person you will will make a living but if you do something for the people you will build an Empire". Work for the people work for the society work for the nation work for the world and reciprocally you get everything in return. This is the rule of the nature rule of the universe.
In ancient time, king and emperors used to fight because that was the only way to show your power friends and to win over someone. But in the modern age the easiest way is to entertain, engage, educate, employ, motivate people to win them in democratic country like India or in the entire world.
Thus, you should do two types of job in your life. No matter you are coming from rich family or from a poor family want to work for an individual to make a living to survive and second you should work on yourself to build an Empire in rest of your time.

"If you want to make millions you have to reach millions and if you want to make billions you have to transform billions."

You want to make a living for a happy smooth life for yourself and for your family or, you want to build an Empire by always living in an uncomfortable zone both are your mindset, your choice.
Try to reach the roads that can lead you to the greatest success even if you don't see them, take the risk you haven't taken so far in your life and that anyone can ever imagine to take, try doing that others even haven't thought doing ever because if you want to be the king or emperor then there can be only one king or, emperor in the state, in the country, in the world. So, be happy if no one is like you, thinking like you, believe in you. You are going to rule and not looking for a job under someone.
Someone who has a worker mentality and wants to look for a job under someone tries to impress someone.
An emperor never tries to impress anyone for the sake of a job because he knows what he is doing, what he wants.
Try today, execute today because if you don't, your tomorrow will be wasted because of no action taken today.

In my case I will be travelling the country to travel and then working on all the five areas as per my talent and at the same time I'll be making billions, connecting with millions of people for network. All at the same time leaving the comfort zone far behind.

"By selling products, you can make money but by transforming the life of people you can accumulate wealth."
Believe in transforming the life of people instead of selling something to them. The act of transforming, will help you to reach millions but the act of selling products, will help you only to reach out some chunk of people. This is where your growth diminishes caesars and you attend a limited height of success.
Remember one thing if you are existing if you have your existence then you should be conf much more confident than anyone else on the planet. Your existence is the source of your confidence and if you are fear about something you are abusing God because he never said you are inferior to anyone. Hindi mein put the stamp on your forehead. It is only the selfish people who have made some rules, some system to control others and rule themselves.
Be the fearless fearless means 0% fear and even if you have fear have more courage to conquer or overpower your all fear. If you don't, you lose if you do you win.

Million Millionaire - opportunities & Possibilities :
"Job is the best place to stay with for those who are already retired from opportunities and possibilities of life that life could have offered to them".

People doing Job for lifetime are already a retired person. Retired from existing possibilities and available opportunities.

Life offers great value to humans when we seek possibilities and hunt for opportunities. It is a lifetime process. The moment we stopped hunting for opportunities and seeking for possibilities, life starts ceasing. It is never about gaining or losing it is always about a great life, better experience of life.
Human life is meant for two things only- experience & Achievement. We do everything only to have one of these in our life from moment to moment.
Keep trying to do new things, brings a lot of experience and a lot of experience brings great success. Life works when we work for it like humans not animals. Ideation, planning, preparation, learning, trying, failing all are the lifetime process.
There is nothing called failure. People fearing from failure are the extremely uncivilized unaware people about human life.

If you don't visit new places if you don't meet new people you will never be able to know how much you could have got from that Place from that person. Visit new places, meet new people.

Time or time management:
It is not the about the availability of time but how are able to manage the available time we get. Time management is the only skill that we can master to win over time itself. Planning on every single moment how to take advantage of it is the only thing we have to learn.
Planning on seconds and executing in the remaining seconds is the greatest thing we can learn. Remember, all the great opportunities comes only for seconds.
For example: writing blog, quote, promoting startups anytime, anywhere with anybody in minutes can be the best learning of time management while travelling.

The only way to go for the greatest success is by doing something. Keep doing. Keep introducing new changes.
Focus: focus on how your product and service is going to benefit from some individuals to millions from local to international.
It's a sometimes decade level plan and efforts it needs, at least 3-5 years is mandate to achieve a goal at this level. Keep working, keep expanding. Start from a single small location. Now, increase the diameter to cover the bigger size of the audience.

Never ever give up. Keep doing, keep finding ways. Keep introducing new ideas to reach new heights. It's a marathon running solely. It's Mount Everest, climbing yourself solely.

You can't beat the competitions and become millionaire to billionaire unless you have your own product to offer people to solve some issue at the mass level that can be some of your creations (tangible or, intangible).

'Your choice becomes your decision and your decision becomes your destiny when you adjust and compromise with the situations and the available time. Situations and time changes but the mindset accepted never changes. Life is a consistent process of evolving. No moment, phase, or, fate can be accepted. Acceptance of even the greatest beauty i life is the disrespect to the future beauties. You face, experience, handle and move on. Action changes, situation changes, situation changes, fate changes. You can't accept anything for lifetime coming your way. Acceptance puts a full stop on the possibility if something is taken for permanently.
Enjoy everything- beauty of fate and ill fate.
When time, place, action, people change The fate changes.

