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What is the importance of Case studies? How it is the best possible way, online asset to earn online income? Provide evidences, examples and income proofs in support.

Importance of Case Studies Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility Showcasing Success : Case studies provide real-life examples of how a product or service has successfully addressed a customer's problem, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. Building Trust : By highlighting actual results, case studies build trust with potential customers, showing that the business has a proven track record. Educational Value In-depth Analysis : Case studies offer detailed analysis and insights into specific challenges and solutions, serving as valuable educational resources for other businesses and professionals. Learning Tool : They can be used as teaching materials in academic and professional development settings, helping learners understand practical applications of theoretical concepts. Marketing and Sales Tool Lead Generation : Well-crafted case studies can attract potential customers who are searching for solutions to similar problems, generating leads for the bu

Life Celebration Every single day, Every single moment

  Celebrate Everyday, Every single Moment Every single moment is yours. It belongs to you only. celebrate this life. If not you then who will. Everybody in the world thinks the same that not now, not today. This is how you show your gratitude to the supreme creature, your God, to this beautiful life, to mother nature. Have you ever found mother nature becoming rude to you not giving water to drink, fresh air to breathe, land to walk, food to eat? Never. Because she loves you and you just because of your daily life problems not making your mother proud by becoming happy. Problems are always in mind and not in real life. You are the one who who fixed it or, keep inside your head or, learn to make a balance to stay with it and not to let you bother. Make sure you have the time to celebrate your life everyday, every single moment, everyday without a miss.  For me, Every single evening after work, I do so. I entertain people. I am big because,I am the biggest servant to people, not just bec

If not today, then no tomorrow

  If not today, then no tomorrow  If you don't try to move out from here, you'll be here only. If you don't try to reach out somewhere, you'll be here only. If you don't start now,you won't reach tomorrow then, You start rotting when you do what is not working fir you, You start rotting when you become Stagnant, inactive, full in life. The water of river never rott as it continuously flows but the water of a pond definitely rott and vanishes soon too. If you don't take initiative today you can't improve tomorrow, If you don't step out now, you can't reach tomorrow. Move ,start the journey and you'll reach somewhere for sure. Somewhere which will be new, thrilling, adventurous, beautiful atleast new and refreshing and not dying like now, Be alone to walk fast but add more and more people to walk far, If something is not working fir you then stop doing it and start moving with other things than can work. When there is already struggle with what

Fill the colors yourself

  Fill the colors yourself  If life doesn't give you anything, you start giving back everything to life. If you can't give something to people, atleast  connect with them,  engage them, lead them, give them a way to live. Only very few wish to be a leader rest have the mentality to follow you only. They will see what you will show, they will do what ask to do, they will listen what you'll speak. Colors can't come and fill itself unless you do it yourself. Start picking up the colors and fill it to revive your life. Nobody will ever come and fill the colors in your life. You,yourself have to do it for yourself and if you can do for others, it would be a win win for you. Start taking initiative start organizing people, start engaging people, start leading people. Life will be yours, just yours. Fear never from nothing, nobody. It is Fear that kills you. Keep going fearlessly. When start letting thoughts stay with you, when you start letting loneliness stay with you, when

Different but How?

  Different but How? Your life is like others because you think like others, Your life is as same as of others because you do What they do, You are living the life they are living because you wanted this life they want, You are enjoying the life others are enjoying because you are thinking, doing and have chosen the lifestyle others have, Make difference. If you don't then who will?  Making a difference will make your life different. You have got in life nothing because you have done nothing. Or, you have done so much only to make a living. See the nature, the sun,the earth, the aur, the river. Embrace them, talk to them and you'll find all your answer the day you start talking to yourself. You are the best friend of yourself, the best company of yourself. What you think can become a reality. The world is wonderful because people thought wonderfully. You think different because you are different. You have learnt what others have learnt, you are learning what others are also lea

Explore, Life has a lot to offer you

  Explore, Life has a lot to offer you The way a well never goes to a thirsty person, the thirsty person himself has to find and reach out to the well to drink the sweet and cold natural water of well, the life is same. Many things, all the gems of life are unearthed. You have to find, explore, dig out and find those. This is the truth of life to maintain the happiness of life. You can't just sit back and expect for everything. You have to go for it, you have to find ways to reach out to all the happiness you want.  If you are alive, young, in a position of can do anything, healthy, can walk, can talk, can learn, can understand; you are the most blessed and fortunate person. Now, rest you have to do on your own. Go explore the life, find ways to get what you want. This is how every single successful person you can see on the earth. They are not different but they wanted, they went for it and got that. That's it. Be a jackal or, crow for survival but to have a good life, you hav

Think and Believe

  Think and Believe Everything you see around you is the result of a single thought that turned into belief and then a reality. You thought and you believed and it is now in the world existing with you. Life is existing beacuse of belief. You have belief on something and you think and belive that yes it can happen. So, whatever you want to do is a thought and now if you start believing it, it wi turn into reality someday for sure. Great scientist inventioners thought the same and made everything possible to make life better. TV, smartphone, car, airplane, missiles all is the result of their idea turned into thought then into belief. Think and belive, you can do Miracles in life. Beacuse the life of human is itself miracle in itself. You strive and you'll be able to establish the control over everything you want in life. You are doing the same thing but the control of Berlin is in someone's hand. They have belief in themselves and in you as well. This is why they are at top. Whe

Build One! (The first anniversary -2022)

Build One! (The first anniversary Blog-2022) "The world is always ready to pursue you, follow you provided you have courage to lead them, make path for them to walk tomorrow"-Vishwajayant Adhiraj   If you walk on the same road where others too walk, you'll see the crowd but if you are making path to let follow if not today, for tomorrow or, atleast for next generation; you are coming from the league of born man. Start your journey asap. Do one anything, anything that can give people way to live the life, engage themselves, make their life better. Your just one initiative and lifetime consistency can make it happen. Build one! Build one path, one road. Build not for yourself ,build for the national family, build for the human race, build for your next generation, build for those who can't build themselves for them. Build one! Find a purpose. Anything where you can do something naturally and then let people find ways to live, take value out of it, message out of it. The

Condemning life to blame God

  Condemning life to blame God If you have life you have the greatest gift from the God to live this life, if you are young, it is the second greatest gift from the God, if you have a family, it is the third greatest thing from the God and if you are healthy then it is a complete package in terms of blessing from the God.  Stop blemming the God, stop condemning the God and be thankful to Him, be grateful to Him. Hare Rama Hare Krishna! Now if you still see problem in your life then it is your weakness of not embracing the life you have now. It is your weakness to not take initiative  to make life better, to change for better and crying for something you don't go for, or, courage to go for. It is your cowardice nature that do not make you a courageous person, who is always ready to take the responsibility of own life. It is your own individual responsibility to revive and maintain the beauty of life throughout the lifetime. Rest you have already got everything from the God. If God h

Think like King, work like Slave

 Think like King, work like Slave In life think like King but work like slave. Let people be king if they can pay you, pay their attention to see your work. You can't become rich with the attitude of king only. You have to work like a slave to become a king. Have you seen a single person who is not blessed? We all are blessed but the problem is when you start listening to people on yourself ,take their judgement for your life and involves yourself in competition. We all are equally blessed. You have one of these Education, Talent, Skill. If yoi can't become rich because you have no education, take the help of Talent and rise in life.  A worker can only earn a living fir survival and nothing more than that. Work to support your career goal and not make it a source of living. It will kill you in long term. You will be of nowhere. Riches have good education but poor have great talents and Talent can beat education in its reach out.yoibcant let children, and women of home to work b