Your choice becomes your decision and you decision becomes your fate when ou believe that there is no possibilities and beauty of life remaining ahead.".
The the truth of life is not what you are doing now and  and how you are living now. The truth is whether you are grinding and struggling to get out of what you don't like to enjoy doing now in life.

Accepting even a good and beautiful life is a cheat to life because beauty always with you ahead which are farm or better.

Million millionaires : Leftoyt career

We all are taught from school to start acareer with skills, skills that a labourer needs for a living. The job, that we call it, the 9 hours of work and even sometimes 
Left out career:
Level I: Ideator,Planner, Visionary 
Level II: Speaker,Communicator,
Level III: Talent-sing, dance, act, perform
Level IV: Skill

The greatest feeling in job, life is what when you do something to transform the world, empower the people, the generations and not just fulfill the needs of the products.

People stick with one job, act, role throughout the life as if they'll get another life to live again. Damn fools!
Also, fear of 

Once, I get our from the college after that I don't care or give ashit that you are from Harvard, Cambridge, IIT,IIM or, from some other prestigious institution. You are in battlefield,I am in battlefield and I am going to give you a tough challenge.
You may have good education, good skills, good set of talents but the vision that I can have or anybody can have can neither be copied, replaced or, be beaten by anybody in the world primarily when you think everything for mankind above making money and accumulating wealth like baniya mindset/the third category of people as per the Hindu Varna, people.

Let's make a system that works as a machine to empower, transform youth of the country, children(upcoming generation) of the country to put them in shape.

Jobs over Initiatives:
Jobs can be less but initiatives can be unlimited. This country is still a developing country despite so much facilities. Instead of thinking like a baniya-vyapari, we should think like a Meliorist, a visionary. In fact, there there are numerous challenges that country and its people have. If we make system then everybody can be benefitted.
Affirmation at 11:55,18 March, 2023.

Indoor worker or, Outside Player:
 Choose your niche before you go for a career. Merely for the sake of money, you can't kill the beauty and happyin life.

Career Labour Progress:
Level-I: Executive
Level-II: Commanding/Leading
Level-III: Instructor 
Level-IV: Thinker/Decision maker
Level-V: Ideator

How to bring growth & success:
The greatest method to learn something new and progress in any field, work or, career:
Start doing and learn things on the way. Every time before you execute something,learn something new and then execute. Progress comes when we learn and implement something new but super progress comes when you learn and then try doing something new in the same existing systems and field. This is how the journey from gorind to sky is reached.
Learning English language, start learning and then keep learning new things, keep trying new sentences and progress comes. Everything is a process, a journey to reach to master level.
Learning digital marketing, learn and then keep doing while learning new things and trying new things; progress comes over the time with mastery in it.

Learning and environment makes your mindset, mindset helps you taking action, action done constantly turns to be your habit, habit becomes your characteristics and your characteristics becomes your destiny and your destiny brings fortune and misery in your life. Mind your learning and surroundings. Nothing is miracle, everything is a process. 

"Every single time I wrote just one or two line for this book because the intense the research was so intense start to maintain the proximity of the quality of the book as it will reach to millions of people around the world I wrote only the ideas and not the content for explanation after the researches"- Vishwajayant Adhiraj 

Million Millionaire -: Work or, Express- A choice, uneducation 

Types of people in the world to live life.
Young age is only meant to express yourself to through talents, skills, blessed voice etc.
Yu oi choose to work at the late stage of life.
Young age is only m ant to be live more ,work less.
Do whatever you can. Use your 30% of energy for working, 70% of living.

The only goal in life should be to learn to work less, enjoy more and live more.

Working indoors as an executive for 9 hours is the filtered bottom level career. You should go for the easiest type of career that lets you live more, enjoy more this human life and work less.

Make a system:
Making a system for the people, for the world might be a long process and a very tedious job but u less you make one, you can't make a machine that generates money for you on its own.
In my case, MelFitLe (The Meliorist Fitness League) is a system. Connecting every morning with the people to motivate and encourage them for fitness, then asking them to participate in monthly events then after winning giving them prizes, recognition on app and an amount to ask them to stay fit . And then announcing fir membership charges. Doing the same for the entire city, then country, then the world.

Aks yourself-
To make money what are the things you do ,
To make life better and livable what you do,
What are the things you have done so far for living a good life,
How much security you have achieved so far for a good life,
How much control you have established over everything in life,

The science of Starting the journey -
Disturb the system, interrupt the people: This science makes you one you want to be in life. (Don't be mistaken with disturb the people, interrupt the system).

Front row player or, Backend Worker:
Choose your role as per the blessings you have. If good face, good voice, good look, good confidence, good mind then chhose the role to play from the front row always. It is is destined, it is your blessings. 
Only people with not such blessings should be filtered out and remain for backend work and chores.
If not, you are abusing your blessings, ignoring the power and potential you have been given by God.

Million Millionaires Blog: Freedom to live, Freedome to express

If you don't have freedom to act and express yourself, you are losing your identity. 

At least, do one thing to express your creativity, your ideas.
Compromising every time with your creativity, kills your identity.

No matter what you do in life, you must do one thing where you have some ownership to take decisions, act and do whatever it comes in your heart and mind. Keep in mind that it should provide some value to people, it should connect people, millions of people. Then it is the greatest thing you are doing no matter what.
Freedom to act, think, decide, perform, plan, prepare; all are the part of identity reflection. It is your identity, reflection to the world of your existence. Shownthe world that you exists and you have something to give to them for a better life. Point of View, if we all giving one good thing to everyone in the world for their better life. We keep working to save the humanity to the best. Working to save the humanity is a constant process and not a one time job. Keep this thing in mind forever.

Time is now to make every single youth a visionary. They will no more be someone who just wants to be a politician or, leader somehow in life with no vision in life 

One Goal, Many Efforts:
Keep one Goal and then do everything to push it forward in all possible ways. Try to reach people from local to world level throughout the lifetime. Your ever single efforts should as a Lifetime investments as put time, efforts, and labour can't be gotten back. 
Have a vIsion, now set goals Accordingly. Start small, and then reach to the greatest height. Start from single person and then reach millions to billions in the world.
This mindset will make you greatest and will also help the world to grow with you together.

Leave the job for women, helpless and also for those who are freshers. After 5 years take a retirement and move for startup. The way you can't make gf after marriage, you can do job after an age.

Million millionaire : Become Rich & Wealthy Plan

Prosperity in hour, survival in hours:
You become rich and wealthy with that one hour of regular consistent efforts that you do on a consistent basis with your own pace, time, plan, preparation and not with those 9 hours of job that you do for a living.

To become rich is a plan and not a matter of hardwork.
Becoming rich is a process of spreading some trap to trap money.
Wealth is all about accumulating so I order to accumulate wealth you have to pay engaged in multiple businesses.

To make money you have to sell products and materials but to become wealthy you to touch the emotions of millions of people.

You have to move and work in such a way so that you don't have to give time to any of the process you are following to become rich, to become wealthy. It should be an auto mode process of daily life.

Showing mode or, Seeing Mode:
Time is limited. Stop getting inspired or, motivated. If your own dreams and goals doesn't motivate you, inspire you; you don't have a good one.
People who have something to sell represent demonstrate they show instead of saying someone else's. Singh means giving your life and time both to someone to become a part of their business part of their profit. You never have time in a day in a month in a year or in the entire life that you should give your time to see others unless something is of your benefit and profit.

Power demonstration: 
Marketing is the only that works. It was marketing that made someonenEdisonnandnsome one Tesla. Show ,represent , showcase your Talent, skill, education, creations, art to world and it people.
Start from a single persona nd try to reach out to millions to billions to make millions to billions.

Morning Time and energy: your morning time and energy should go to your dreams first if it is not your priority then success to become rich to become well the is not your priority. Morning the best time to Idea to plan to prepare to do some creations. Giving your 30 minutes to 1 hour s of time to your dream first should always be your first priority.

Learn to sell anything everything and also nothing to make everything.
Don't let this body decay only with limited purpose the purpose should be endless dreams should be endless and your afford should be endless for an endless life experience and achievement in the life.

Baniya mindset  vs Vishwajayant Mindset for prosperity:
Need lot of things, - investment, products, 
Need nothing-talent, skill, education, plan, preparation 

"Before you become the greatest,you have to be the smartest".
If your all moves are planned and already prepared,your all steps become smartest.

3 stages of fast-paced sky scraping growth:
-Keep developing your products,
- Keep doing the marketing of all your products,
- Keep demonstrating, exhibiting your tal nts, skills, education, creations to people to hunt for new possibilities and opportunities of growth and prosperity.
All these three activities should be your daily life style and not work.

Legacy behind work style:
Stage:1- Learner,
Stage:2- Intern/ Practitioner,
Stage:4- Supervising Leader,
Stage:5- Instructor,
Stage:6- Decision maker,

The Faster you move towards the stage 7, the better contribution you can do on your goals, mission, objectives and on your vision. Execution part, leading part etc. can be alloted to others when you can perform the role of instrutor or, the decision maker. Executing everything on your own, will consume lots of time and life has too less time to give you.

In every stage, you move forward and place someone else at your place for your prosperity. Pyramid mode of growth.

Step for Thousands to lacs to crore in 3 years :

You are ready to become Prosperous only after 30's because you get your vision in 30s only.

Divide your time to make income for-
Income 1: Living a good life (Day job)
Income 2: savings (morning job)
Income 3: investment (evening job)
Income 4: Fulfilling lifestyles (weekend job)
Income 5: Travel & Tours (passive job)

If you had five papers in your schools and colleges then you can also have 5 income sources. Your school has already prepared to score better in five subjects. Go ahead. Understand the syllabus and start earning.