You are getting Fukked, or, You are Fukking yourself

  Life means...You greedy! Life means to express yourselves and for this you need not temptation to ruin it. Do what you do to make money but at the end of the day, in evening, make sure you do something to express yourself.This is what life is. You are blessed with something where you find ways to express yourself. You don't get time because you are greedy ,need lots of money to fulfill your desires and materialistic needs. Life means to do something even for a while  to express yourself. You are not an animal. You have mouth to sing, legs to dance, emotions to express, hands to use for creativity, a creative mind to create anything. Then why the hell you are spoiling it. Who the hell taught you doing this??? The idiot Billionaires like Bill Gates who is extremely self educated but can't do public speaking to nurture the world! Warren Buffet, who made billions of money and donated to the world and the world is again there itself with no change! Elon Musk who instead of making

Life between Time vs Time frame

 Life between  Time vs Time-frame: "The greatest things of life have always been achieved in the rarest moment of life"-Vishwajayant Adhiraj  Life always gives you opportunity because everyday we have a new fresh day with the new sunshine. With definitely have a lifetime to leave but in our lifetime there numerous time frame to achieve something to earn something to leave peacefully to leave happily to connect with someone to make friendship to make soulmates to fall in love. Nothing is permanent everything comes only for a time frame. If you act in those time frame you achieve what you wanted if you missed you miss the opportunity of future too. How? when you think that okay! this will be done in future again so you lost your happiness, gain in present and also in future because what you were supposed to get something new in future you are losing again to get what you lost in past. This is why live the moment. Be focused,stay focused in the moment. Be fast enough to achieve

Life with wife, wife with life

  Life with wife, wife with life Life! you want to live it, enjoy it,isn't it?  You want to do what you like, you want to live and chill the way you wish. But wait...I think you have hold the hand of your wife and not of life. To make your wife happy, you are again holding the hand of materialistic life for her. To get materials, you are holding the hand of money and to earn money, you are holding the hand of lies and frauds. Frauds taking you to the crime, to do sins that even you don't like but to make your wife happy, did you notice you gave avoided your life.  Now you can't leave your wife for your own life because you see your life in your wife and your wife sees life in lies. I mean she has hold the hand of lies for a better life in the society. Now you see where is your life. Is it with wife or, with life of wife? Live the life you have with your wife or, leave the wife for the sake of your own life. O that! if You were young, you would have kept yourself away from t

What if I die ? What if you die?

 What if I die ?  What if you die? I think there would be not a single person to take the cognizance on it since I have not left any value for the people or, any individuals. People will throw my dead body in some gutter. People will call the municipality only to collect my body to throw it somewhere nobody knows me nobody recognize me nobody will pay respect to me because I have done nothing to them for the people for the society for the world nobody will come to pay tribute what I am doing in my life then because true respect will come when I will die not when I am alive. My parents my friends my relations will never visit me because I have nothing done to repay their gratitude. The God will cry why I gave birth to this person he believed what he saw in this surrounding and not Me if not himself. He to birth only to survive like insects animals birds reptiles only to die someday. Grind struggle fight makeup the mentality build a new strong habit to die like legend never born before.

Time is Life, Life is time

Harvest the Time, Time is life Time ends opportunity ends. Time ends youthfulness ends. Time ends relations ends. Time ends everything ends. Time ends life ends. Have some goals to achieve, some mission to accomplish, some passion to follow. A living is also made by an earthwork. Time is life. Harvest every single minute to live this life, to make this life better and beautiful. Stagnation, inaction can only put life at risk. Action can bring prosperity, action can introduce opportunities. Any new initiative is a great initiative. Any action is a great action to change life.  Time is limited, very limited but a small initiative, a small action taken in a timeframe can change the entire scenario. Pursue your dream. Keep chasing. Never give up. Be focused, active and fast enough to act on all your goals. Neeve deviate, never. Give the first hour of the day to your dreams. 24 hours is for everyone. No one can buy extra time but in the exiting time, many timeframes are there and many can b