Live 100 lives in a single life:
Sometime your destiney wants to prepare you for the role you have to execute in your life. This is where the journey begins of struggle, grinding while doing something. You think it is pain you are getting. No. It is the preparation for tomorrow that He wants to see in you. Through various phases of  struggles, ups and downs you become mature, learn people, understand world, become strong in order to be ready for that particular role that you have to perform on a day. Nothing happens for no reason. There is always a reason. Mind your thinking. What you think, you attract. This is how the universal energy system works. What you release in the universe, it comes back to you.
It is the uneducation, iiliteracy and ignorance of humans who don't understand it and grind in the lifecycle of this world.
 We all carry an identity as we all are individuals with a different look, characteristics. It simply means you have a role assigned to you on the earth. Wait! Humans with their actions, thought and work becomes God on the earth itself. You become man to Superman, human to superhuman only with your actions you take throughout your life.
Have you ever tried to hear what your inner soul tells you or, keep telling? Yes, He is talking to you. Listen, hear and follow it. The world is illusion. What you see is all either trap or, some myth with no existence. You are the reality. Your actions are the reality rest everything you see, hear, belive is an illusion.

The world - an illusion:
You see a woman she is attractive. Yes, she is made to be attractive to attract male persons to carry forward the world. Everything you feel, belive, see all are illusions created by Him to make the world a show stage. He wants stories. Everything is either in destructive or, constructive mode. All your moves and steps is either leading you towards some creation or, destruction in the world. Majority don't act as they are feared of consequences. Hence, they end up their life merely living. Oh! It's merely by surviving.
We all come here for some reasons. So, exist for a reason. Daeth is inevitable. Death is itself an illusion.yoinnever k wo what will happen and when.
Donal what you want, you hear from inner soul, you think of doing. Majority end their life merely thinking. Changes are brought through action, life is brought into existenythrough action. Act.

People means Business:
If there are people means there are business you just have to find an explore what is the requirement where you can connect with them and it will drive business.

Time Management through Permutations and Combinations concept:
Execute many things while shifting yourself in alternate, hourly timeframe.

How to develop Millionaire mindset:
Everyday in the morning in the evening you should remind yourself you should say yourself I have to be a millionaire by this year only no matter how I'll buy my car my home this year only yes this will sound ridiculous but this will is strengthen your will power this will help your subconscious mind to take it seriously and you soon your will power will be that much strong that you will start taking action accordingly by getting out of your comfort zone.
Never ever down that you can't be a millionaire in one year even if you know that you might fail but still you have to be in the time frame and make sure you take actions accordingly this is where you become most confident courageous and daring to achieve the goal

Identified Entrepreneur:
You are not an entrepreneur if you don't see failure in every single move you take on a daily basis,
You are not an entrepreneur if you don't execute all your chores reluctantly, 
You are not an entrepreneur if you don't execute when you are tired, almost to give up for the day, entrepreneurship is a meter of strength, and will power besides ideas, and plans,

Who can be a successful entrepreneur?
If you generate many ideas, if you are a planner, if you prepare before you execute anything, if you make clients and custoners before you go for a startup, if you know how to execute in minutes by deciding in seconds, if you can take strong decisions on the spot, if you persevere to absorb any failure, if you belive in bringing tarnsformation in the society, if your goal is to make people's life better.
If you work to solve the problem of people, you are an entrepreneur but if you work to make and improve people life better you are a visionary cum entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur mindset vs Job doing employee mindset:
Entrepreneur work outdoors, employees love to work indoors,
They bring business, they execute on business,
They make network, they work to maintain network,

The Quantity and Amount :
You take cation as per the size of the empire you want to build. Courage, confidence, risk frequency, failure frequency, efforts all are required accordingly. It's like running like Usain Bolt but in marathon.

Entrepreneurship is a tter of prectice like doctors. We don't act to be successful. We act to reach to milestones every single time. Failure, success are like daily outcomes here.

Salaried Income:
Salary income is never meant for full feeling your wishes and desires and living a life you want this salary income is always for doing investment for your startups more than keeping the money as a saving. 
You can't think of throwing money into the air which is your hard earned money.
In this era which is 4.0 the of Internet and technology where you can reach out to millions to millions you should invest your salted money with your time and hard work and it is possible if you just invest one hour a day and stay consistent, you can grow much faster than your job place.
This is where majority of the people they make the grave mistake. You should identify your talents and then learn the relevant scale to mature your talent and to make it strong. 
Education is needed to improve your skill. You should improve your skill only when you found out that it supports your talent.

It means, "you should learn something or take education to improve your skill and dark skill should be honing your talent."-Vishwajayant Adhiraj 

Majority of the people they learn a skill to make a living which is not related to their talent. this is again a grave mistake they do by being an ignorant.
I am repeating again to hit your mind first of all you should identify your talent let's say it should be singing dancing acting are if you think that you have love for cars you imagine something that you should build a car that can avoid the accidents or if you think that in the government system such things should be implemented so as per your niche, you should start learning, start taking relevant education only to hone your skill that makes your talent mature.
If you talent is in medical science then you should not take engineering only to prove something to someone. Your talent is your blessing (vardaan) that God has given you to make a living and to live a great life. He should always try hard to make a living out of your talent only because this is where you live alive. Humans are born to live a life and not to work like other species like a worker. If you're first priority is to work then you are abusing this human life.

True Civilization:
Job is meant only to hone your skill, learn the system, make yourself productive before you finally go for your own startups. People who take up a job for a living end up miserably either in the middle of their career or at the end of their age. You should never take up a job to make a career in it. It is never meant for that. work for 2 years 5 years and then move out of the job. Let others take up the same job in all the good companies to nurture themselves before they go for their startups. people have mind said to end their career in jobs which is not at all a good career evolution for the world.
The carrier revolution says learn something then land with the job in a company then go for your own startup then go for multiple startups then go for passive incom sources then go for investment and then you retire as a teacher teaching your grandchildren or, the youth of the society and the world. You should not think of only making money because you should make only that much money so that you can give your children a good education and you can live a good life yourself. If you are doing more than this either you are spoiling your all upcoming generation where they will not be able to touch their greatest height. Work to leave a legacy behind you, work to make this world more civilized and developed mankind and not leave wealth and money behind you that will make no difference to this world. This career evolution must be followed by the people around the world to grow themselves and to let others grow as well. Interrupting this system by not leaving your job after 3 to 5 years is to put the entire human race at risk. This is where the birth of crime, hatred and all evils of the society take place and then you also become a sufferer because the entire system is interrupted. This is called a true civilization.- Million Millionaires, a book by Vishwajayant Adhiraj 

Making money, accumulating wealth:
Making money is a matter of game plans. Yo have to keep trying and learn things on the way. There is no secret formula or concept for it. Start doing and make things happiness on the way. Doing experiments are the best  possible ways to find what works and what not.

Understand the concept: If you work for individuals, only an individual pays you but if you work for many, many will pay you.

Job is meant to win bread and butter and not to win the world. Anybody who takes up the job as a lifetime career,has landed miserably in life.

Million Millionaire....settling

Settling in life is like rotting you should not think of settling in life unless you have Rome around the country at least once growing young getting married landing with some job and then settling is like abusing life possibilities and growth you should at least ROM around the country multiple States or at least you should go for world tour confidence strength education knowledge about people and the world to settle properly in life this is the process before settling in life.
Settling in life requires strength. strength of hunt the opportunities and seek the possibilities you must know how to identify person and unless you meet people around the country and people around the world it won't be possible to make a good living.
Every system existing is busy with their business. Be it education system, government system, family system. Take a break and move out of this system to secure your life and stand up in life.

Job is meant for women, freshers and old people. Young with young blood should always go for some ventures, leadership role to make great things, achieve greatest around the world.

Time matters more than money:
It is not a out how much money you are earning. It is always about how frequently you earn. Pouring a tank of water once in the sand won't help trees to grow there but even if it is rain that comes drop, if falls frequently, it can bring a flood even in the sand. Time is money. Money, wealth, prosperity should come with the frequency of time. Money can be earned in huge but the time once passes never comes back and we are left everyday with one less day in our life. Let's say, we have only 100 years and this time is getting reduced by one day every day and it is too fast to save.

Knowledge is Power information is light: we spend most of our life in self assumption where we believe many things that could have changed. If we would have collected the information we wouldn't have been in the single place if we would have learnt something new. If we would have asked questions from people because people are the best way the best source of collecting information talk to the concerned people who are in the same field or same area and devil provide you all the information for this whatever you have to do do it. Make friendship share food talk to connect and make relation spend some good time to friendship entertain them but collect information. Keep collecting information.

Information knowledge is the power: the blindness remains the darkness remains life as long as you have less information so the only job you have to is to collect more and more information learn more and more be more skilled because the much information you have about every single thing the more powerful you will be knowledge is Power and information is light it will work as a torch for you so meet people talk connect with them entertain them but collect information any sort of information every sort of information and then you have to use all those information to make a chain.

Post 30:
Till 30, work in backend max to max after that lead from the front. You have to as you can't keep working for others. Trust no ody, no system except yourself when it comes ato career. Move with all the skills that you have acquired to implement for your own startup and business. Remember, for a great business start, you should have a well polished idea and a great vision revised for months at least.
There is always a phase. Post 25 years of age, you can't move only with Education. You have to land with a job in a good company somehow. After 5 years of experience (which is too much), go for a jump start of any of your startup. If not, move parallel but you can't just rely on job. This is industry 4.0, the era of internet and technology. ,(After getting freedom, peasants were not working as a labourer or slave. They were busy doing their own farming initiatives). Nothing at the cost of Freedom. Earning less or, much is all your potential and calibre but after a certain age, you have to level up yourself whether you survive or not. You have to be in the process. A kid who can run, doesn't crawl anymore. He has to run with his friends at a certain age if not, he will be of nowhere in the world.(Did you miss this learning in your school?lol!).

Stages of Career elevation:
Move with skill till the age of 30. Move with talent till the age of 40. Move with words, ideas and vision post 40 years of age. Retire  as a teacher, preacher.
It will take 3 years atleast to settle in any career. It can't be lessen or, reduced. Keep moving, keep enjoying. 