Go & Get

  Go & Get If not now then when... If you don't go for it, you would never get it. Everything that you wish for, belongs to you, you already own it. Go and get it. Definitely, you can survive since you are a human being but the birth of humans are never given to just survive but to enjoy the beauty of life, the beauty of nature, the beauty of oceans, the beauty of platues, the beauty of mountains, the beauty of birds.  Humans means happiness. Humans means beauty. Humans means pride. Go and get what you want instead of settling by compromising, adjusting somehow in life and waiting till death. It's an abuse to life, an abuse to the supreme creature.  You have everything in hand- basic available resources, talent, time(if not making excuses and love yourself); you just have to step up to start the journey. Give 1-3 years minimum to establish yourself, then expect something. If it's dream just live it forget about results, rewards. The entire universe waits for you to reac

The Great Punisher, the great sculptor

 The Great Punisher, the great sculptor You think noone is watching you? It has its eye on you. It sees you every moment. Is has its check on your actions. It has check on your effort to harvest it. It has given you a time frame which is your lifespan. Life is made of it. Wait, the creator, the destroyer- yes, Time. It's time that has it's eye on you all the time. Utilize it, harvest it or, it shows you the dark side of life. Do not Kill the time by not utilising it, it will show you the dreadful devastations in life. Be active, keep moving. Do the greatest things of life. One life to life then why to do some mediocre job when there is nothing so far gained. Go for the greatest, biggest. You think you will stay on the bed and nobody will ask for the accountability. Come  on, the worst nightmare will be given by time  itself. It has its eyes on eye all the time. Be the early bird 🕊️🐦: The only way to impress the time is to be an early bird .If you finishes what you have at pre

First job of the day

First job of the day What you are doing is if it is done by others too, you are not doing anything great. The path of greatness is always path that you make to walk for yourself first. You are the only one who walk on the path. You are the only person who has the greatest courage to choose and move on your self made path. For living move on the common path, and for your dream, move on the path you are making for yourself. Same life, same world but different path in different time frame. Internet and technology are the boon to walk and rea h to Mars as well. It is possible only through internet and technology. You can reach to qmoon and Mars  both with the help of internet and technology. Start moving from today itself.  If not today, then there is no tomorrow again to do. Walk first for your dream in the first framework of everyday. Patience will take you to moon and Mars both.

Your first and only Responsibility (Chapter-2)

 Your first and only Responsibility (Chapter-2) The legends believe in engaging, rest focus on winning. When you engage, you keep yourself engaged, others engaged too. You make your life great, others life great too. One thing that one thing that you have to take up to live this life where you see your life, where you see yourself expressing through it.  You know what to the only problem you have is your are not organised, thus not disciplined and thus not moving straight in life and thus not landing anywhere. But why and how long? This is not going to work. "Your life is disturbed because your mind is disturbed". Commitment is more important. Stop thinking and keep on doing. You do one thing and you reach to the top of life. Do many too but it takes longer time and more efforts. Live this life. Don't spoil it. The only and first responsibility you have is to 'Keep yourself Happy'.  Do what you want, the way you want, whenever you want. But stop crying and start d

The whole world belongs to you, own it

The whole world belongs to you,own it When you enter the room, own it. When you enter the function, own it. When you enter the city, own it. When you meet people, own them. (No matter what but you have to own the room in some ways, you and only should be the best in that particular field) .............................................................. Now that you have entered the world, own it. Everything that you want belongs to you. You just have to come forward to own it. Achieve, achieving is living; losing is dying. Live the moment, own the moment,          own the people, own the world. The whole world belongs to you,         step ahead, own it. Speed and focus lets you live the moment. Things don't take place, you have to make it happen. To make everyday best, you have to work like anything to own every single moment to win this world. Live the moment, own the moment,              own the people, own the world. The whole world belongs to you,own it. Show your presence to thi