If there is Bhagwat Geeta from Krishna then there would be Million Millionaires from Vishwajayant Adhiraj. Hare Krishna! Tumse bada koun and tumhare baad mujhse bada koun.

Live a human life. Nobody have ever lived 200 years making 200 billion dollars.

In the memory of Baba-Mumma(Dada-dadi):
I am writing this book in the memory of late Sri Ganpat Rana and Shobha Devi. 

Million Millionaire....The indoor worker, the front row player

A man with a brain works outside and a man just with skill works inside.
The man who has brain, potential, power to be courageous, guts to take risk and power to take challenges, brings business from the open world.
People with no such straight and only with scale work inside execute on task to achieve the goal.

A man who is the consistent learner who learns from any source, anytime, anywhere; can break through anything in life. Why? because he is busy collecting information and gathering knowledge that can make him more powerful than anybody to get into something he is looking for, wants in life.

Million Millionaire - prefetch 

As a writer it took my 3 years only to write this book.
Morning, evening, while travelling, while taking a bath, while eating. Whenever I came across something specific that hit my mind. I wrote that point. I wrote hardly one point or idea as a solution of problems in this book. I can never write more than that as I belive ideas are the solutions of problems and life. Hence, this book is the collection of ideas as sentences that can transform the complete mankind and all the upcoming generations.

People Buy Rare:
What you sell, you attract the same type of customers, buyers. Dont sell to attract anybody, sell something to attract top customers. People buy rare and not what is common or, easily available.
So, it is not you should start selling diamonds. The thing is whatsoever you have make that diamond, precious. It can be done in any field ,in any thing. Food, vehicle, fruits, salads, education. Your prod6shoukd be rare and unique. Fir this ,you have to work for years, to make that model. Start now, see the results after 10 years.
It can be your product or service. Make the model that people should love. 10 years of hard work and you are the millionaire for sure. Start in 20s, you are millionaire in 30s for sure. See anybody in any field. This 10 years of hard work done with patience and passion teaches you all the nitty gritty to master something, to make a super fine model of a product. The ongoing process of learning, improving and testing takes you far away from the common people. If there can be millions of star in the sky, there can be millions of millionaires on earth.
Becoming rich is an ongoing process that continues in all the ages. We do something great and retire by beautifying this world and society for people.

Soil Test:
You'll be er k ow which soil works for which plants unless you try. If you tried, it i sjust one season but you win for sure knowing what should works for which plant and at the end of year you have tested many soul types for many types of plants growth. This is where people win or, lose when it comes to try and test something.

Pipeline Side by side:
Think for a while that you are moving on a train and at the same time you are also working to build your own at the same time while getting down from the train to have yours one day. Or, you are becoming ready with plans, preparation to drive own. 

Work to save Time:
The initial phase of learning should be to get a survival plan but the final stage should be only to work to save time to live life doing all what you wish to do. Yes, the ultimate goal of life should be to work only to save more and more time for yourself where you use the time to travel, singing, writing, meeting people, spending time with friends and family only.

Actions differ when you have different goals:
For making money, you do something else,
For making name you do something else,
You decide you want to do great ir want to make money.

Million Millionaire: Moneybcomes from People

"Money never comesnfrom the tree, but moneyndefinitely comes from the people".
If you are not doing something that helps you to connect with pwople, meet people; you are doing something really wring with uoir with uoir job, with your life.
The grearest thing to do isbto serve people and for this you have to cinnect with them, meet them, talk to them.
The nature has designed the human life in such a way so that humans  can stay united, humans can stay together, humans can work fot each other. It is not we who decide somethi.g, it is the nature, the destiney thatbdecide something.

Live among people, stay among people, worknamong people. Nature has made humans love and civilzation has made people to work, live fir each other.

Never ever accept to do the job that do not allow you travel, visit new places, connect to new people, meet new people, serve people at large instead ofbsome individuals only. Your work shoukd reach to maximum number of peolke in a single time. Stop entertaining and workinh fir individuaks. Make yoir system such where you travel, connect wotb people, talm to peolle and serve people at large.
Life is too short to live to fullest, to worknfor individuals. We, humans come to spread love, happiness and reach out to maxum number of people.
 Notbeven home is meant for humans, rest anywhere but coming nack to same place every single day only to stick to just place instead of travelling the world, meeting peolle in the world, and serving people across the world.

 stop taking learming from tbe surroundungs from the animal class peolle, from the surviors.

The best way to serve people is through doing and giving them something for free. Trust comes when people get something before you ask for something from them. Gain peoples trust first. Do all what, yoi can to gain their trust. Service should be made free initially to win peoples heart, befire you expext to win the worls.
Go connect with them, taln, engage, entertain. Do whaterver yoi can, win them to start winning the world. Be the biggest servant who can serve anyone in all the possible ways all the time.

Last but not the least, go for the life yoibwant to live. Rest learn to make money, make life everything on the way itself.

Either live to fullest or, earn like anything. There is nothing called corner life for survival for strong peiple.

Stay busy winning the world by engaging the peiple, putting people at work rather workinh fir survival. Get out of this weak mindset of surviving and sacting to lose noth8ng.
Engage every type of people, try putting every type of people at work.

If you want to survive, work; if you want to live fight but if you want to rule, setve people.

Million Millionaire- Take your Share
you should not wirk to make a living. you shoukd fight, take initiatives, act to take yoir share you desrrve, you want from this world. Fight every single day for yoir universal right. Right yiu have been given by birth and fooled and made to fogot by the selfish every single person in this world. Even yiir own people, dont want you to know about yoir rights. 
Humans have a tendency to utilize every other single humans. Noone isbhuman. every one here is animal witj the cloth of some fake civilization andnidiot education under the control of lawa and order of the country.
Go and start taking everything you wantbfrom this world. Possiblities are immense, opprtu tinites are endless. Stop seeing limitations. Use all yiir power potential, tal3bt, skill, education, exeperince and go for all what you want.
Life is always about two things- exoeri3nce and achievem3nt every single day.
Stay away from the surviors, bread winners  working merely to survive tondie some day naturally. Get busy ,achiebeinv, gaining experi3nce and conquer all what you want, yiu need.
The wirkd is yoirs, every single person is meant to support yiou to achive yoir goals.
Use all human resources and other resources to live yoir own life.
The earth is your home, and the worls is yoir place to live. Go and face the world. stop fearing from the people busy living a mediocre life.
Go limitkess, achieve limitless, experience limitless.
The world is yoirs, universe has given youball power to rule here in this workd and live the all time greatest life.
Stop caring mediocre tbings. Make people to follow you. Take all the bold and powerdul initiavtes that can change your life. wim the world, rule the world, achieve the workd.
Believ, accept, the workd is yoirs and it is you only who belong to it.

If not you are a born coward, a born loser born only to survive.
Remember, everuthings what youbsee in tbis workd is meant to be used fir yiir own life.People, natural resources. So, instead od caring them, start using them amd live to th3 fullest to retire as the greatest human lived life to the fullest.

Neglext ecerythi g, everryone not a part od yiir life.Utlize everythinh, everyone for yiir own life instead of taling them as co.pettion or, someone you care for. 

start taking control over everything natutrak resources, human resources for the life you should live everyday to the fullest, at greatest.

Thete are two tyoes of people- one who work for the world to live and survive and the other who face the world to win and acquire it.
Everything is available in tbis wirkd that yiu want, you wish. Yu just have to keepnsearching, keep finding, keep exploring fornall the possible ways that gets you all you need. Never sit idle.
Stick not with the person, place, or, job that do not promises you to offer what you want. Move on instantly. If you are notbexpwriencing life, achieving somethimg, yoi are simply wasting life, killing life, rotting and diying while being alive everu single day.

Million milionaire/Blog: Talent and Skill
Talent should be supported with the skill instead of jumping to acquire some skill merely for making a living randomly. It will waste time, life and energy by giving short term support but long term career kill.
Identifying the talent first as per the passion and then supporting it with the required skills make someone successful.

Passion should be followed by talent and then talent should be followed by skill and then skill should be followed by learning. This is how a great career is made.

-: #DreamFerrari in 2025:-

Million Millionaire: Skill, education and Travel

Life has only two great purpose first is to educate and skill yourself to provide some value to this world and the second thing is to travel to do yourself branding self marketing and taking all the possible steps to share your ideas by beautifying and putting colours into this world with their people.

Rest everything has limits that puts barrier to life, every single system is designed to make the world a blind place, a trap to limit people in their life.
So, the life should be divided into two part first is skilling and educating yourself to prepare for the world and the second is to travel from place to place to cover the entire world while doing your branding and marketing  through your education,skill, talents, words and ideas.

Remember, do whatever you can buy at the end, it will be you vs you only. Every single human has a natural tendency to utilise others as a resou6for their own survival, own existence. For this, they have been given some traits to attract others for their own survival.

We all come on this planet here only to fill colors, beautify and add value to the world and its people.

Everything that you can expect should be a part of your journey. Life is a journey and journey is a life. We all are sent on the planet tinsee the creation and beauty of the Supreme creature and not of inferior humans in the form of some machines and rubbish creation. River, forest, flora and fauna,.

You can't even think of getting some support help from anyone anybody for your vision and goal. The destiny has chosen you only. So, you have to find all the ways, all the possible ways to accomplish your task, to achieve your goal and to fullfil your vision.
Only you can do and have to do everything #AllAsPlanned . If you have a purpose to live this life, something to do; there is no great life than that.

You became the biggest victorious the day you lost all the fear of losing or, gaining something.

Million Millionaire :

That's how all it begins.

You start from somewhere and you keep moving you keep adding, you keep doing changes you keep adding people you keep connecting with people you do something good you do something bad but you stick with what you started.

Taking a pause having some deviations are common but ending this journey could be extremely painful as you have already invested your time instead of doing some other things that you could have done in those time so ending something means taking all those years out of your life.

Change the direction change the motivational factors find better inspiration learn something new to improve have a better goal have a greater vision but never ever end what you started.

There is nothing called small or big except vision and goal related with it.