The Cursed Blessing

The Cursed Blessing Life doesn't belong to you, you belong to life. You never know when life will bid you good bye. Why? Merely for neglecting it, ignoring it and disrespecting it. Love it. It is yours, belong to you only. The entire accountability and responsibility goes to you only. If anything is beautiful in the world then it is life only. Your actions, all steps in life should be concentrated only to beautify your life. When you wake up and before you start anything, say to yourself- "Life is beautiful. It is my duty to maintain it and I am the most powerful creature on the earth, I can do this everytime, every second, everyday". You have all the great possibilities of life till the time you are alive, you are breathing. Things get over once you are dead. You have either made yourself blind or, the idiot people around you have made you blind in life. If you are living on this planet, on this earth, you are in a position to do anything you want in life. Be a part of s

Attract, Achieve, Win, Earn, Get and Buy

 Attract, Achieve, Win, Get and Buy  A mango tree no matter how big,tall, leafy, green is, unless it produces fruits, nobody comes to it. A mango tree attracts it's fruit lovers who then become it's protector too. Same applies in life when it comes to gain something. You think you'll earn everything here with your money? Or, you think that you'll get everything on your own? ROFL! Never. This is the true world here every day you will have to knit your net to trap the success and also your enemies. Yes, nobody would ever like you to get something, know this. The only choice you have is to make yourself so powerful, confident, bold, courageous, persistent and obviously wild that you could take everything away for yourself from this world and its people. Be superpowerful. The only tool is to be best disciplined. Anything-Talents, skills, Health, power to do anything, all that you have been given, you realise you have is to attract, achieve,win whatsoever you want in life t

Live Today: Tomorrow never comes

Make the life great today itself or, die winning the war of better life : Shout I will Rise! You can't just wait till self death. Problems are with everyone, everywhere. It would be your strength to overcome the problems everyday, everytime. Rise, rise above the sky. Fight to rise everyday...Shout I will rise!!! Take actions, act all #AsPlanned Regret, worry when you die not when alive. The available time, energy, young age all are blessings in itself. Rise, rise above the sky. Fight to rise everyday...Shout I will rise!!! Don't be a chicken hearted person or, a one slap man. Work, work harder. Make things possible even if it is not possible. This would be the strength of human power. Remember if you defeat the world and its people, you are strong if not you are weak and you'll keep losing throughout the life. Rise, rise above the sky. Fight to rise everyday...Shout I will rise!!! Say everyday in the morning that I am ready to face all odds, all challenges, all adversities

Perfection or, Execution

 Perfection or, Execution- For me , no perfection, just execution with some planning and preparation. This thought of perfection has killed my many years even today, so just perfection. It takes seconds to plan, minutes to prepare, again minutes to do practice and again minutes to execute. Hour and hours are the word you have seen to do something because you have done job for others who asked you to give your min. 9 hours to work for them and paid nothing in return. Get out of this mentality. Great things are done in seconds and in minutes only. You have been manipulated, your mind has been manipulated over the years and now you have a habit of taking things where you see hours and days only for thinking and months and years for executing. You have been spoiled,my dear. Get out of this mentality or, it will destroy your mind.(Now, you see how job has distorted your mind and habit both;yes,this is real world, this is how they kill you).
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Your first duty, Your first responsibility

The Precious Life- Know your true responsibility Your life is your responsibility. It is given to you to live this life. It is not permanent. You have to take all possible steps till last breathe to make it beautiful, to keep it beautiful. People around you are same. Your duty is towards this life and not towards the people. They are as same as you are. You neglect the responsibility of this life and the supreme creature will punish you. You have to be active all the time. This life is totally a rental life and not permanent. Live the way you want, you have been given to enjoy it. The only way to enjoy is through Karma(action). Take actions and live this life. Your one and only responsibility is towards this life only. Take as much as fearless and bold actions to make it better and beautiful. Life asks only one question- If I gave you life, even it is rental then what did you give in return?  Take life as a responsibility. This world is full of options and opportunities and more than e