Clear your vision make your goal bigger and you will start loving it.

Ending something somewhere is all about killing something that you nurture over the years by giving your time effort labour everything into it.

Million Millionaire - Startups 30/40

If you don't have a startup post 30 years or, maximum 40 years(even after spending 5-10 years industry working, learning for others), you have a working class mindset by birth. You also have no belief in contributing anything towards the society, to your nation, to the people of the world. Hence, less mindset grown person. Mediocrity can be the reason in absence of confidence and less confidence can be the reasons for not trying to attempt things in life where you have complete control over something.

Million Millionaire - No direct success formula 

If you are thinking that you will have a direct formula from those who are successful and if you copy that and you will become successful that's not going to work. Maybe the footprints will help you somehow but remember one thing time, situation, people world, mindset everything changes so the success which has been grabbed by someone earlier cannot be copied by someone else if he listens and if he copies everything from him.
The only way to get this success is to learn, plan, prepare and execute moreover search, explore, swill everything to find all the possible ways to reach the goal. So it is not about getting a product and then waiting for someone to come and buy. It is more about finding all the possible ways to do the marketing of that particular product to sell it to one person to millions of people.

You go from failure to failure but you never give up and you make your product best out of best.
You keep learning key planning ki preparing and keep improving your product.
The same thing applies when it comes to marketing you keep finding all the possible ways and then you try it if you when it is great if you don't you move on swilling other options.

Million Millionaire book:

Career stages:
Reach to the stage where you just apply your brain by giving your ideas for all the empires you have.
Learn> execute> lead> monitor> guide & instruct> speak and give ideas.

Million milionaire book...
Less to work, more to live:
Life is never mean to work more and more  and then live nothing. life is always about to work least and live more. how let's say you become a singer you composed a song you sang for an audience you covered a small audience you become hit If you become hit you go to other audience in the same country and you keep moving from audience to audience but if you fail then you go to another place.
In a nutshell by creating your product or improving your talent or working on your skill after that you move from place to place only to cover new size of audience and this is how you live while travelling connecting with people sharing your values to them in the form of skill talent education ideas.
Settling and staying in a single place or working for a single person or single identity is really the worst system that world has. it gives security but it gives you a prison as well. The system makes you dependent.
Humans are the most powerful creature on the planet Earth capable of doing anything. Provided they have the believe that they can do they can become so. they are only meant to leave travel and enjoy the world beauty for the world together instead of living like an animal.
This is why we come into the world with nothing and we leave the world with nothing in pocket. Everything is well planned by the supreme creature itself. It is humans only who have made such system mind set that have made humans animals.
In search of food life work the human should keep moving from place to place sticking to a single place makes human lethargy, useless and only a survivor.

If you are not spending your precious time with the best, you are wasting the limited precious time you have in life with the worst. 
Leave the People and places those who don't offer you the best that's how you go for the best. Keep searching for a great life. That's how the life works.

Work, place and People:
Please that doesn't offer you something best for people who are not your friends family who can help or support you and the job that doesn't give you anything doesn't let you to grow up in life you should abandoned them instantly.
Life is a journey where you do the hopping from one work to another work one place to another place one person to another person and that's how the beauty and the colour you maintain in life.
Nothing should be permanent neither place nor people nor your job if it is not able to maintain the happiness the beauty that you want in life.
If you stick with the same place with same people with same job you will definitely get bored if you'll start is not live and one single place one single person one single job cannot give you all the happiness beauty and colour you want in life.

Million milionaire book:

Take up the job only to train yourself, make yourself aware about the system, about how people work, to avoid your own struggles and confusions. While doing job, plant the seed of your startup.
Must work in one industry for sure for sometime -Sales.
Pro ide your morning and evening even for 30 minutes with consistency for your startups.

If you can work on your startup while doing job,you are not made for startups. Time management, efficiency, execution in minutes, discipline, potential all these you while executing on your startups at the time of doing job.
 learn three skills are your backbones- Communication, Public speaking and Sales. Master all of these.

Buy the books, and courses here>>
Provide links of my own courses and books.

Millionaire to billionaire :

Millionaire to kya Billionaire Tak ak raasta Tay hai mera. Khali hath khelunga aur Millionaire se Billionaire Tak ka Safar Tay kar lunga 2025 se 2030 Tak.
After every single promotion release the clip of 15 to 30 seconds that join as a city leader from your respective city and you will get 40 to 70% revenue share from that particular city only to become a city leader no investment nothing only represent your city keep saying this for 1 year 2 year 3 years while promoting all the startups.
Look for city leader for fitness look for city leader for edtech starup look for city leader for other startups as well.

Age of doing job:
The first time you do job when you are college passout in order to learn how to do work and learn to make a living. Second time is when you are totally failed in life mentally that entrepreneurship is not a cup of tea for you. Rest , you work hard and make things happen only to rise, grow and elevate the life with better lifestyles.

In the above fill in the blanks part write the protects you own or your creating or your becoming in yourself to generate money.
Letter use the same notes to remind yourself what you own and what you have to sell.



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